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  1. Assuming we just lose the 3, im guessing we are after a point, shooter and a big?
  2. I like having a bruiser like Shamiel.. but having another 3 pt threat.. gosh that means there will be yet another floor spacer w experience. Cut, cut, pass,pass,kick, kick to Lat, Lakes, Tomminaga, Bryce... pick your poison. Have fun guarding that
  3. Here is how i see things shaking out... Yvan and Shamiel move on. Leaves us with this: T McGowens B McGowens Banton Lat Walker Breidenbach Eduardo Tomminaga Lakes Wood I also really think Thor or/and Kobe come back, remember they don’t count against scholarships. This leaves us 3 to recruit and we need a true point, and 2 sharpshooters. This is my take.
  4. We will lose 2 more im guessing. Gives us a chance for a point guard and a shooter.
  5. Its about recruiting to the system. Gonna land, gonna miss. The key is to never stray from the system. We took a chance on a kid early in Fred’s tenure and it didnt pan out. The great thing is we have a core of players that do fit, and three coming in that all add something to the current roster. We will be fine.
  6. This is a system program. Bottom line. You either conform and do what your asked- or you are out. Its the right decision. Addition by subtraction.
  7. I feel the sarcasm. I dont understand fans like yourself that are apathetic, especially in year 3.. i mean you will have your starting 5 return, you add a 5 star.. and more shooting. How in the heck can you not expect 15 wins AT LEAST?
  8. Well you should first start by learning how to read and then comprehend. I said 15-18 type team. That would mean 7-10 more wins than we are probably going to get this year. We should pick up half of those playing a full non conf slate. What the hell is wrong with expecting that?
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