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  1. dustystehl

    Dedoch is N

    I think we should play the full 40 minutes. Better chance of winning that way.
  2. Our neutral site same against Oklahoma State was on BTN last year?
  3. dustystehl

    Dedoch is N

    Look at Mississippi Gulf Coast's logo - of COURSE they're going to say Michigan finished 4th!
  4. dustystehl

    Jordy Gone

    Welp, at least I won't have to translate any more nonsensical tweets from French to English.
  5. dustystehl

    Successful Season

    I would take anyone on this year's roster over anyone from the early-90s teams. I mean, those guys gotta be like 45 years old. No way they could play with the kids currently on the roster.
  6. dustystehl

    Successful Season

    Anything less than the Final Four would be a failure of epic proportions. They might as well dissolve the program if we don't win the National Championship.
  7. dustystehl

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I couldn't watch more than 3 minutes. Brett Edwards is a turd.
  8. dustystehl

    Creighton Cobra Kai

    I agree, but (if not on your team) those players are VERY easy to hate. Aaron Craft and Grayson Allen are some other examples that come to mind.
  9. dustystehl

    Creighton Cobra Kai

    There's already at "t" at the end of "eight", so the additional "T" is unnecessary. No wonder nobody gets it. Glad you didn't buy it - it's a bad design.
  10. dustystehl

    Creighton Cobra Kai

    This is available and I want it. Just can't pull the trigger in the middle of a 7-game losing streak...
  11. dustystehl

    New numbers

    Is he anti-Kobe? Or just pro-Tai?
  12. dustystehl

    Dachon Burke is N

    Probably not. But I was in a good mood so I finally posted something positive!
  13. dustystehl

    Dachon Burke is N

    Love to read that Copeland and Palmer were a big part of Dachon's recruiting process! Leads me to believe that if they don't go pro, they'll both be back at Nebraska next season. Dachon had great things to say about Miles' recruiting pitch (most notably about how well prepared he was for the in-home visit), which is also good to read! Now let's hope we can beat out Pittsburgh again and get Xavier Johnson to re-commit!
  14. dustystehl

    Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    I hear and understand your point of view, we just have different thoughts/feelings. And that's okay.
  15. dustystehl

    Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    I doubt that it's an officially licensed product of the University of Nebraska as "Nebrasketball" is not an official trademark of the University. (But it should be.) I have a "Protect the Vault" t-shirt, but it definitely was not designed, manufactured, distributed, or sold by the University. I bought it on Amazon.