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  1. Notice no one is on their tippy toes. Walker appears just as tall if not taller than Mayen, so perhaps his 6'9" roster height is indeed accurate.
  2. I was in Blue last year, got Green this year. Movin' up in the world!
  3. With Banton's departure, I think the only player on the roster we've seen play live is Jace Piatkowski. Walker was hurt during the scrimmage/Rick Ross "concert", but Banton and Stevenson scrimmaged that night. So very tough to even begin guessing what the rotation will look like. The talent/depth has been upgraded. I like that they staff has seemingly gone away from signing JUCO players (Tominaga was committed before last season, so no new JUCO recruits this cycle). I think things are trending in the right direction. I'm looking forward to getting back into PBA this winter. I think it could be a fun season.
  4. Once the gem of a Tim Miles recruiting class, JervAy has had a rough time after JUCO. Just hope he's happy. He seemed like a good kid.
  5. I agree with you 100%. Just wanted Creighton to lose.
  6. Creighton gets bailed out with a phantom foul. Smh. I've rewatched that foul multiple times and I can't believe the game was decided by that call. F creighton forever.
  7. All those turnovers in the first 10 minutes... A possession or two makes so much difference.
  8. Wow. Sex AND a Nebrasketball win?! This has been a great Valentine's Day for me.
  9. Wednesday, we played great for 10 minutes. Tonight, we played great for 39 minutes. This was a tough one...
  10. When was the last time we had a halftime lead in a Big Ten game? I was hoping to ask this question last game...
  11. I am starting to seriously consider the possibility there is a literal curse on our men's sports. It is the only thing that makes any sense! Perhaps I'm just tired of getting kicked in the dick all the time...
  12. Tired of playing on Wednesday at the Big Ten Tournament every year we don't finish 4th...
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