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  1. OR Freddy boy and staff think they can do better with a big or 2.
  2. Frost told Suggs, when the group from MN visited earlier this spring, he was NOT offering another quarterback for the 2020 class. Smothers is it.
  3. Isn't the late signing period for 19 kids? Williams is a 20 kiddo who can't sign till November or am I mistaken?
  4. I believe we were underdogs, in at least a couple of places, in the Maryland, Iowa, and Indiana games and a favorite tonight.
  5. This is the Tweet Bugs. It refers to major changes in the 2019 rankings but with no indication of how to see those rankings. So, I clicked on the part of the tweet following the 3 yellow "fingers" and it took me to some site that was asking me to subscribe for 25 bucks.
  6. When I click on this: ow.ly/TFyC30laH4a which I thought was the article to read, it asks you to subscribe for 25 bucks. otherwise, this makes absolutely no sense to me as a non-twitter user.
  7. I can't afford the 25 bucks to subscribe. What does it say?
  8. Okay, my problem with this type of post is that it comes across to me as Royal making a declarative statement which is not an opinion being expressed. If one is expressing an opinion, in my humble opinion, it should be clearly stated as such.
  9. Withdrawing from the draft and coming back to play for the University of Nebraska are, sometimes, two very different things.
  10. Not on any other site I see? Where might this be coming from?
  11. not directed just at you, sorry if you took it so personal, but what I stated is, none the less true. There are those of us who simply don't have the expendable income to pay for crap news reporting, when taken in general, on line.
  12. doesn't do a damn bit of good unless you are digital subscriber. OWH has put all content behind a pay wall and I, for one, see not enough value. If you can't post the entire article then don't bother at all because it means nothing.
  13. 247 lists him as 6'5 1/2"? Wonder where the difference lies? https://247sports.com/player/ochai-agbaji-46042163
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