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  1. Lateral move would be a repeat of someone with same resume of the last 3 hires. Mid major- zero success in the tournament. Lets not try that again please.
  2. Really agree with this. If you are gonna make a lateral move- please dont. If you really have a bigtime hire behind the door then yes make the move.
  3. Weve been .500 since 2000, thats the only stat i need to know that this hire needs to be different.
  4. Moos has 1 job: Hire someone who has won in the NCAA tournament with a major D1 school. Thats it. Don’t screw it up.
  5. So to clarify.... Riggins was allowed under same terms to work for Frost and Cook- but not Miles? Is this fact?
  6. Had to have known that would rile up the bunches... i mean thats just asking for it
  7. It may not happen, but stranger things have happened. This is also interesting because there is a connection here as Moos was AD for Oregon starting in 1995, while Mark was assistant for the Ducks. This would be a fantastic hire.
  8. Wrap your mind around this stat. For the past 7 years under Miles we have won 36% of our games in the months of February and March. 36 frickin percent. Losing basketball when it really counts.
  9. We will get Northwestern and someone else- and i think we win the iowa game. Emotional night. I should preface that- IF we play like tonight i can see us getting three more
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