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    1. 03/14/2013 - Big Ten Tournament, Purdue: Report Card

      Shavon Shields interviewed after win over Purdue

      OFFENSE: B

      Nebraska was JUST good enough to pull this one out, as the Huskers finished with 45% from the field and 71% from the stripe (though they finished just 3-8 from the line).

      In the opening half, when NU's legs were fresh, they were en fuego, finishing with 52% from the field, including 15 first half points for Shavon Shields, who continues to look better and better with each passing game. For the night, the Olathe, Kansas freshman finished with 19 big points.

      If you asked me at the half, there would be NO WAY he wasn't the Player of the Game.

      But after four quick second half points, Shields wouldn't be heard from again, and it was up to Brandon Ubel to finish with Shields started, as the senior put in 16 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists!!!

      Ubel is a "slam dunk" Player of the Game and speaking of which, imagine his line if he'd have finished the "bunnies" around the rim.

      It was great to see NU run its offense THROUGH THE POST in this game, as I've been harping on NU for not doing this for several weeks now. Ubel got touches nearly every possession and once the ball went inside or to the middle, good things happened.

      Had the Huskers shot a little better in the second half and at the line, this would be an "A" but as it is, it was a solid night for the Big Red.

    2. 03/02/2013 - At Illinois Report Card


      OFFENSE: A

      Nebraska shot a solid 46% from the field, including a sizzling 50% (9-18) from downtown.

      Converting from long distance is what enabled the Huskers to hang around in this game, as our Co Players of the Game Ray Gallegos hit on 6-13 from downtown (en route to 23 points) while Dylan Talley finished at 2-3 (with 20 points). Both guys played all 40 minutes and Talley dished out 5 assists to go along with 5 boards.

      Combined, the two scored 43 of NU's 65 points, or roughly 2/3's!

      One thing I will say is that I didn't like how many key shots David Rivers was taking in the final five minutes of the game. This is not to hate on Rivers at all, as he played another solid ball game and gave all he had (which was quite a lot!). He had a couple of very nice offensive rebounds and put backs, as well as getting to the free throw line, and had a big block defensively in the first half. He played well.

      However, I would have preferred to see any of the other four players on the floor (Ubel, Shields, Talley, Gallegos) taking shots in the final few minutes of a game.

      Once again, Ubel was a ghost in this game, finishing with just 6 points and 4 rebounds in 40 minutes.

      All in all, for the way this basketball team is built, 65 points and 46% is pretty darn good - NU just couldn't get stops.

    3. 02/26/2013 - At Wisconsin Report Card

      Michigan Flight

      *** NOTE ***


      OFFENSE: D-

      Nebraska looked good the first seven minutes offensively.

      Other than that, they were very, very bad, not being able to hit the side of a barn and having a ton of shots go in and out.

      The Huskers never attacked the basket to get easy baskets and get to the foul line. In fact when they did attack, they were usually rejected by Wisconsin big men.

      NU showed no effort for the majority of this game (and in many recent games) in getting the ball to Brandon Ubel/involving him in the offense more. This is my one gripe with Coach Miles in recent games - it's almost like Ubel is now a 4th or 5th option in the offense.

      Nebraska went about eight minutes in the second half with one field goal. Killer.
    4. 02/23/2013 - Iowa Report Card



      Kent Pavelka calling Talley's game winning shot


      Calling Shavon Shield's step back

      OFFENSE: B

      64 points and 46% from the field on a consistent basis will allow Nebraska to creep into the middle tier of Big 10 teams - so it was nice to see the Huskers get that production today.

      What wasn't nice was 50% (7-14) from the foul line, including 0-5 to start the contest, but if you look for problems, you're bound to find 'em, as my old man always says. :)

      Nebraska's starting five did a remarkably good job in this game of shooting the basketball and running fluid sets, especially considering the wear and tear they all say from minutes (Gallegos, 40; Talley, 39; Ubel and Shields, 37; Rivers, 35).

      Our Player of the Game is the same guy who ran two God awful fast breaks and took some very questionable shots, yet delivered in the clutch, as he has started to do a lot lately. That is Dylan Talley - who finished with 18 points and one huge, huge, HUGE three point shot.

      Shavon Shields also continues to impress me game by game. I now think he's the best freshman we've had since Aleks Maric.

    5. 01/29/2013 - At Minnesota Report Card

      Ray Gallegos

      OFFENSE: A+

      We can talk about sets and schemes all we want, but at the end of the day, numbers don't lie.

      And seeing Nebraska shoot 55% from the field and 64% from downtown, along with scoring 65 on the road, tells us they had a pretty good night offensively.

      Sure, we could nitpick and say that NU was bad at the free throw line (53% on 8-15) and sure, we could say that "without Ray Gallegos shooting out of his mind, we wouldn't have looked good or scored much."

