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  1. With the Gavitt Games, the odds of us playing each other are MUCH higher than if UCONN were to stay in the American.
  2. As of right now, there are no available scholarships for next season. There will likely be some attrition after this season (as it the case with most programs), so I would expect at least one more scholarship to open up.
  3. You asked a question, then posted the answer. So it seems you were just trying to get people to click on your thread. And that obviously worked. Sorry for posting something I thought was just a fun jab. I can tell by your sarcastic reply and use of the exact same emojis that I have offended you.
  4. I like how the thread name is a question, but the first post in the thread begins with "it's official". ??
  5. From what I've read (OWH, LJS), Hoiberg, as a first-year head coach, can elect to non-renew players' scholarships. But it appears he has asked players to move on, they've refused, and he's just renewing their scholarship(s); but Brady got the hint and is transferring? And Thor was NOT asked to leave? I'm really curious how those conversations go.
  6. He got a release from his signed NLI, though he is still considering Nebraska. Wouldn't make sense to consider him a verbal commitment at this time.
  7. IIRC, didn't he tweet his approval of the Hoiberg hire last weekend? I don't see that tweet on his profile now, so maybe it was deleted? Very strange...
  8. A little dry (I think he may have been reading that from a script), but I'm fine with him lacking a little charisma if he can draw up a damn inbounds play!
  9. I would bet that winter weather and pot holes have more to do with him wanting to move back to the South than the AD's desire to spend money on a basketball coach.
  10. Still took forever. Thankful for Kent and Jake!
  11. This Harvard/NC State game is going to OT. Guaranteed.
  12. He didn't need to make a statement Friday. And he doesn't need to make a statement today. It's awkward and uncomfortable now, and that sucks. It really does. But everything will be fine in the end.
  13. The sky is, and always has been, up. It's awkward right now, but in two years, when we're preparing to play in the NCAAs, we'll be happy with how everything played out.
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