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    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    This! He looks comfortable on the floor and it appears he has the intangibles to be a very good player. I agree with what Norm had said earlier. His shot needs to be deconstructed (and reconstructed). We don't need him to score to contribute this year, but to take it to another level, he needs a shot doctor and the discipline to take 1,000 shots a day.
  2. Ha! My brother works at a firm tainted with Bluejay bluebloods. He told me he would not have showed up for work today had we lost. I have a feeling he really enjoyed work today.
  3. Par for the course for Ty-shon. He is a serial barker, as I've noticed in the Creighton games I've watched this year. That was the most fun I've had at a basketball game in a long, long time. Kudos to the students for bringing their A-game. Heck, I even had people near me in the 200 section standing for long periods of time, and other than Wisconsin, I never remember that happening. I think I will prolong the celebration by getting a round of red-icing donuts tomorrow for the Creighton grads on my floor at work.
  4. Going into this game, I wasn't expecting to win so I would have considered this icing on the cake. However, since we had a double digit lead on several occasions and lead for 37 minutes, it's kind of tough to take. Roby missing a chippy after a nice take and T Allen missing the front end which would have kept it a two possession lead were big plays. JPJ was not himself this evening, on both the offensive and defensive ends. Cope did not get enough touches in the last 5 minutes and we were horrible stopping dribble penetration. Offense stalled too much down the stretch. We looked very good for 35 minutes, but it's little consolation because we were so out of sorts in crunch time. A win Saturday would go a long way to ease the pain of this one.
  5. We scored 75 points on only 46 field goal attempts, but made up for that with 30 free throw attempts. We were averaging a little over 59 FG attempts coming into this game. I remember looking at the clock with a little over 3 minutes left in the first half, and at that point we had only 15 shot attempts. Borchardt had some real quality minutes at the beginning of the game after Roby got poked in the eye. The big Euro guy scored on his first possession, but after that got nothing on him. Tanner also blocked a shot and grabbed a few rebounds. More impressive to me was how he redirected cutters and played help defense off of the ball. He understands his role and has a high basketball IQ. It's nice to see him contributing and having success. Amir gave us quality minutes on the defensive end in the first half and played a nice floor game. If he could shoot he'd see an expanded role. When Illinois went zone, Harris went to the bench. Ditto to all of the "Illinois is hard to watch" comments. If they are playing on tv, I will watch another game. It is aesthetically unpleasant and is more like watching rugby, team handball or some other sport which is not basketball. It's really quite remarkable that Underwood can get them to play like that for nearly every possession. There must be a substantial fear factor in playing for him.
  6. Coaches kid

    2018 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    True. He was unconscious from 3.
  7. Coaches kid

    Scouting Illinois

    Ha! Thank goodness we don't have to watch them anymore.
  8. Coaches kid

    Scouting Illinois

    The old Wooden phrase, "Be quick, but don't hurry" will likely be relevant in this game. Illinois wants you goad you into playing in a frenzy. We need to make them pay for their high risk style of defense without getting sloppy. It is aesthetically unpleasant watching Illinois play. Any other teams people can think of that are simply hard to watch, due to style of play?
  9. Coaches kid

    2018 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    In the Purdue giveaway to FSU, I think Cline has to bear some of the blame for that held ball, regardless of the fact that Valentine was not in position to fully see the play. Purdue wanted him at the free throw line, so I understand why he doesn't want to give the ball up. But he needed to go all out to sell the foul and make it more difficult for the defender to create the perception of a held ball. IMO he made it way too easy for the FSU player to get that call. That said, Purdue misses Vince Edwards, Matthias, Thompson and Haas.
  10. Nice run down. Great win. I was a doom and gloomer going into this game, but that was night and day better than the Tech fiasco. While we stalled at times, offensive movement was way, way better. The thing that struck me is that even though we played well, I don't think we played near our ceiling. We haven't had all our guys playing well on the same night yet. If that happens, we can play with most anybody. Some observations: For a few possessions, Nana wreaked some havoc on the offensive boards, so much so that Brownell was telling one of his players to "block out 25." On his basket, Borchardt finished with his left hand (without bringing the ball below his shoulders). Thomas' 3 was huge. I would love to see us get him a few more open looks. I always feel like the ball is going in when he shoots it. I still think James needs to get the ball out of his hands sooner when a driving lane isn't available, but he was very good last night. As for Amir, he got a shot at guarding Reed and had some trouble, but you can just tell he has the tools to be a very good, lockdown-type defender. As the season progresses, I predict we see him make some plays on the defensive end. Let's stick it to Illinois. We owe them for last year's game in Champaign.
  11. Coaches kid

