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  1. I hate losing, but I saw some encouraging things today. I thought S. Utah was better than UC Riverside. The Martin kid was a legit player who could help many power 6 teams. They returned four starters and they had some nice pieces. The biggest positives were Cam and Cross. Cam showed the ability to take over a game during a stretch of the second half where we needed someone to step up. When he gets more game experience and improves his shot, he will be tough to handle. With better offensive options on the court in his supporting cast, he'll be even more dangerous. Cross was also solid. He battled and showed some real talents on the offensive end. He can put it on the floor and he showed he can score in the post. Again, with experience and work in the weight room, he's gonna be a steal. Most of our production came from guys who have now played only 2 division 1 games. We will take our lumps this year, but I saw objective improvement from game 1 to game 2. I haven't seen Stevenson play, but I gotta think he is going to be a major contributor and will help out in guarding guys like Martin and giving us another viable offensive option. He will no doubt be better than what we're playing at the 4 right now. Poor Kavas has a terrible time guarding people, and I don't see him getting major minutes down the road unless he starts lighting it up from 3. With Banton and Walker next year, we will take a step forward. And I'm sure Matt A. has a transfer or two in his sights, so more help will likely be on the way. i will embrace the suck for now and will trust that Fred will take us to another level in the not so distant future.
  2. It was short-lived, but it did happen. Ouedrago checked back in a minute or two later.
  3. That was ugly, but just like football, I will trust the process. It appeared UCR recognized that we had an advantage with guys who could take defenders off the dribble and decided to place their 5 man in the lane to challenge dribble penetration. We never made that guy leave the lane. They opted not to guard our 5 man out on the floor (hence the open looks for Cross). Hoiberg countered with putting Kavas at the 5, but even when we did get in the lane, we'd miss chippies or throw it away. It will be interesting to see what kind of adjustments Hoiberg will make, but hitting open shots would cure many of those ills. We also need to do a better job of stopping dribble penetration. Interested to see how we respond on Saturday.
  4. Very good point. We're all worried about interior defense and rebounding, legitimately so. However, good perimeter and wing defenders can neutralize some of those concerns by disrupting teams from getting into their offensive sets and creating turnovers. Hopefully, Doc can devise some schemes which make guys like Burke, Cheatham and Green defensive menaces.
  5. Moves well. Finishes with both hands. Looks like he could put the ball on the floor. Drained a three. Obviously lacks a Big Ten frame at this time, but put about 25 pounds on him and he looks like he may be a great fit for Coach Hoiberg's system. Intrigued.
  6. Very interesting to think abut lineups and combinations. I agree with Uneblinstu that a big factor is when Stevenson becomes eligible. If Stevenson is eligible, I'd see either him or Ouedrago starting as the big, with Mack, Burke, Green and Cheatham filling out the starting lineup. The non-starter between Stevenson or Ouedrago, Kavas, Curtis and Cross would round out the 9 man rotation. Perhaps Arop will surprise, but from what I saw of him in high school (admittedly only a few games), a redshirt year would probably help him. Thor will provide some depth. I'd guess it's likely the starting 5 will be fluid prior to conference play. More important than the starting 5 will be who we'll see on the court at crunch time. I'm hoping we have a core of 3-4 guys who will stand out, with match-ups determining the other 1-2 guys on the floor. The concern I have is our ability to defend true post players. Can we handle guys like Teske and Wesson by guarding them with guys like Stevenson and Kavas? Ouedrago looks like he's got the body to hang, but can he hold his own against experienced D1 players? On the other hand, if we go small, we create match-up problems for our opponents with traditional 4/5's. It seems like Coach Hoiberg is the type of guy who likes to dictate, rather than react, to the match-ups on the floor. It would be nice to see a Nebraska team that doesn't have to fight through 5 minute scoring droughts. It should be fun to watch.
  7. Agreed that we can't count on Kavas to guard true 5's. Even if we get Stevenson, gotta think we need a true 6'8" or 6'9" 4-5 guy to bang against the likes of Teske and Wesson in the Big 10.
  8. As a freshman at UNL, I took a science course where we studied the GI tornadoes. I learned that the tornado that destroyed my home was anti-cyclonic. As ominous as it looked in Lincoln the other day, I have never seen cloud banks as high and black (with a weird green and yellow haze) as I saw in GI that evening. In fact, I still have tornado dreams every now and then. And yes, it does sound like a train when it's ripping off your roof.
  9. I have a feeling that if we land Johnson, we'll go 1 big and 4 small - Mack, Green, Burke, Cheatham and Johnson (assuming Roby won't return). I see Harris and Kavas coming off the bench, but I guess I wouldn't put too much importance into who's starting and who's not. I think match-ups and who has the hot hand will dictate the lineup at any particular moment. Of the remaining question marks, I would love to see us land Ntambwe, Cross and Figueroa, but I get the feeling Ntambwe will opt to play pro if he gets favorable feedback during the pre-draft workouts. If we do land him and Figueroa, who plays for us next year will depend on NCAA waivers. I think landing Johnson would be huge because there are going to be games, especially in the Big 10, when we need a legit post defender and rim protector. Hoping that if we get Cross, he could be that type of player down the road. Very encouraged by what has transpired so far.
