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  1. He didn't need to make a statement Friday. And he doesn't need to make a statement today. It's awkward and uncomfortable now, and that sucks. It really does. But everything will be fine in the end.
  2. The sky is, and always has been, up. It's awkward right now, but in two years, when we're preparing to play in the NCAAs, we'll be happy with how everything played out.
  3. Kelly and Steve are at the top of my list. Both are terrible. I also watched Teddy Valentine steal a game from Purdue at Florida State in the ACC/B1G Challenge. (It was a terrible jump ball call.) That guy is the most animated ref in the game. Very clearly likes to be the in spotlight. (McJunkins is the same way, to me.)
  4. Is there a way to down vote the name of this thread?
  5. Ha! But I wonder if since he left the program before the season started, maybe Kent/Jake's "never made it to campus" comment was misconstrued because Chan never played a game. (I could be way off here, just trying to put this puzzle together!)
  6. I just assumed they were talking about Dedoch Chan. Or did they mention him otherwise?
  7. Played hard. Fought back. Didn't give up. Found a way to get Palmer and Watson going on the same night, which is nice. Felt like the Flagrant on Nana (that resulted in the 5-point possession for MSU) was the back breaker. We had cut the lead to 7, Nana misses a rebound, chops at the ball VERY hard (seemingly out of frustration for missing the rebound), hits the MSU player instead. Flagrant One. Two free throws. Nine-point game. McQuaid hits a three. All of a sudden it's a twelve-point game. And we just couldn't recover. But love that the team showed some fight. Need to get Roby going earlier.
  8. Our guys become better athletes, but not necessarily better basketball players.
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