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2023 Baseball

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Looking forward to the lineups against Kansas in this last fall scrimmage game.   I hope we see the other 'half' of the pitching staff that didn't throw against Omaha.  Just depends how the pitching schedules shake out.   Want to see what Garza, Worthley, Guttierez, Sears and Rizzo bring to the table. There's others of course but the ones I named I am very intrigued about.  From what I saw at Omaha, Kaminska is going to fit into a starting weekend role.  He  looked confident and in control in his 2 innings of work.  Other than that, hard to glean too much pitching-wise.  I am only good at seeing the obvious as I mostly clueless.   


Position-wise,  so far it look like Dylan Carey is going to be a good player for us.  He's built like a corner infielder and played a good 3rd base.  Also played an inning of SS (emergency option audition..)  I thought he looked out of place there due to his build.  Caron had a good game at Omaha.  Continuation of a good summer.  Hughes got some run at 2nd and then played backup SS.  Not sure what to think of his play.  I don't how the middle infield shakes out.  Need to see more.  Outfield has a good competition going.  Cole Evans did alright at RF.  Anglim played LF.    Brumbaugh and Burnham are competing at CF.   If Burnham plays CF,  Brumbaugh can slide to LF which would bump Anglim to RF.    We added some speed out there and we have enough players there that I think we should be pretty solid in the OF.    Want to see what Charlie Fischer can do for us. Very interested to see how Charlie figures into things because I had envisioned him as a good LH bat in the middle of our lineup.  Only position player that didn't play against Omaha.  Hurt? Class?  Not sure of his position.   Is he OF or DH?   If he plays DH  what do you do with Caron/Everett combination?  If he is OF then I think he bumps Evans?  I was thinking 1st base but with Carey doing well and Max a fixture in the lineup,  I don't see that happening?  Lots of unknowns yet and competition continues, we shall see.   


I feel okay about our position guys for the most part.  Pitching will be the big determinator for 2023.   This is reversed from last year's fall ball season where I felt better about the pitching than the offense.  We shall see.  



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Looks like we have Top 10 attendance in college baseball as well:


2022 - Top 50 Average Home Attendance (Baseball)


Team Games Total Avg.
1. Arkansas 35 363,153 10,376
2. LSU 35 362,759 10,365
3. Mississippi St. 31 318,971 10,289
4. Ole Miss 31 309,949 9,998
5. Texas 34 235,220 6,918
6. South Carolina 33 215,212 6,522
7. Texas A&M 34 199,691 5,873
8. Oklahoma St. 32 178,566 5,580
9. Florida 36 189,461 5,263
10. Nebraska 24 120,661 5,028


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