  10. Hope that Dachon will stay and not seek a transfer waiver. He looked very good in the preseason scrimmage. If it is Hoiberg, his prior success in the college ranks, his NBA coaching pedigree, and his fun style of play, would hopefully be helpful in getting him to stay. It could be that once the new coach gets on board, he communicates to some of the recruits/current roster guys that it would be in their best interests to look for another school.
  11. Had the same thought. Tim might be a great color commentator should he choose to pursue that vocation.
  12. After a period of mourning our disappointing season, it's fun to return to HHC to see the passion that exists for Husker hoops. Several weeks ago, I heard what I considered to be credible information that an "agreement in principle" had been reached with Dana Altman. The reason I found it at least plausible is because it was consistent with something I heard from another person who had "first hand" knowledge of an alleged meeting somewhere "outside of Lincoln." Perhaps pieces of those stories were true and Altman used this as leverage for his contract extension at Oregon. Who knows. I've learned over time that until the announcement is made and a new coach is introduced to the public, it's all merely speculation. I am not even close to being an insider. Nonetheless, part of the reason it's enjoyable to discuss these scenarios is because we have such a passion for our team. The bottom line for me is that I will root for the success of whoever happens to be the coach next year, be it Miles or someone else. My hope would be that we could lure a proven coach who has won at a power 5 school. The exception would be for a guy who comes from a distinguished coaching tree where he has learned how to create an identity for a program and is a proven recruiter. I will say that unless we have been in discussions with such a person and it's essentially a done deal, I'd almost rather keep Miles than take another chance with a mid-major guy. I didn't feel that way until we made our run in the tournament. My other hope is that "something" happens which will convince our fan base that being a legitimately competitive basketball program is important to the UNL administration. Pure speculation here, but I am wondering whether Moos' trip West included a stop somewhere, say Las Vegas or LA, to meet with representatives for a prospective coach? GBR and let's beat Butler!!
  13. Congratulations!! It's always nice to get re-directed to the things which are of transcendent importance.
  14. Last time Ayala attacked Allen off the dribble with some success. Ayala is 6'5 and sturdy. We will have enough to worry about with Bruno and Cowan. Would hate to have a third guy go off. I'm thinking the odds are that we finally start making some shots. A guy has to hope, right?
  15. There have been some great perspectives shared on HHC during this period of angst. We are just sick about what has happened, and, because we are loyal fans, we will keep rooting for our guys and hoping against hope. That despite having our hearts ripped out too many times to count. Obviously, Coach Miles and staff want to get this ship righted more than any of us. I don't watch practice and I've never been paid to be a coach. But as a guy who loves and has watched lots of basketball, I have reached the following opinions about our current team (I admit they may miss the mark and I would love to see differing perspectives): 1) Miles' offense is ISO heavy and is predicated on guys being able to make exceptional plays in order to score. That has especially been the case since we've gone all in on playing small ball. If you've got enough talented guys to do that, it may work out fine. It was effective last year when it was new and we had a deeper roster, but I think the Big 10 has adjusted to us, and we are not making our own adjustments accordingly. It appears that our high ball screen, dribble hand off sets have become very mechanical, and predictable. It puts so much pressure on our playmakers. We have to draw up something to help them out. When we move the ball from side to side and move ball and man, we seem to have much more success. Problem is we never have enough discipline to continue doing the things which give us the best chance to succeed. Moreover, it seems like we don't mix in designed sets which put our guys in great position to get consistently good looks. For example, we had those set plays for the free throw line curls we ran for Cope, and a nifty high back screen against Ohio State which freed Glynn for a layup. Those are few and far between. 2) Many of our ISOs do not put our players in the best possible position to score. JPJ is often starting his ISOs 20-25 feet from the basket. Roby gets isolated on guys he could take off the dribble, but we're asking him to do that from the top of the key outside of the 3 pt. line. It's almost impossible to get to the basket from those positions. How about spacing the floor and isolating JPG or Roby in the short corner or high post, where they can attack off 2 or 3 dribbles? An example would be on the play where Roby took Happ off the dribble from the baseline about 15-17 feet and got a dunk. It could be that Coach has been harping on ball movement and discipline with these guys, but that they have simply tuned him out. Problem is, our bench is so thin, we have no viable options to turn to right now to keep guys accountable. Defensively, we knew we were gonna struggle with legit 4's and 5's, but the fire, the tenacity, the "want to," doesn't seem near the level we saw last year. That's at least partially attributable to losing guys like Gill and Taylor, and even Jordy (a legit post defender). Hope we can salvage things. We'll see. At least I know I'm not suffering alone.
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