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  1. Coaches kid

    All Is Not Lost (off topic)

    Congratulations!! It's always nice to get re-directed to the things which are of transcendent importance.
  2. Coaches kid

    Scouting Maryland

    Last time Ayala attacked Allen off the dribble with some success. Ayala is 6'5 and sturdy. We will have enough to worry about with Bruno and Cowan. Would hate to have a third guy go off. I'm thinking the odds are that we finally start making some shots. A guy has to hope, right?
  3. There have been some great perspectives shared on HHC during this period of angst. We are just sick about what has happened, and, because we are loyal fans, we will keep rooting for our guys and hoping against hope. That despite having our hearts ripped out too many times to count. Obviously, Coach Miles and staff want to get this ship righted more than any of us. I don't watch practice and I've never been paid to be a coach. But as a guy who loves and has watched lots of basketball, I have reached the following opinions about our current team (I admit they may miss the mark and I would love to see differing perspectives): 1) Miles' offense is ISO heavy and is predicated on guys being able to make exceptional plays in order to score. That has especially been the case since we've gone all in on playing small ball. If you've got enough talented guys to do that, it may work out fine. It was effective last year when it was new and we had a deeper roster, but I think the Big 10 has adjusted to us, and we are not making our own adjustments accordingly. It appears that our high ball screen, dribble hand off sets have become very mechanical, and predictable. It puts so much pressure on our playmakers. We have to draw up something to help them out. When we move the ball from side to side and move ball and man, we seem to have much more success. Problem is we never have enough discipline to continue doing the things which give us the best chance to succeed. Moreover, it seems like we don't mix in designed sets which put our guys in great position to get consistently good looks. For example, we had those set plays for the free throw line curls we ran for Cope, and a nifty high back screen against Ohio State which freed Glynn for a layup. Those are few and far between. 2) Many of our ISOs do not put our players in the best possible position to score. JPJ is often starting his ISOs 20-25 feet from the basket. Roby gets isolated on guys he could take off the dribble, but we're asking him to do that from the top of the key outside of the 3 pt. line. It's almost impossible to get to the basket from those positions. How about spacing the floor and isolating JPG or Roby in the short corner or high post, where they can attack off 2 or 3 dribbles? An example would be on the play where Roby took Happ off the dribble from the baseline about 15-17 feet and got a dunk. It could be that Coach has been harping on ball movement and discipline with these guys, but that they have simply tuned him out. Problem is, our bench is so thin, we have no viable options to turn to right now to keep guys accountable. Defensively, we knew we were gonna struggle with legit 4's and 5's, but the fire, the tenacity, the "want to," doesn't seem near the level we saw last year. That's at least partially attributable to losing guys like Gill and Taylor, and even Jordy (a legit post defender). Hope we can salvage things. We'll see. At least I know I'm not suffering alone.
  4. Fair point about the players. I guess I feel bad for the program, the season ticket holders, the students... We had the chance to turn a corner and it will not happen. As for missing the bunnies, I think it's a sign of players pressing and playing without confidence.
  5. I usually stay away for a day or two after games like this, but listening to Coach after the game put me over the edge. He said we took too many quick shots with some questionable shot selection. He says that after every loss. The truth is, that is on him. I don't think Wisconsin is a great team. As bad as we played, we were up by three in the second half and if we don't go 9 for 27 from inside the paint, we have a real chance to win the game. Hard to believe, but true. That being said, I was impressed with Wisconsin's discipline and toughness. It was a story of a team which was dedicated to a game plan and one that did not even have one. Wisconsin doggedly runs their sets with purpose. They had a plan to take advantage of mismatches and they executed it. They understood their roles - Pritzl, Ruevers, Trice and that little pain in the butt Davison. Are they more talented than Glynn, Roby, James or TA? Don't think so, but we don't display that same discipline. And if we had an offensive game plan, I can't tell you what it was and we obviously did not execute it. I just feel so bad for the players and for what has happened to what could have been a truly special year.
  6. Make a few shots in the lane and this is an even game. Much better defensive intensity for the last 8 minutes of the half. Going to have to make some shots though
  7. Thor before Nana right now. Not even close. We never look at the guy driving to the basket. Never.
  8. Coaches kid

    5th starter with Cope out

    Nana's body language was not good either. Given our current state, I don't think we can afford to give up on Amir. He at least has the potential to add some defense, ball handling and rebounding. I would hope the more he sees the floor and gets comfortable, the more he locks in and the defensive mistakes we saw on Saturday go away. Nana's shot looks different lately. I watched him shooting at halftime (Miles was standing right next to him observing). It looks like he's stopping the ball at the top of his shot and he's slinging the ball like a catapult. Unless he starts making shots, I'd like to see Amir get the minutes (unless the defensive lapses persist). Another positive could be that Brady gets a chance to develop by playing meaningful minutes. Sometimes when bench guys get their chance, they play with a sense of urgency and reckless abandon. We haven't really seen much of that from our starting 5. Trying to be a glass half full guy, but it's not easy.
  9. Coaches kid

    HHC Posters, raise your hands if...

