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  1. Strong Hops or Strong [what you're thinking about] are probably both true given the changes he's made to his body.
  2. So you were a freshman for the 03 season. I remember you had a pair of big twins that played on the interior.
  3. We played a home-and-home with Doniphan-Trumbull in 2002-03. They were coached by Ron Kubick, who had won a C-2 state title at Bertrand in 1991 (I was in Kindergarten). That was a big series, especially for Bertrand folks. We won both games, shutting them out 27-0 in Doniphan in 03 (my senior year). My buddy had THREE interceptions in that game!
  4. Lawrence Nelson literally stole theirs from the Oakland Raiders. Maybe I'm just still a little sour losing 12-0 at their place on a very cold night in the fall of 2001. We (Bertrand) weren't very good that year (3-6) and they won state (13-0). And we played them to within 12 points! Man, we had a brutal schedule that year: Cambridge, North Platte St. Pat's, Amherst, Lawrence-Nelson, Kearney Catholic - all REALLY good teams.
  5. It's not even weird that I'm looking at the male's body more than the female's body in that pic.
  6. I grew up in Phelps county, most of my family still lives and works there. Received an early wedding gift from my mom today: 30 pounds of Nebraska Star Beef!
  7. How does one get their own back turned on them? Sounds very painful.
  8. For this very reason, I was a HUGE Utah Utes fan in the spring of 1998. I was 11 years old and my parents made me go to bed at halftime of the championship game, with Utah leading by ten! When I awoke the next morning my dad told me Kentucky had come back to win. At first I didn't believe him, but I was absolutely heartbroken when Sportscenter supported his claim. I remember a classmate saying, "I knew he'd be mad today." when I was clearly in a bad mood that day. All because I wasn't getting a Mountain Dew hat that I probably would have worn once or twice.
  9. Here's a sketch I wrote/produced with some friends a few years ago. Enjoy!
  10. I can't imagine Mack's past coaches are giving him glowing recommendations. Maybe this will be a humbling experience for him. Hope it works out for him, but I'm not holding my breath.
  11. I like Kevin. This bums me out.
  12. The conferences are pretty similar at the top: Gonzaga, BYU, St. Mary's (WCC), San Diego State, Utah State, Nevada (MWC); and pretty similar at the bottom: Loyola Marymount, San Diego, Portland (WCC), Air Force, San Jose State, Wyoming (MWC). Looking at the middle of the conferences, though, the MWC is much stronger. I'm inclined to think that schools with football programs would have a higher likelihood of winning home games against Gonzaga, but that may simply be because I see those schools' names more often.
  13. My five most hated teams (in any sport) are: 1. Creighton Basketball 2a. Iowa Basketball 2b. Iowa Football 4. Green Bay Packers (I'm a Vikings fan) 5. Wisconsin Basketball So, Creighton, Iowa, and Wisconsin for sure. I'll throw in Gonzaga because they annoy me, too. Play in a real conference, turds.
  14. I think Brock Lesnar could beat just about anybody on the current Vikings' roster in a fight. He's still a badass.
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