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  1. dustystehl

    Roby (is Good)

    But he's still out there!
  2. dustystehl

    College Hoops Countdown

    Practice starts tomorrow. I'm already focused on basketball. Football was pretty tough to watch Saturday. At least the basketball boys act like they WANT to play.
  3. dustystehl


    Somebody should start a thread regarding buying/selling/transferring tickets. If I'm unable to make a game, I rarely have time to find someone to use my tickets, so the seats are just empty. I would much rather have SOMEONE (of the Husker fan variety) in those seats if I can't be there. I can't think of a better place to find a Nebrasketball fan who would appreciate cheap tickets more than HHC!
  4. dustystehl

    Uni Swag

    I like for home uniforms to have the team name (i.e. Huskers) on the front instead of the school name. You're playing in your home arena, everyone knows what school you're from, so have some fun with the team name. Use yellow or corn in the design. Do SOMETHING fun and different. (Loved the cream-colored script "Huskers" uniforms we wore the past couple seasons.) These are just white uniforms that say "Nebraska" on the front. Wow! How did they ever come up with that?! Smh...
  5. dustystehl

    Isaac CurlJuice

    For these reasons (and a few others), I think Cope could be the most improved player on the team. I think he's gonna ball out this year!
  6. dustystehl

    Practice Countdown

    I would guess that it depends on what the coaches think of the abilities of Dedoch and Tanner to contribute this year and whether or not they think Brady can contribute this year. We definitely won't know until well after practice has started. Personally, I think he redshirts this year.
  7. dustystehl

    Practice Countdown

    While at Nebraska, JBD lacked that "killer instinct" you want D-I athletes to have. I remember reading an article where JBD was asked, "If you could have any super power, what would it be?" His answer was "invisibility". I'm not sure a guy who wishes he was invisible is capable of being a better college player than Maric, but he absolutely would have been a welcome addition to any roster in recent memory. It appears JBD has found some confidence, improved his game, found a perfect fit, or whatever now; but as a 20 year-old kid, I don't think him being healthy would have necessarily equated to a drastically better performance on the court.
  8. dustystehl

    Dedoch is N

    With a lot fewer "slutty" costumes.
  9. dustystehl

    Dedoch is N

    .375%?! That's REALLY bad.
  10. dustystehl

    Dedoch is N

    Agreed. Who the hell spells "basketball" as two words?!
  11. dustystehl

    Dedoch is N

    I think we should play the full 40 minutes. Better chance of winning that way.
  12. Our neutral site same against Oklahoma State was on BTN last year?
  13. dustystehl

    Dedoch is N

    Look at Mississippi Gulf Coast's logo - of COURSE they're going to say Michigan finished 4th!
  14. dustystehl

    Jordy Gone

    Welp, at least I won't have to translate any more nonsensical tweets from French to English.