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    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 8 - B1G/ACC Challenge: Boston College

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      Needed it. Got it.



    • Offense seems to be coming around. The first half was really sharp.
    • Defense is still a work in progress. It's better than it was at the beginning of the year, but there's still a long way to go.
    • We need Roby to get back soon. He makes such a big difference for this team. Coach talked about it on the post game show.
    • Copeland's finding his rhythm. His mid-range jumper is smooth.
    • Glynn is good at basketball.
    • The energy on defense is better. The execution isn't where it needs to be, but the energy and effort is much better and for longer stretches. Hopefully that will turn into better production on that end sooner rather than later.
    • They show glimpses of being disruptive defensively, especially on the perimiter and in passing lanes, but they just need to get more consistent. It's largely a mentality thing, I think.
    • Boston College is a bad jump shooting team. They're athletic and can do some things off the dribble, but at least tonight, they threw up some ugly shots from 3.
    • Good to see Thomas Allen back out there. I like what I see from him when he's out there. He's gonna be fun to watch grow over the course of the season.
    • Not sure we really need an in game emcee.
    • There was a while there in the middle of the second half where BC was winning a lot of the statistical categories, except for 3 point shooting. NU pulled away down the stretch, but there was a while there where there was some concern.
    • The free throw shooting makes want to bang my head against the wall.


    Things get real beginning on Sunday. Let's see how much fight these guys have.

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    4 hours ago, Coaches kid said:

    I posted on this earlier. Looks to me like it is our plan to slow play the screen and roll instead of aggressively hedge. At least that's the way we played it until the last 5 minutes or so of the BC game. 


    Dang, I missed that in scanning the posts. Oh well, always a day late and a couple thousand short.

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