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  1. Allen can give you that, but with Burke (6-14 from deep in the last three games) and Thor (42 percent on the year), we can bring it off the bench. With a year under his belt, Cross may be able to improve his stroke and provide some of that as a stretch 4, and Mayen has show that he can shoot the 3 as well. Throw in Green and Easley, and if only one of those players becomes "legitimate," our shooting improves. There are possibilities at legitimacy. Now Keisei Tominaga in 2021-22 ... he's legit.
  2. And while it's obvious we'd probably do better on the A:TO ratio, don't forget that Cam Mack also averages nearly five rebounds per game, four on the defensive end.
  3. I'm sure others of you play this #nebrasketball game in your head as the first half comes to a close: What's the worst that could happen? Tonight, with a minute left, we had the ball in a tie game. I asked myself, "What's the worst that could happen?" I answered, "Well, we don't score, they drain a three, and we're down 34-31." When Thor missed that runner, I said, "Well, the worst happened." I was so wrong.
  4. It seems paranoid and silly to think Nebrasketball is cursed, but then shit like this happens.
  5. We need some power play opportunities for a little 5-on-4.
  6. FYI, if we win tonight and then win out in the conference, and then win the Big Ten tournament, and then win the national championship, we can avoid our first-ever 20-loss season. GO BIG RED!!
  7. We're on year 124, but thanks for the kind words. FWIW, I covered the 1989 Final Four, which had Illinois, Michigan, Seton Hall and Dookie playing in Seattle's Kingdome. Hope you were around to enjoy that, as well.
  8. Yes, we've played very little zone, but it's in the repertoire. But seriously, Bob. Does it matter? Enjoy the win.
  9. When you're Nebraska, everybody looks like Michigan State.
  10. Cockburn is 20 years old and has been all of his freshman year. Sophomore Giorgi Bezhanishvili, turned 21 in November. When Cockburn was 17 (Ouedraogo's age), Cockburn was a sophomore in high school at Christ the King Regional High School, where he also played his junior year. He played his senior year at Oak Hill Academy. When Bezhanishvili was 17, he played in something called the Österreichische Basketball Bundesliga. At 18, he was playing in the Austrian Basketball League, a step up from the OBB. At 19, he played a season at the Patrick School in New Jersey before starting as a 20-year-old freshman at Illinois. Here's to Yvan and Kevin, 19, holding their own against these two mature and skilled players tonight.
  11. Both Cross and Thor can add value at 10-15 minutes a game. We can trade Easley to MSU for Steven Izzo, and then start Steven in East Lansing, then take him out of the game until that point where we're up by 20 so we can get him some garbage points so his grandparents can be cool with it.
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