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  1. Wow. More than 330,000 of the approximately 4500 Div. I scholarship players are transferring. That's insane!
  2. Carter is officially remaining in the 2021 class; he is not reclassifying to 2020.
  3. I would assume that Hoiberg will have spoken to every player by the end of this week, if he hasn't done so already. So, I would also assume that the players who were going transfer or are now transferring after speaking with Hoiberg will have entered the portal by the end of this week. That doesn't mean no further roster attrition will occur after this week. Perhaps someone is injured and is waiting until after surgery to transfer so they can still receive top-notch medical treatment (a la Jordy Tshimanga). Perhaps the filling of the last scholarship spot prompts a change of heart in someone else (a la Donovan Williams). Or maybe somebody thinks they can find a better situation elsewhere and wants to be a real jerk about it (a la Andrew White, III). So, while nothing is ever certain, I would suspect we'll know who isn't returning next year by week's end.
  4. He said he's focusing HIS attention on those schools; he said nothing about those school focusing any attention on him!
  5. I won't miss watching Burke get his shot blocked at the rim!
  6. https://nebraska.n.rivals.com/news/huskers-nab-commitment-from-grad-transfer-kobe-webster
  7. I also found this interesting. They clearly have a strong relationship. I just hope her advice is what's best for all involved. And I don't often get what I hope for...
  8. One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of Cam Mack's actions over the last couple months have also not made much sense.
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