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A Time for Every Season

Jake and Caleb wrap up the season and talk about potential head coaching changes cough cough Fred Hoiberg. Basketball never stops and neither do we. Lots of player decisions are coming in the next few months and we cover most of them today.



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Seems like a good one as it's all Nebraska and Creighton losing a guy ?


OWH Half Court Press


Open — New coach for NU

2:30 — Husker fans are excited. For good reason.

5:17 — Hoiberg filling out his coaching staff

13:52 — Previewing the introductory press conference

16:24 — Getting over the hump in college hoops. What's it take?

30:06 — Taking advantage of your moment

36:53 — Creighton's Samson Froling turns pro



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Just dropped. Haven't had a chance to listen yet

College Hoops Today with Jon Rothstein
Episode 179 - Nebraska's Fred Hoiberg

Episode Info

Nebraska's Fred Hoiberg is excited to get back to the college grind. What made Nebraska the right fit? Why establishing a program culture will be so important. Is he a better coach now after being with the Bulls? And the excitement of building a tradition at Nebraska. Plus, from purgatory to ecstasy... Virginia's wild run. And Mick heads west!



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KNTK Early Break - Nebraska basketball picks up two more for the upcoming season



KNTK Early Break - It’s incredibly impressive on how quickly Fred Hoiberg has turned the roster at Nebraska, was it as easy as it looked?


KNTK Early Break - More on Nebraska basketball and the roster – When’s it time to set expectations?


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Inside the Hall had Miles on

  • Doesn't mention him by name but Miles still is upset that Webster became a vegan for half a year
  • His story about pulling a guy because his parents were there is Thomas Allen
  • When talking about how long it might take Archie Miller to start winning he noted it took him 4-5 years to figure out he wasn't recruiting the right guys. Also thinks it takes 3-4 years to figure out the league regardless of who you are
  • Said he built to make the tournament and not to built the championship...said it was the first time he'd coached like that.
  • Story about breaking into Assembly Hall


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Or listen via Apple Podcasts.


This was a pretty standard Hoiberg media appearance. Nothing too earth-shattering. Although, at the end he was asked if Izzo went easy on Jack when Fred watched practice. He said no that Izzo "jumped up his ass" and it "was awesome". I LOL'd.


The description:

Fred Hoiberg is the head coach for the Nebraska Men's Basketball Team. Twitter: @CoachHoiberg

1:47 Hoiberg’s connection to Nebraska

6:49 Was UCLA the wrong fit?

13:21 What makes the switch from college to pros so hard

24:51 Adjusting to a players’ league

30:00 Relationship with Brad Stevens

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