      One of those is certain (the free throw shooting) and the other is likely, but at the end of the day, both occurred.

      Gallegos is a slam dunk Player of the Game for scoring a career high 30 points and single handedly keeping NU within arms reach for 3/4 of the contest.

      Have to say though that Ray is really slacking on minutes - only played a weak 38 tonight. Needs to work on his conditioning. ;)

      *** NOTE *** This is the first report card in HHC history with a wink face in it.
    6. 01/16/2013 - Purdue Report Card

      Red Zone

      OFFENSE: C

      Let's be honest - Nebraska scoring 56 in the Big 10 is pretty good for this year's bunch.

      However, I can't go above an "average" grade on this because NU was pretty bad in the first half, shooting just 26% with 19 points.

      At the start, things looked promising, with Andre Almeida scoring four quick points.

      However, as the half drug on, and Dylan Talley/Ray Gallegos were non factors, along with Almeida disappearing, things went downhill.

      Luckily, NU shot 40% and scored 37 points in the second half, which would earn them an "A-", so we split it and give them a "C."

      Good grief, how good were Shavon Shields (18 points, 8 rebounds in 37 minutes) and Jordan Tyrance (10 points, 7 rebounds in 21 minutes) tonight? They are "Co-Players of the Game," simply because Tyrance deserves this and I highly doubt, the rest of his NU career, he gets mentioned for the award again. Had to give it to him once.

    7. 01/13/2013 - At Michigan State Report Card

      Michigan St

      OFFENSE: B+

      Nebraska shot just 40% from the field and attempted only eight free throws, but with that said, NU scored a season high 56 points in Big 10 play.

      Not only that, but 32 points in the first half was impressive and allowed the Huskers to make this a 40 minute game, which it was.

      Speaking of impressive, David Rivers - HOW ABOUT THAT?!?!??!

      The sophomore put in 18 points on a PERFECT 8-8 from the floor (1-1 from downtown) and even more impressive is the fact that he never came out of the game. That's right, Rivers played 40 minutes (as did Ray Gallegos).

      Rivers earns our Player of the Game award.

      Only negative offensively was when fatigue took over down the stretch, as well as that awful shot Dylan Talley put up with NU down one point and around 3 minutes left. 30 on the shot clock, no numbers, pull it out, don't take an off balance 16 footer! Andre Almeida was also especially poor tonight, which seems to be the theme throughout this season, though we don't know how banged up he is right now, so its tough to be too critical.

    8. 01/09/2013 - At Michigan Report Card


      OFFENSE: C-

      Given the opposing team and enviornment, 47 points is by no means good, but it's also not terrible.

      However, the way the Huskers got to 47 wasn't very impressive, as it was the Ray Gallegos show, as in him shooting the ball 21 times (and converting on 7, or 33% of shots). Don't get me wrong, Gallegos single handedly kept this team in the game, but that is a problem.

      Why do I say its a problem? Because Nebraska had literally no low post offense, with Brandon Ubel and Andre Almeida combining for 6 points. If you're keeping score at home, that was all by Ubel.

      The Huskers literally didn't look in the post at all or generate anything that was overly easy, save the layup Ubel got off of the in bounds play in the first half, and a wide open hook shot he missed out of a timeout with 3:30 left in the first half.

      There just wasn't much except for Gallegos and Talley jump shots, with the two combining for 11-33 (33%). That's not going to get it done.

      The Huskers got to the foul line just seven times, and missed four of them.
    9. 01/06/13 - Wisconsin Report card

      USC Game

      OFFENSE: F

      What offense? 36% shooting. A lack of free throw attempts (five, of which we missed two) Six poor shots by Dylan Talley (two charges, two threes that were way off, and two shots that just were out of any offensive rhythm) Missed layups and tips. Dribbling out the clock on our last possession. In this game a five-six point lead was insurmountable.

      One positive note was to see Gallegos take a drive to the basket. That shot has been open for him ever since the 20-pt games because EVERYONE's scouting report says overplay off the screen. Needs to happen more.

      The thing that is funny to me is the talk about the slow-down game, but we had 49 shots in this game and 56 against CMU, so it wasn't the pace of the game, but the difference between shooting 36% and 57%.
    10. 01/02/2013 - At Ohio State Report Card

      Home from Wake Forest

      OFFENSE: F

      Despite the large talent difference, I have to give NU an "F" offensively because scoring 44 points (only 17 in the first half) isn't going to give the Huskers a chance to win.

      Nebraska got to the free throw line just 8 times (three of them on three missed foul shots off of a three by Dylan Talley) and the Big Red converted on just 30% from the field (28% from downtown).

      Ohio State deserves a ton of credit for Nebraska's offensive struggles but NU also missed some open jump shots, too. And it is painful to know that the following teams have all scored more points at OSU this year than Nebraska (Albany; UMKC; Long Beach State; Savannah State; UNC-Asheville; Winthrop).

