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  1. I just paid my renewal today and selected Seat Yourself. Will they contact me when I am able to do the Seat Yourself process? I can't seem to do it right now, so I'm guessing that won't start until after July 22 (deadline to renew season tickets). Can anyone offer some clarification on the Seat Yourself process/timing?
  2. Your list included 13 scholarship players that have not advised they are leaving or decommitting. Where are you getting 15?
  3. Walker and Trey count toward our scholarship numbers. We are currently at 13 scholarships. If we want to add any other players for next season, a current roster spot will need to open up.
  4. I don't think we need to question how tough he is. He literally runs to the fight! Seriously, it got him ejected earlier this season.
  5. I'd be more surprised if he DIDN'T come back. So close to getting his Masters, and I've always felt that was very important to him and his family.
  6. Bakari Evelyn also would have had a chance in 2020 with Iowa, but there was no tournament. It's really nice that Andrew White isn't on this list.
  7. When I was walking out of PBA after we played tough but lost to Iowa, there was an Iowa fan in front of me fist-bumping ever other Iowa fan he encountered saying "go hawks". He then said, "We dominate this school. Football, men's basketball, women's basketball- we dominate them." I certainly did not appreciate it at the time, but there was nothing I could say. He was right. I just hope that guy feels like absolute dog shit right now. F Iowa. F Creighton. GBR.
  8. Iowa more than doubling up Northwestern at halftime, 64-31. Glad I didn't have to use half a vacation day today to watch us play the Hawkeyes.
  9. I think finishing his Master's Degree is important and therefore I think Walker will be back for one more season. I think either both McGowens come back or neither will. I've been saying 20% chance they come back. I will not be upset if Lat pursues a professional career. I don't understand why folks think Andre is leaving. He is the type of player that really benefited from the COVID year. He didn't even start playing basketball until he had been a teenager a couple years. He will just be a sophomore next year, and likely in the same role he was in this year. A lot of sophomores would love to be the backup center on a power conference team! I hope he continues to bulk up and sticks around. You need rim protectors in the B1G. He can definitely be that for us. I hope Tominaga sticks around Lincoln during the off-season to get his body more prepared for this level of basketball. A full off-season in our strength and conditioning program certainly wouldn't hurt. Cohesion and continuity are crucial for this program. There are only two guys on the roster whose departure from the program wouldn't bother me.
  10. What the F did we talk about in that timeout?! Gaaaaaahhhhhh!!!
  11. This is absolute bull$hit. What a joke. Bryce got robbed. I hope he comes back and is a first-teamer. And I hope Trey is motivated to win defensive player of the year.
  12. I've thought Verge was our best player for most of the year. Yes, some of his decisions were questionable and frustrating, but it was that same way with every other player on the roster. I'm nervous to play Iowa. I just don't know if we can beat them. But it's tough to beat a team three times, and the three teams in front of us each beat us twice already this year. Our guys are hungry and are peaking at the right time. And hey, those 30 for 30 stories don't write themselves!
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