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  1. So you got the information from Washut also.
  2. Nah, Fred ONLY get a statue after 25 years and 5 National Championships!!
  3. So, if Thor and Stevens leave does that mean we will have 3 scholarships available for NEXT year?
  4. She is deserving of a scholarship. Wonder when that will happen with all the other players coming in? Unless Cayton(sp) ends up going medical?
  5. Yep, report is multiple players and multiple coaches are involved to some degree.
  6. How about a country on the East end of the Chunnel
  7. from a certain country connected by a chunnel to an island country.
  8. That shouldn't be a problem as the Lincoln owns PBA and can put on the bubble tournament itself.
  9. Also heard he was good friends with Wilhelm and the guard we got from NJ??? for this past class?
  10. So you are saying you have a HUGE problem with Hoiberg and his staff?
  11. I don't think Brown counts against the 15 as a walk on. I think 15 is the scholarship number only.
  12. Thanks for this but I will not pay to see the article.
  13. Hoiberg will go with what he has and save the ship.
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