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  1. Agreed. Didn't mean to imply you were making him a scapegoat. I agree with you 100%.
  2. I don't think it's fair to make Teddy the scapegoat for our troubles. There is plenty of blame to go around. What stood out to me during our run against Indiana was we seemed to be more fluid, have better spacing, and collectively, seemed to be in attack mode more effectively when the ball was primarily in Trey's hands. And I think it benefitted everyone, including Teddy, when that was happening. My question is whether there is a way that Teddy can modify what he does to play within that scheme. Perhaps it comes down to him developing a broader understanding of what he can accomplish, for him
  3. He was the catalyst in our second half run against Indiana. For about 12-15 minutes in the second half, I felt like we saw what Fred's offense was supposed to look like, and Trey was fantastic during that span. The spacing seemed to be way better, we attacked the rim, and got some really good looks. While Banton's FT misses killed us, I thought one of the biggest failures in the final 3-4 minutes was that McGowens didn't touch the ball near enough. That failure, along with the missed FT's and Teddy deciding to play hero ball, did us in.
  4. Yes, Norm! This is one of my biggest hopes for Walker. A legit threat to score at the rim on pick and rolls plus a big body which won't get pushed around and can play post defense. Have no idea if this is what will transpire but here's to keeping hope alive.
  5. This was a trainwreck, but for some reason I couldn't stop watching. What's mystifying to me is that Coach Hoiberg sees these guys in practice every day and a constant refrain has been that we have guys who can make shots, but for some reason, haven't done so in games. The mental aspect of the game is so important, and I have to believe that at least 50% of our problems emanate between the ears. But watching these guys, I am alarmed at the glaring lack of basketball IQ/savvy that has been on display. There have been numerous examples of this, such as knowing when (and when not) you have an adv
  6. The fact that he's gonna play doesn't surprise me. He gives us length on the defensive end, and if he's able to alter some shots and grab some rebounds, why not play him. On the offensive end, if he's able to catch the ball around the rim and finish or be an alley oop threat off of the screen and roll, that's something we haven't had in our offensive arsenal yet this year. As much as I like Yvan and want him to succeed, teams essentially don't pay any attention to him on the rolls off of high ball screens. If you aren't a threat to pick and spot up, you have to be a threat at the rim. Doesn't
  7. Just based on what I've seen so far, he isn't a good enough shooter, at least yet, for him to crack the 1st two rounds. Also think he needs to get a bit stronger. That said, I hope his game grows to the point where he is first round guy AFTER next year.
  8. With regard to Thor, I noticed that there were a few times where he had spotted up in transition or on a cut and was open, but the guy with the ball didn't make the pass to him. It could be that the new guys aren't yet in sync with Thor yet. We will need his shooting and intangibles down the road.
  9. Interesting question. My sense is that Fred has excellent CEO-type skills and he would find a top-notch recruiter who would be a great fit for his staff.
  10. I agree. The level of offensive skill displayed has been fantastic. Donovan Mitchell, Luka, Jamal Murray, D Lilard, Leonard, Jokic, just to mention a few. I have also been impressed with Porzingas. It was a big blow to Dallas' chances when he went out. The shot making, especially in some of the Utah/Denver games, has been lights out.
  11. Dalano and Teddy in a toss-up. It will be interesting to see how much the ball is in Dalano's hands, and whether he can shoot it well enough to keep the defense honest. As for Teddy, I watched him play many times in high school. He had tons of talent and was a man among boys playing at a C-1 school, but I have to admit I'm a bit surprised at how much his game blossomed in college. My hope is that he will be a guy who can get you buckets in a variety of ways, as well as find ways to get to the foul line. We need to have a flat out scorer who can end the dreaded scoring droughts we always seem t
  12. Green and Burke leaving would not surprise me. Another scenario would be that Thor could opt to play professionally in Iceland or Europe. If he has a degree perhaps he opts to make some money ASAP. I think I remember somebody here posting that his family values education and that maybe money is not a huge issue for him. I'm not even sure whether he is on track to graduate. Thor is a guy I would most definitely want back, so I hope he sticks around. If we have more guys who can get to the rim next year, he could see a fair amount of open looks spotting up. As for whether I'd take Green or Burke
  13. If you were to have a draft of Big Ten players, I doubt whether many of the Wisconsin guys would go very high. That being said, they have a system, they run their sets very well, and their personnel is very skilled and perfectly fits the way they want to play. The fact that we have nobody that can guard post players straight up has really hurt us and limited what we can do from a defensive standpoint. Add to it that we don't always stop dribble penetration, and it's a recipe for what's happened to us this year. There is still reason for excitement for what may come in future years
  14. Amazing how somebody from the other team always steps up to hit big shots.
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