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  1. I am starting to seriously consider the possibility there is a literal curse on our men's sports. It is the only thing that makes any sense! Perhaps I'm just tired of getting kicked in the dick all the time...
  2. Tired of playing on Wednesday at the Big Ten Tournament every year we don't finish 4th...
  3. The past few teams would not still lead by 7 against a team like this after playing poorly in the first half. That's a sign the talent and depth is improved.
  4. Second year in a row we opened the season on our home court against a team in blue and yellow jerseys. I'm glad we're 1-0 this time! This team can move up and down the floor! McNeese was gassed before halftime. Not looking forward to playing Illinois, but still excited for the rest of this season! If you're a Husker fan, you have to like the direction the program is headed after watching today's game.
  5. In an effort to pass the time, Husker fans turned to masturba- Actually, never mind...
  6. I saw the new graduate assistant reply to Pat's tweet commenting about a bad toss on the jump ball. So I think this is just an awkward photo.
  7. Looks like Banton, Mayen, Ouedraogo, Thor, and Webster on the Red team here. Allen, McGowens, and Stevenson among White team members.
  8. Strong Hops or Strong [what you're thinking about] are probably both true given the changes he's made to his body.
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