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  1. If we had Xavier coming off the bench and Jacobson providing great rebounding and interior scoring, this team would be a lock to the NCAA tourney
  2. Really like this team. Still feel like we're missing an evan taylor-like player and a low-post defender but overall very impressed with the first three games
  3. Evan Taylor is really underrated. Completely unheard of out of high school, he worked his way up the ladder.
  4. Why is it not a good idea to recruit? Is he not good enough? or is he not high on NU?
  5. SFA had only been to a tourney once before Underwood got there. What he did there was unprecedented compared to groce at ohio, miles at csu
  6. NU has 2 spots currently open and only webster is leaving after the 2016-17 season, so a guaranteed 3 spots are open for the 2017 class. Also have to watch out for players like gill leaving after a year. Hope Miles signs 4 players. I think PG and SG are priorities. 1. PG/SG: Darien Jackson, McKinley Wright, Victor Bailey, Thomas Allen Haven't offered jackson. Unsure of NU's chances with Wright. Beckner was the coach that offered Bailey... 2. PF/C: Theo John, Garza, Sterling Manley, Kevin Samuel, Hasahn French Manley is a WVU lean. Garza is most likely not coming here 3. SG/SF/Stretch 4: Nana Akenten, Jordan Usher, Parker Stewart, Jericho Sims, Theo John, Goanar Mar Sims has visited recently. Might be the recruit NU has the best shot at landing. Akenten has all mid-major offers outside of NU but I think he will blow up soon 4. SG/SF: Arop
  7. Someone please upload that UW game to youtube
  8. Any chance PBA will expand since it's over capacity?
  9. I hope he at least let the coaching staff know it's NBA or europe and not leave those guys hanging after signing day
  10. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/6920836/highlights/334735409 He dunked on arop and had a nice layup around him in this hudl clip
  11. Right, there are 0 players in this state going D1 on scholarship in the 2016 class. That has to improve
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