      Rey Gallegos is our Player of the Game, despite shooting 4-18 from the field. That's the kind of night it was for NU.

    11. 12/29/2012 - Nicholls State Report Card

      Nicholls State Miles

      OFFENSE: B-

      Nebraska did a fairly good job of attacking the rim and getting to the free throw line, though that wasn't always advantageous.

      For the day, NU left 13 points at the charity stripe, including seven in the last 90 seconds. That, my friends, is once again how NOT to finish a basketball game. This must improve, especially considering this team really isn't all that young by this point in the season (three seniors, two juniors and a sophomore are amongst the Top 8 guys in rotation). Finishing games has less to do with talent level and more to do with being mentally soft. We saw it against Jacksonville State and we saw it again today - this team starts AIMING shots instead of just shooting. They overthink. They panic. They let things snowball.

      I need to see a tougher bunch.

      I do want to credit our Player of the Game, Brandon Ubel, for delivering from the line (10-11). The Overland Park senior finished with 18 points in twenty five minutes.

    12. 12/23/12 - UTEP Report Card

      Welcome to El Paso

      I'm submitting this via phone so please excuse the brevity.

      OFFENSE: D

      I have to go with the D over the F because you can't blow that many layups without having worked really hard to get in position to blow those layups.

      The Huskers looked rushed and harried from the opening tip. Dylan Talley's lack of offense and Ubel's struggles in the first half meant we needed two players to step up. Gallegos did his part but the Shields/Rivers card was a bust and the Huskers folded. Almeida had some solid offense but rushed a few shots and never established himself as a threat.
    13. 12/22/2012 - Central Michigan Report Card

      Welcome to El Paso


      OFFENSE: A+

      89 points, 57% from the field (including 63% in the first half!!!) and 22 free throw attempts - if Nebraska were testing based on tonight's offensive performance, they'd test "gifted!"

      Really, tonight's result was a big surprise, based on the fact that NU got only 17 of those 89 points out of Ubel (14) and Almeida (3).

      HUGE Player of the Game honors go to Mr. David Rivers, who continues to improve and impress. The sophomore finished with 20 points and 7 rebounds, and Shavon Shields had a nice 6 and 7, respectively, too.
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    14. 12/18/2012 - Jacksonville State Report Card

      Jacksonville St

      OFFENSE: D-

      Nebraska may have scored more than the 40 they'd averaged the last two games, but against a team the caliber of Jacksonville State, 59 points is not acceptable. Period.

      I don't care if Nebraska is young, if they're only playing six and a half scholarship players (due to injury and red shirts) or if they're banged up a bit - you have to be able to score without going into extended droughts against a team you:




      If you can't tell, I am extremely frustrated.

      Nebraska looked scared and tenative once they got a big lead, and I'll harp on that a bit later in coaching.

      The Huskers short armed at least four shots in the last five minutes and looked totally like they were playing not to lose. At home against this team, that is not going to fly.
    15. 12/15/2012 - At Oregon Report Card

      OFFENSE: F

      The last time that Nebraska scored 38 points or less, 75% of Husker Hoops fans were not yet even alive.

      In fact, to find this occasion, you have to go back to February of 1961 and the Huskers scoring just 33 against KU. Jerry Bush was the coach of that team.

      The Huskers last scored under 40 when they put in 39 at the end of the 2006-2007 season in the Big 12 Tournament (a 54-39 loss to Oklahoma State).

      We don't need to beat a dead horse here, because my guess is we may see this happen again once or twice come B1G play.

      Let's just put it this way; when Ray Gallegos is missing his shots (4-12 today; 1-8 from downtown) and Brandon Ubel and Andre Almeida are non factors (combining for 5 points), this team will struggle to hit 40, let alone 50.

      Nebraska looked pitiful today offensively - sloppy, lethargic and unable to convert on the few open shots they did get, especially around the rim.

    16. 12/06/2012 - Creighton Report Card

      Ubel shooting vs Creighton

      OFFENSE: F

      17, 25 and 42 just aren't going to get it done - those being the points scored respectively in each half and the game. Neither are 32% from the field, 25% from downtown and only 6 free throw attempts.

      Even worse was the fact that Nebraska couldn't get the shot it wanted for a good majority of the game, instead throwing up long three's and again, showing no ability to get to the rim and finish (or at least get to the line).

      Give Creighton a TON of credit tonight, though honestly, Nebraska also missed a lot of shots it normally makes (see Ubel, Brandon).

      Player of the Game is tough tonight - I'll give it to Ubel, who found a way to stay out of foul trouble, convert on almost half of his shots (5-11) and pull down a team high eight boards.
    17. 11/27/2012 - At Wake Forest Report Card



      OFFENSE: A

      If the Huskers had scored a few more points in the first half, this would be an "A+."

