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  1. Coaches kid

    FBI Ramification

    A friend of mine works with a bunch of Creighton alums. They told him because Nebraska was not on the list of schools to make illegal offers, it was proof we were not a "big time" program. Mentality being, if you don't cheat, you're not a real basketball school. Typical Creighton mentality.
  2. Coaches kid

    The rotation this year

    By the way, ZAYWHAT! may be the best handle of all time on this board.
  3. Coaches kid

    The rotation this year

    I based my comment about Nana working hard on the reports that he was was putting in work both before and after games. Dimes makes a great point - being a great shooter will only get you so far with this coach and in this league. If the team can't count on you to execute your defensive assignments, or if you are a wing and can't handle the ball or can't pass worth a lick, you won't see the floor very much.
  4. Coaches kid

    The rotation this year

    I agree about Thomas being the 5th starter. If we are going to have a legit 8 man rotation, there are a few gaping question marks: 1) Who among the trio of Thor, Nana and Harris will step up to take minutes? My guess is that because of Harris' length and his reported defensive-mindedness, we will see him materialize as the go-to back-up point sometime during the year. I don't think Thomas is a natural point guard, and it would help if Harris can get ready to play early on. As for Nana and Thor, while Nana is clear-cut the better athlete, my sense is that Thor will get the nod over Nana for minutes at the 2 and 3. From what I've seen of the two (admittedly not much), Thor seems to have the higher bball IQ and intangibles at this point in their careers. He seems to be a pretty confident dude when he gets on the floor and he looked like he knew how to play. It sounds like Nana is working hard to become a contributor, so let's hope he progresses substantially over last year. 2) Will Chan be good enough quickly enough to save what should be Heiman's redshirt year? He is an instant upgrade offensively from Jordy, but will he rebound and defend enough to be a significant contributor in an 8-man rotation? He's got good length and he seems to have a great attitude and willingness to work to get better. 3) If Chan isn't ready to contribute 10-12 minutes, how much will we see Borchardt or Heiman on the floor? If they don't play will Nana, as some here have suggested, take some minutes at the 4? My hope is that our 8 man rotation includes Harris, Chan and either Thor or Nana. If we save Heiman's redshirt, that would hopefully benefit us in years to come. Right now, I'd bet 60% Heiman does not redshirt, but I hope I'm wrong. At least two of the four mentioned above will simply have to make positive contributions at some point this year for us to weather the ups and downs of conference play.
  5. Coaches kid

    2018 Transfer Market

    You know you are starved for information when you check in every 4 hours to see whether there is any news about landing a Euro or JUCO 6'9ish transfer who can play post defense, give us 12 minutes, 4 points and 5 rebounds per game. I don't care if the source of the information has zero credibility. This yet unknown player has to be out there somewhere. Please, please materialize.
  6. Coaches kid

    Ed Chang -> San Diego St

    Griesel is athletic and a smart kid with a high BB IQ - the kind of guy Wisconsin has historically molded into a quality contributor. Not saying that Griesel will end up that way, but I have a sense whoever lands him will, a few years down the road, be happy they did.
  7. Coaches kid

    2017 PF David Wingett -> Memphis

    My kid played in the same high school league as Teddy, so I saw him quite a bit in high school. He was simply a man among boys in C-1 ball. His athleticism and quickness for his build and size was clearly at a D1 level. He was an excellent rebounder and a great slasher. He had nice court vision and good handles for a guy his size as well. That being said, he was not a great jump shooter and he had substantial motivation and attitude issues. I thought he would need a year or two to develop his game to play at the college level. For that reason, his success as a freshman at WVU surprised me a bit, until I realized that the chaos and frenetic system Huggins employs was a perfect fit for his skill set. My concern with bringing him in is whether his skill set translates into success in Miles' system, not to mention the question of whether he would mesh with the team chemistry we enjoyed on last year's squad. Recruiting him may be worth a shot, but I'm 50/50 as to whether the positives outweigh the negatives.
  8. Coaches kid

    2017 PF David Wingett -> Memphis

    Does anybody know whether we have actively been recruiting Wingett?
  9. Coaches kid

    OT: Biographies

    I read a biography about Bill Russell when I was a teenager. Very interesting guy, but like Wilt's story, there were some things in there that I could not recommend for younger kids.
  10. Coaches kid

    2018 Transfer Market

    Other differentiations - he finished with both his right and left hands at the rim; he looked like he could catch the ball; he set legal screens and could roll to the basket on pick and rolls; he ran the floor pretty well. There were no defensive clips on the video, so whether he can defend or protect the rim like Duby is still an open question. Likely an upgrade on offense, but an unknown on defense.
  11. Coaches kid

    2018 PF Antun Maricevic JUCO -> S Florida

    Dang - I liked the tape on this guy. Might have given us a legit scoring threat inside.
  12. Coaches kid

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I run in similar circles, uneblinstu. In Lincoln, by any chance?
  13. Coaches kid

    Watkins out

    Believe I saw something to the effect that this involved his left hand.
  14. Coaches kid

    Two Questions (1 X's and O's, 1 Personnel Decisions)

    I agree. He needs some agility and circuit training. Would greatly help with his foot work. As some others have noted, develop a go to move, a counter to the go to move, and a drop step, and he would be averaging 8 points a game. One thing I have noticed is that very few big guys have the ability to face up and use shot fakes/jab steps in the post. When you face up, you can see floor and it deters double teams. Ah, for a Kevin McHale or a Jack Sikma (those references date me, I know).
  15. Coaches kid

    Indiana (16-12) vs. Nebraska (20-9) Game Thread

    I am nervous and my heart is already racing for this one. Take the fight to them and punch them in the mouth early. Protect the vault! GBR