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  1. Anybody else notice Samari Curtis sitting on the bench during halftime warm-ups? He did not play in the second half. Guessing he lipped off in the locker room during half time? I also noticed his "why-am-I-still-playing-I'm-a-high-profile-recruit" body language at the end of the Doane game. Had to be replaced by Cross for the last couple minutes. My gut tells me he will not be on the team next year. Heck, could even be gone after this semester.
  2. Before the season, I said I'd be happy if this team went .500. After last night, it's hard to see them winning more than 3 B1G games. Gonna be a long, long, winter...
  3. Will Tim have any "Lance Jeter played football" or "Once Roby figures out how good he is..."-esque sayings? I can definitely see/hear him saying: "The aggressor always wins in basketball." "Attack. Attack. Attack." And an overuse of "quite frankly". Any other ideas?
  4. I have received my card, but did not receive the poster or media guide. Will those be mailed separately?
  5. Brady is eligible to play immediately at South Dakota. His situation is closer to Stevenson's than Potter's is. I'm still hopeful Shamiel will be able to play on November 5th.
  6. Suppose that's what this Tweet was about? https://twitter.com/__dburke/status/1176300670829453312?s=20
  7. https://huskers.com/news/2019/9/13/mens-basketball-opening-night-with-husker-hoops-is-sold-out.aspx
  8. It was sent from [email protected] Ended up in my Junk folder, so be sure to check there if it doesn't up in your inbox.
  9. What does this mean? Does it have an unnatural wood look? Or do you just want a different color/type of wood?
  10. This is what the email (received 07/15) said: Delivery Method: Print at Home The print at home ticket is to be used like any other ticket and will be sent to your email within three to four weeks of the event. For post-season events, tickets will be sent after the announcement to host is made. It will be separate from your confirmation email. We're now 2 weeks out from the event and, to my knowledge, I have not received the email with the print at home tickets.
  11. Has anyone received the email with the print-at-home tickets yet? I'm starting to worry that maybe I missed it on accident. If that's the case, can we print them from our account at huskers.com?
  12. Interesting to think how many games would result in different outcomes if the Elam ending were in affect. It would certainly change some teams' strategies. I'm not against the Elam ending, I just REALLY liked beating Iowa on Senior Day last year and wouldn't have wanted that to be any different that it was!
  13. They have an app with a live stream and, if you prefer, they also post each segment/chunk from each show each day. You can also listen live online.
  14. With the Gavitt Games, the odds of us playing each other are MUCH higher than if UCONN were to stay in the American.
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