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  1. bkamler

    This Next One is a Must Win

    Watson has never been a point guard in my opinion. He dribbles aimlessly at the top of the key. When he does drive he is out of control and does not see his open teammates. At the end of the first half I told my wife that Watson will dribble the clock out to about 8 seconds then either jack up a desparate off balance three or drive wildly. He drove all the way under the basket and then out to the free throw line where his wild shot was blocked. He he did not see two or three wide open teammates on this predictable journey. On the other hand Thor is always driving and looking for an open teammate but I noticed in his 17 minutes he seldom touched the ball as Watson, Palmer or Allen started with the ball. If Thor is in the game he needs the ball to distribute because his shooting ability is not good.
  2. bkamler

    JPJ in Conference

    Per my memory Palmer has had two to four shoots blocked per game in conference.
  3. bkamler

    Hearing that several Huskers are ill.

    I got mono my soph year of college. Noticed my jump shot was just a tad short each time two practices in a row. Found out I had mono which really made me weak. It is very contagious as I got it from my roommate. I did play D1 baseball with it that season and did ok but kept away from teammates, etc. as much as possible.
  4. We are one of the worst passing teams I’ve ever seen. The simplest passes are high, low, to the left or to the right. There is usually no rhythm in our shots because our passes are sloopy and careless. A pass typically should delivered to your teammates belly button area so he can make s basketball move such as shoot it, drive it or pass it in rhythm.
  5. bkamler

    Morrow leaving

    Me to.
  6. bkamler


    Thus far this season Roby commits one or two mind numbing dumb fouls per game...usually early in the game and away from the ball. He needs to stop doing this or he’s going to be a twenty minute guy who is unable to play tough D when the games on the line.
  7. They were dead center and he looked like someone who expected to drill them and boy did we need them. However I was flabbergasted when the announcer said that Glen had only shot five free throws this season. That’s less than one free per game in the first six games which for a point guard that plays thirty minutes a game is perplexing. In my opinion that will need to change if we are to continue having success.
  8. I was a D1 baseball player at a small college in Denver and there was stuff going on then in 1968-1972. Laundry money was distributed to star players in higher proportion than non stars. Alumni slipped cash in our hands during hand shakes at parties. It was obviously worse in football and basketball. Been going on for many decades. Charles’s statement was not reckless In my opinion.
  9. My wife said she thought we came out flat tonight and I tried to explained that if you can’t shoot in the beginning of the games I that it’s natural that you “look” flat and that eventually with continued poor shooting you are flat. Our team never gives up but shooting in the mid thirty percent from the field pretty much deserves a loss.
  10. bkamler

    Dirk Chatelain

    I could not believe how Strickland was Nee’s whipping boy (not to be taken as a racial statement just an athletic reference from a common term in my D1 days as an athlete). Boone was very talented but also very selfish and incredibly lazy on defense. His father was the opposite in the ABA professional leagues. Strickland was even more talented on offense than Boone but also totally committed to defense and rebounding and passing. He would get benched by Nee and cussed out for no apparent reason while Boone would play more minutes than Strickland. Nee had no X’s and O’s but he could recruit.
  11. It’s a little after three in the morning after shoulder surgery about 17 hours ago and I can’t sleep cuz pain meds aren’t working real well. When we were down 50-40 I texted my boys that however the game ends there is no quit in this team. I think I’ve texted this four times this year in similar situations and the Huskers have won every time. I love the way this team plays for each other! I love the way Palmer takes over second halves. I love Watson’s D when his scoring is down. I love the way Tshimanga is willing his shots in when it looks like there’s no way. I love Copeland’s game as it improves each week. I love the way Allen and Okeke and Gill seem to do something important and beneficial for the team just when I’m down on them. I love the way Borchard bangs with the bigs without commiting senseless fouls and the way Taylor quietly does really important dirty work for us the way Roby creates such mismatches for our opponents. Finally I love the way McVeigh is 100% behind his teammates and cheers them on with unbridled enthusiasm as this is the hardest job on the team and very important. I guess as a Husker basketball die hard since 1958 I love this team.
  12. I believe Roby took two shots in the game. That has a lot to do with the loss. Watson is truely having a disappointing season in my opinion. Palmer was unbelievable. Taylor played very well on D. Bottom line is that we cannot hit wide open jump shots for the most part but having said that this team has no “quit” in them.
  13. Okeke, Borchardt, McVeigh and Taylor played 73 minutes and combined for ZERO points! Gotta be a NCAA record.