    Big 10/ACC Challenge

    Probably right about Miles' comment. The problem I see is that we haven't shown the same dogged determination in getting to the rim, and that the ball has quit moving too much. The exception would be the last 10 minutes against Seton Hall. It hasn't mattered as much against the weaker competition. James needs to be patient. If he can't create on his first touch, the ball needs to move and he may get the opportunity on a second touch when the defense has had to scramble a bit. It also looks like he's thinking too much and is not reacting to the situation in front of him.
  12. Coaches kid

    Big 10/ACC Challenge

    If we don't move the ball and don't see motion in our offense, I don't like our chances. Last year, our identity was a team that attacked the basket. The idea that we want to play into the popular "metrics" and begin shooting 3s in volume is a bit perplexing to me. Nobody on this team should be jacking up 3's early in the shot clock except for Glynn (when he's feeling it), and Allen. Otherwise, we need to see the ball move from side to side before taking quick shots. Granted, defenses are playing pack-line against us, but we have to move defenders off of their spots. That might mean having the patience to make some extra passes, screens or a hard off-ball cut or two. We never really did that against Tech. Not disputing that we need to take and make some 3s, but with this team, I think the type of 3s we shoot will be more important than the quantity of 3s we shoot. Years of being a long-suffering Nebrasketball fan have made me a glass half empty guy, but I'd hate to see this group of talented players (who are good guys as well), fail to give it their best shot because we have tried to adopt an identity which does not play to our strengths. Hoping we give great effort and play well tonight.
  13. I did the same thing teaching youth basketball over the years. After being around the game all of my life, I didn't think there was much new to learn about shooting technique, but after doing research, watching training video and trying it out myself, I am now convinced. Interestingly, I had noticed over the years that I shot it much better with my right foot staggered forward, and now it makes sense why that was the case. Shows that even old codgers like me can learn something new.
  14. Spot on, Dean. You have to put in the work so that you are not "thinking" when you are shooting in game circumstances, but trusting your mechanics and form. One of the trends I've noticed in the teaching of shooting mechanics is foot placement. Instead of lining up completely square (head on) to the basket, many popular shooting instructors are teaching kids to stagger their feet at 10 to 11 o'clock (for right-handed shooters, 1 to 2 o'clock for lefties) in relation to the basket. The reasoning behind this theory is that this set-up will naturally align your elbow and shooting hand towards the target, as well as take away a sight/line obstruction of your hands interfering with your eyes on the target during the shot. For an example of this watch Steph Curry and James Harden. I have bought in to this method, but whatever foot method is being taught, good shooters simply have to have their elbows and hands aligned towards the target at release. Perhaps a shot guru can work with Amir during the off season to work on making some fundamental mechanics changes.
  15. The last 10 minutes were a blast. They could not stop James from getting to the basket. Our ceiling is much, much higher than we saw tonight. Heck, we did most of our damage despite Roby being on the bench. Good contributions by almost everyone. I was impressed with the hustle plays by Brady. They switched Harris over to guard Nelson after he got in the lane a few times and Amir did a nice job. His length really bothered him. Tanner was always in the right position on both sides of the floor. Glynn held us together offensively early on. SH confused us a bit by changing defenses, but we eventually adjusted. We are a much better team when both the ball and players are moving. Feels good to have a 23 point win over a non-conference opponent from a power conference.