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  1. It's known by the entire staff. You think she, or anyone else on staff, is going public with this? If you do, you are living in an alternate universe.
  2. Again, NOT SPECULATION, fact. Believe it or not. Your choice to do whichever,
  3. you are correct. he was sent a text to pull him from the room. Scrog was NOT his first during his time here.
  4. A video WAS taken by those who "caught" her in his bed.
  5. The men's violations are not speculation either.
  6. When Keita arrives do you think Walker will be off the bench?
  7. The affair is not speculation.
  8. What is there to say. He was having an ongoing affair with the Scrog. Both are gone. Nothing more to say except who will the new asst. coach be.
  9. I don't want to say I told you so but......................................
  10. what is the name of the topic? Thought it deserved it's own but didnt' know.
  11. Hey Norm, don't shoot the messenger. Watch out for the massive USA Today espose supposed to release Friday if not before. NO TROLL here. Has to do with Matty A et al.
  12. Hearing Hoiberg is in DEEP trouble with potential/probably/actual major recruiting violations. Stay tuned
  13. can't read the damn thing that small anyway so why post it unless it in article form. Just saying, some of us just can't read such things so, unless the important points are summarized and typed in, the posted article(s) are of no use. Sorry for the rant about this but............
  14. So you got the information from Washut also.
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