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  1. I like to think that a full offseason in the strength and conditioning program will do him good. He didn't arrive on campus until August, and likely would have benefited from being here with the rest of the team in June. It is what it is. He'll get better.
  2. I'm glad Cam Mack is here. He is always fun to see. Makes me want to watch.
  3. He wants to be the star. Evansville is more likely to grant that wish than most Power 5/6 schools.
  4. There should be a minimum number of games/minutes played to qualify for these all-decade teams. If last season had happened in 2012, no one on here would be mentioning Johnny Trueblood. It was cool and is fresh in our Nebrasketball memories, but his performance does not warrant even honorable mention on an under-appreciated all-decade team. I loved it, but c'mon.
  5. Smith is seldom talked about when reminiscing of the 2014 tournament team. He was injured that summer playing for his national team. At the time, the consensus was we'd still be a top-20 team. We certainly were not. His contributions were - and are - severely underappreciated. I absolutely LOVE Ray Gallegos' inclusion on your list, though!
  6. I'd put Leslie Smith ahead of Tanner and Rivers.
  7. The all-decade team was a fun thing to do. But as a Nebrasketball fan, it's hard no to lament a bit, too. Of the ten names on the list, 4 of them were on the team the past two seasons, which resulted in a 1-2 NIT record. Ugh.
  8. Agree. Seems to lollygag, especially when getting back on defense. But man, high ceiling. And the floor is pretty high to begin with.
  9. I failed to see anything yesterday that supports the "Mack and Green don't get along" narrative. I hope that can be put to bed now. And I've dealt with my fair share of annoying fans. From boot shopping to nacho toppings, I've heard a LOT of conversations that should have taken place anywhere but at a sporting event.
  10. Wouldn't have thought Runza would be 0-2 during the holiday break...
  11. Any chance Thor goes the Jack McVeigh route? He could play professionally in Iceland.
  12. To me, he was just frustrated with how things were going. I did not get the sense he was throwing a tantrum.
  13. We lacked energy yesterday, but I fail to see how/why Green is responsible for that. Feels like people are looking for a scapegoat. I sat in the student section yesterday. I saw Green lamenting on the sideline late in the game, but it just appeared to be general frustration, which we ALL were feeling. Am I missing something?
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