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  2. He just looks like a dude..... like a big ten guard should look like and he hasn’t even been in a power 5 weight program
  3. He was nails for half the year - awful case of the yips.
  4. Even if you haven't seen him, he has 12 walks in 19 innings. Now, it is in his head.
  5. These announcers are awful. Perry has struggled to throw strikes in his last 3 games. The one says that it is not like him.
  6. Better swings, more patience this inning - still gonna take more than 1. Better approach this inning tho.
  7. We might have lost our good fortune. Gunner nailed that pitch, and the CF only took a few steps back to make the catch.
  8. There we go. Good baserunning leads to a run.
  9. Today
  10. It seems like after the Purdue series, we either became overconfident or lost our good fortune.
  11. 5 pitch inning for CU, you’re right, 1 might do it.
  12. The more I think about it, the more I start to consider actually attending the tournament. Anyone else thinking about it?
  13. This doesn't look promising. The way we're hitting the past 2 weeks, that 1 run might hold up.
  14. Rarely a JUCO guy without SOME kind of baggage. Usually something there... all on a spectrum. Obviously I’m generalizing. But I do have some experience in this regard, fwiw.
  15. It's dead week here so I imagine he's covered his bases as far as classes are concerned. We'll probably find out what's happening with him within the next 2-3 weeks I imagine. He has until the 29th of May to decide if he's coming back or not. I think he should have an idea of what he's doing before then
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  17. He was speaking generally; others have been saying Isaiah is in Chicago right now working out with somebody, which would make going to class a little problematic.
  18. Do we need another 3? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Jaylin Hunter, Coach Hunter' s kid, committed to Old Dominion. (Was an instate kid for a couple years)
  20. Sounds like that is something folks should look at, not that it has been happening.
  21. If we can get Mack and Johnson I think we are an NIT team if not better
  22. So zay hasn't been going to class? Is Bart just saying this is a rule of thumb or is he speaking directly about Roby?
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