    Well said. My dad coached high school basketball for nearly 30 years. This vocation is tough on families. While it's fair to critique the job done by the coach, in the end, they are human beings (with families) who deserve to be treated with some dignity and respect. The prospect of knowing that your livelihood may be gone in a matter of two months cannot be easy to deal with.
  10. Coaches kid

    Rock Bottom!

    I had forgotten about losing Jack. It would be nice to have him as a contributor this year. As good as I think our starting 5 is, until recently I was wearing rose colored glasses about this team's shortcomings. Though nearly every team out there has weaknesses, our current woes have shined the light on our weaknesses. We are probably a bench player or two away from being a sure-fire upper echelon big ten team. The Xavier Johnson decommit was significant as well, though I think Amir will be a solid player for us. Xavier would have been a major contributor right away. I share the concern that our coach is not a great psychologist with this bunch. It appears to me they aren't having a lot of fun playing the game right now. A little bit of Scott Frost's mantra of "having a desire to excel without the fear of failure" would do these guys good right now.
  11. Coaches kid

    Rock Bottom!

    I thought we had an identity last year as a small ball team which would create mismatches and attack the rim, and on defense, as a team which would lock in a take away other teams' primary options. This year, I don't think we have that identity. We have to figure out what we're gonna do with our post defense. Neither Roby or Cope is a true post defender. It appears to me that they worry about picking up fouls and that inhibits their aggressiveness (and they end up picking up fouls anyway). Tanner plays his butt off, but Jordy's absence has been a factor. The mere presence of a 7'0", 275 pound guy off of the bench is significant. We miss Taylor's toughness on defense (probably Gill's as well). That said, you have to adjust, whether it be more on-ball pressure and attempts to create turnovers, aggressive hedges and double-teams, or multiple zone looks (don't know if we're equipped to do that, but we're getting killed in the lane). Regardless, in the homestretch, I hope we see a team that attacks on offense and gets its 3's coming inside-out. There's still time to get the ship going in the right direction, but not much.
  12. Coaches kid

    JPJ in Conference

    Good point. With Isaiah, passing up the 3 is probably a confidence issue. With Tom, I would gather that it's more likely a deferral issue. Nearly every time Tom pulls the trigger, I think the ball is going in. He needs to let it fly. The other thing with Isaiah is that he often gets his iso's 25 feet from the basket. It is really hard to get to the rim taking your defender off of the dribble from that far out. I'd like to see more high post or turn and face baseline iso opportunities for Roby.
  13. The team that was up 18 in the first half was what I was expecting to see more of this year. Moving the ball, cutting with purpose, active and locked in defensively. Many, including me, were hard on Cope after PSU. He came to play tonight. Kudos to him. That was vintage Glynn Watson tonight - on both ends. We are very tough when he scores the ball. JPG had a nice all-around game, despite continuing questionable shot selection. He picked it up on D and went to the glass. He should have been on the line at least 3 or 4 times but didn't get the whistle (which Langford did all night). We were able to withstand Roby's foul trouble. He affects the game in so many ways, even when he doesn't score. Thomas Allen has been playing lights out. He's the perfect complimentary piece on this team. Tanner Borchardt - what a great, gritty performance. He's such a smart player. Hope his root canal goes well and that he's ready for Thursday. We will need him against Ward, Tillman and co. GBR! And, by the way, after looking at the garbage message boards from some other schools, I'm thankful we have HHC.
  14. Coaches kid

    Husker Nation Defense & Rebounding

    Not looking at statistics, but from being at the game and watching on Thursday, it wasn't good. He had a very hard time staying in front of his guy on numerous possessions. He looked like his feet were in cement at times. I can't say I noticed that in previous games, but it sure was evident on Thursday. The other guy who has had trouble stopping dribble penetration lately has been Glynn. He reaches in and gambles on steals quite a bit. When the ball gets in the lane we are in scramble mode and even if they miss, that puts us in a more difficult position for rebounding.
  15. Coaches kid

    Penn St. (7-8) vs. Nebraska (11-4) Game Thread

    Sitting here and everybody in my section in the 200s is nervous. We are soooooo mechanical on offense. Hardly any movement away from the ball. Nobody has to guard our cutters because they either don't cut either purpose or we don't even look to get it to them. We have been beaten defensively on the baseline 3 times. Hate to say it but we don't look prepared. We don't get into any sets until there's 16 seconds left on the shot clock. Gotta pick it up.