      Either way, I can't imagine Nebraska playing any better offensively, as the Big Red shot 51% from the field en route to scoring 79 points!

      What's even better than the scoring is how NU achieved it, with virtually everybody contributing

    18. 11/24/2012 - Kent State Report Card


      OFFENSE: C+

      A career high 27 points (with 6 rebounds) for Dylan Talley tonight, and that makes him our Player of the Game (obviously).

      Brandon Ubel also did a nice job attacking, especially in the latter stages of the first half and at the beginning of the second, finishing with 17 points and 13 rebounds. Both Ubel and Talley played 37 minutes, as well.

      In the first half, Ubel and Talley combined for 28 of the 33 NU points, which was both a good and bad thing.

      Good because 33 points in a half is excellent for this team; bad because nobody else was involved, almost literally. And bad again because they made 16 of the 20 converted NU shots for the ENTIRE NIGHT from the field.

      Benny Parker battled foul trouble all night, Andre Almeida was generally ineffective and hardly played in the second half (only 15 minutes for the game) and Ray Gallegos was on the back of a milk carton until he hit a key "bailout" three pointer at the end of a shot clock with 16 minutes left that at the time, looked like it could be huge (cutting NU's defecit from 7 to 4). For the evening, that would be the only shot Ray would hit (1-9).

      Once again, Nebraska couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from downtown (3-19) and once again, they struggled at the foul line (17-26). I'm especially surprised how much Ubel has struggled this year after being over 80% from the charity stripe in his first three seasons. For the evening, he was 5-10 from the stripe.


    19. 11/18/2012 - UNO Report Card


      OFFENSE: D+

      Nebraska did a poor job of playing to its strength against UNO, which was clearly a low post advantage.

      While Andre Almeida (19) and Brandon Ubel (11) both had nice scoring games, especially Almeida, who is our Player of the Game, neither big man was utilized enough.

      Instead, the Huskers were cranking up three point shot (22 attempts!!!!) after three point shot (converting on only three, or 14%) and if it wasn't a three point shot the Huskers took, it was a perimeter jump shot.

      For the game, Dylan Talley and Ray Gallegos combined to shoot 3-18 from downtown (1-7 for Talley; 2-11 for Gallegos). That, my friends, is ugly.

    20. 11/15/2012 - Valparaiso Report Card


      The Bob

      OFFENSE: C-

      Nebraska shot just 37% from the field tonight but luckily, connected on 42% from downtown (though only five triples and twelve attempts).

      The Huskers got 50 points by the skins of their teeth and somehow, that was enough to get the job done tonight.

    21. 11/11/2012 - Southern Report Card


      OFFENSE: B+

      Nebraska was remarkably consistent shooting the basketball in this game - the Big Red connected on 50% from the field in the first half, and 53% in the second, for a total mark of 52% for the night.

      Ray Gallegos and Dylan Talley helped start things off for NU early, and for the night, the Husker starting wingmen combined for 33 points on 14-23 shooting. That was nice to see - especially Gallegos hitting a couple of trey's.

      Brandon Ubel got things going in the second half, and the Overland Park senior is our Player of the Game behind 21 points and 12 rebounds.

      Two other things stuck out to me in this game.

      1. It's going to be a LONG YEAR if NU doesn't find a serviceable backup point guard. Either Mike Peltz or Trevor Menke needs to step up, because the Huskers will need 10-15 minutes a night out of the reserve PG.

      2. Andre Almeida looks as if he's regressed from two years ago. That's not a good sign, because two years ago, he was (at best) an average BCS big man. Let's hope its just early season cob webs from missing two years and he'll step it up - certainly not giving up on him yet.

    22. 11/7/2012 - Exhibition: Midland Report Card


      OFFENSE: C+

      One common dominator that you'll find throughout this report card is that Nebraska came out tight and a bit sluggish, just like 95% of teams in America do on November 7th.

      However, as the game progressed, and most notably in the second half, the Huskers looked much more comfortable and were able to do whatever they wanted with Midland.

      Offensively, its a bit of a change seeing less structure and more motion. With that said, I'm not implying Nebraska doesn't have a plan offensively, because they most certainly do. But, I think players are allowed more creative freedom and on some nights, that will be a very, very good thing.

      One reason I feel like it won't is because the Huskers solely lack shooters that they need to win against most competition, let alone the Big 10. Its hard to see where the long distance success is going to come from, outside of Dylan Talley, on a consistent basis. Ray Gallegos looked a little more smooth tonight shooting, and we know Brandon Ubel will have nights where he goes Robbie Hummel on us and lights it up from mid range on out, but those will likely be the exceptions more than the norms.

      For the game, Nebraska shot 40% (47% in the second half) but way too many three's for a team that isn't good at shooting from downtown (22 attempts, only 6 connections).

      Nebraska was awful at the free throw line, going 12-22.

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