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  1. Can he defend the post? Can he defensively rebound from the post? If he can't his 3-ball or motor are kind of irrelevant to me. It pushes him to the 4 and it doesn't really sound like he's a 4.
  2. So only sunshine pumping allowed huh? Nope. You can rail against the program all you want I suppose. I'm just not sure where you're going with all this. Nor am I sure there's any real value in it. This board is starting to become unbearable. I get that the vast majority on this board like to talk about how great things are always and all the time. That's fine. What has become unbearable is the mocking tone and criticism of anyone who dares question the coaching or the current health of the Nebraska basketball program. Six comments from four different posters in this
  3. Hello? What about props for the individual who created/started this thread?
  4. Props I suppose to a loyal fan base which seems to view this season and its aftermath through a Husker red filter. But the blind optimism is not necessarily rooted in reality. When a team falls apart so spectacularly (both during the season and now following the season) I look squarely at the coaching staff. Considering the resources at their disposal it is deeply concerning to be entering year four of this staff's tenure with so much uncertainty and instability.
  5. Although I never comment this is a favorite thread every year. Keep it up!
  6. For a team that has massively underachieved and is currently on a trajectory for the NIT or no post-season tournament at all, I have an extremely difficult time praising any of the coaches.
  7. I agree with this sentiment 100%. There are numerous issues with this team. But one significant issue is the almost complete lack of production from Tai, Benny, and Tarin. They have to become more productive for this team to go anywhere. They either need to become more effective in finishing at the rim or they need to let the 3-pointer fly if they get an open look.
  8. I do think it is reasonable to wonder just how valuable a role Craig Smith played in the success Miles has had over the years.
  9. I love the people who keep saying it's the exact same team as we had last year. Tbow has done it twice today in different threads. As if Leslie Smith and Ray Gallegos didn't even exist. As if taking a 30-35 minute guy out of the lineup doesn't matter. Gallegos and Smith were both role players. Smith barely played and didn't play all that well during the run at the end of the season. Huskers returned 90% of their production from last year. Absolutely no reason this team should be struggling the way it is.
  10. I could be open to this line of reasoning except for the fact that this year's team is not even close to an NIT team, despite having the same players. Right now, this team is worse even than the Dylan Talley / Brandon Ubel led team from two years ago. This team is so much more talented than that team. There is just no logically explanation for why they are playing so poorly.
  11. I agree they have hit rock bottom. I do not agree with your optimistic take. The coaches are losing this team and this season. And a lost season could dramatically negatively affect recruiting. NU basketball fans have been down this road before. Collier had a couple nice seasons where the players overachieved before the bottom fell out. Same with Sadler. I know how this story typically ends.
  12. This board has historically tied itself in knots defend abysmal coaching. For years I heard about how Doc Sadler was wise to yank kids and park them on the bench for a single mistake.
  13. I do not agree whatsoever that Petteway or any of the players are the problem right now. The players look absolutely lost on offense. Defensively they seem to understand what they are doing, but it isn't working. The problems are on the coaching staff and it is on them to right the ship.
  14. Are any of the coaches doing any teaching whatsoever? That was some of the worst basketball I've seen in years - competing with even some of the worst Princeton offense Collier years. After building a small lead they lose the ball 3-4 consecutive times at mid-court? And this was indicative of the entire game - offensively and defensively. What is going on? I am livid - but not at the players. This is pretty much the exact same team that went to the NCAA tournament last year, beat Wisconsin at home, and beat Michigan State on the road. These kids can play. It seems clear to m
  15. Tbow, just curious: Why do you leave once it's clear the game is decided? No secret - I don't want to spend one extra second in traffic beyond what is necessary.
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