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  1. I have heard that CU is negotiating a certain NIL amount and a minimum number of shots per game! That would be at minimum a verbal contract and if doesn’t get his shots per game it might be actionable for damages. Major college sports are in a free fall.
  2. Let’s say a booster or a group of boosters sets up a big NIL deal to get Billy Bomber to cone and play for NU. Lets say BB suffers an injury early on and others play and the team is doing really well. Now BB is healthy but only getting limited minutes because the team chemistry is set and there is no need to mess with it. Seems to me that the booster or boosters is/are going to be calling the coach to pitch a fit about their investment in BB, etc. Seems to me that its not if it happens but when it happens.
  3. Scheierman from South Dakota State is supposedly in the portal and Washut thinks NU will try to get this 6’6 guard from Aurora. I looked at SDS schedule and extracted Scheierman’s stats from the 7 games they played against legit D1 teams including Providence in NCAA tournament and here’s what I found: 36 Average minutes played per game 5 for 12 shooting 3/6 from 3 3/4 from line 7 rebounds 3 assists 2 turnovers 14.4 points per game Sophomore in eligibility Looks like a good get to me if we can pull it off.
  4. Wish him well but when a player finally hits a three and I almost faint…he is smart to move on.
  5. Pretty reliable source but I hesitate to put that out there. Also heard that Andre is heading up to UNO.
  6. Hearing that Walker is coming back for his final year. If true I am glad.
  7. Chick cannot put the bat on the ball which was really important when I played D1 baseball.
  8. Second half we got out hustled big time which could have been addressed during a much needed ass chewing timeout and we got out coached big time. The 3-2 zone hurt us and Fred refused to call a timeout to show our guys how to attack it. Fred never calls timeouts when an obvious run has started against us. This game was so winnable if FH coached a littke.
  9. Bryce’s numbers were based on volume shooting with low efficiency until lately. Many of his points came late when the game was decided in favor of our opponents and they let him drive pretty much unopposed.
  10. Starting with the Iowa game which was a well played loss and then a 3 game win streak with an astonishing win over Wisky in a 5 vs 8 game since that meeting. Did TA get in FH’s grill or challenge his coaching manhood or did the players feel like they almost got their coach fired and needed to play balls to the wall or did they relax and play with nothing to lose knowing FH was not fired? Whatever occurred I’m elated and getting some hope back. Todays win was phenomenal!
  11. After TA announced that FH was coming back as our coach our offense and for the most part our D and rebounding has been really solid? Interesting!
  12. Walker played 31 minutes got 10 rebounds…so good on that. However he took only ONE SHOT the entire game!!!! Don’t think he was passed to twice in the entire second half. Is there any coaching at all?
  13. Guys who block out: Tominoga Breidenbach Trey Wilcher but not much vertical Guys who really try to rebound: Andre Breidenbach Verge Mayan lately Guys who hustle on Tominaga Trey Webster Andre but does not move his feet Guys who pass to open teammates: Verge most of the time Tominaga Guys who seldom pass to open teammates or hustle on Bryce All in all the above looks pretty dismal. Oh Yah the most uninspired looking guys on the team: Fred Doc
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