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  1. dustystehl

    Miles & Staff

    What other Power Six school would see Tim Miles as an upgrade from their current coach*? I don't think there is a single Big Ten team that would trade their coach straight up for Miles. So I don't think he leaves Nebraska unless he is fired. He has said multiple times (including within the past 7 months) that he loves Nebraska and wants to be here. *Comparing current resumes. (Miles is 4-13 in road and neutral site games in the month of March as Nebraska's head coach; 3-13 at Colorado State.)
  2. dustystehl

    10/24 Scrimage

    No need for you guys to post jokes. Your normal posts bore me enough as it is.
  3. dustystehl

    10/24 Scrimage

    And I'm probably a bit more harsh on this stuff than most. I'm a standup comedian, so I talk into a microphone in front of people all the time. I've produced countless shows over the years so it's impossible for me to not pay attention to (and critique) whomever is on the mic at a live event. In my opinion, it was just really awkward and sucked more energy out of the room than it created.
  4. dustystehl

    10/24 Scrimage

    I don't care what other schools (especially Creighton) do with their preseason events. If we were doing what other schools were doing, we'd have won that tournament game by now! But you make a valid point: difficult to make this event more than it is until it DESERVES to be more than it is.
  5. dustystehl

    10/24 Scrimage

    Did anyone else think that having Kent and a coach on the mic was a bit awkward? I thought it was cringe worthy at times - especially with Coach Mo. Coach Gates was fine. Lewis about put me to sleep. And Miles was, well, Miles. But listening to them talk about Brady's body while he was ON THE COURT was just weird to me. They needed to play some music in the background or SOMETHING during that cuz when they weren't talking, it was super awkward. There was definitely a weird energy in the arena during the scrimmage, and having a radio interview take place while they're playing definitely didn't help with that. Also, why is there not a dunk contest or a three-point shooting contest? (I don't want to watch some "fan" whose never touched a basketball air ball 12 of 15 threes, so that doesn't count.) Instead, we got four super loose 4-minute periods of sloppy basketball. Let us see some sick dunks or a competitive three-point shooting contest. I'm not saying we need a big Midnight Madness like other programs. (2Chainz performed at Kansas' Midnight Madness, but we can't get Larry the Cable Guy to show up and say "Git-er-Done! GBR!"?) I just think this event could be better if they marketed it differently. It didn't look like there were many students there. Market it to them. Get them pumped up for the season. Practice chants/cheers that we can do during games. Do something that pumps ENERGY into the room. Like many of you, I was underwhelmed, so it's easy to say, "Make it better!" even when I probably have no clue how big of a task setting up something like this is...
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    See above. ^^^
  7. dustystehl


    Incorrect. Someone just picked a record that no one else had guessed yet!
  8. dustystehl


    15-12 NR
  9. dustystehl

    FBI Ramification

    The most that will happen is that Preston Murphy resigns. But, if by some act of a non-Jesuit god, the NCAA wants to give Creighton the death penalty, I will happily dance on the grave.
  10. dustystehl

    FBI Ramification

    I assume you're talking primarily about 1620 The Zone and John Nyatawa? What would you rather they do with what are (for the time being) just allegations? And they're fans, too. I'm sure it sucks and isn't easy to talk about. I'm just being real. Nobody wants to see Creighton get hit with sanctions more than I do. But if North Carolina gets (essentially) no penalty for creating FAKE classes, I don't imagine Creighton will receive punishment for offering money to a recruit through a third party.
  11. dustystehl

    FBI Ramification

    This is what fans do. They find a way to twist things (in their head) so that the team/school they love so dearly remains untarnished to them. But I think this is the normal human reaction. If your kid gets in trouble, your first thought is "Not MY kid!" It's no different here. We'll learn more as these trials progress and I'm sure that will change people's thoughts and feelings. But until then, I absolutely LOVE watching Creighton fans squirm! Can't wait for December 8th!
  12. dustystehl

    Not the official pump up film of 2018-19

    I love that this video had to be over 6 minutes long to contain all the dunks, but how is Copeland's dunk over Haas not in this video?!
  13. dustystehl

    FBI Ramification

    They may have to sell a sweater vest or two, but I doubt they'll need financial assistance.
  14. dustystehl

    Jervay Green is N

    Two. He played at WNCC in 2017-18 and is playing there again this season (2018-19).