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  1. Green and Burke leaving would not surprise me. Another scenario would be that Thor could opt to play professionally in Iceland or Europe. If he has a degree perhaps he opts to make some money ASAP. I think I remember somebody here posting that his family values education and that maybe money is not a huge issue for him. I'm not even sure whether he is on track to graduate. Thor is a guy I would most definitely want back, so I hope he sticks around. If we have more guys who can get to the rim next year, he could see a fair amount of open looks spotting up. As for whether I'd take Green or Burke, my son says Green has greater upside. I think he's probably right, but Burke has produced way more than Green, so I'd probably opt for Burke.
  2. If you were to have a draft of Big Ten players, I doubt whether many of the Wisconsin guys would go very high. That being said, they have a system, they run their sets very well, and their personnel is very skilled and perfectly fits the way they want to play. The fact that we have nobody that can guard post players straight up has really hurt us and limited what we can do from a defensive standpoint. Add to it that we don't always stop dribble penetration, and it's a recipe for what's happened to us this year. There is still reason for excitement for what may come in future years. Fred's system is really fun to watch, and for the most part, our guys get great looks at the basket. Even with our defensive shortcomings, if we make even half of our missed lay-ups and dunks, we'd be in within two or three possessions of some of the games we've lost by double digits. Hopefully having guys like Banton, Allen and Stevenson finishing at the rim will raise that percentage significantly. It would be interesting to know how many assists Cam would have had this season had guys been able to finish. This Saturday alone, he had at least 4 assists which were squandered.
  3. Amazing how somebody from the other team always steps up to hit big shots.
  4. Can you imagine what a team with several Thor-like basketball IQ's would do in Fred's system?
  5. Like this start to the second half. Seriously, with Fred's offensive schemes, this team is gonna be way better with a few guys who can finish at the rim or shoot - Allen, Banton, Stevenson et. al, hopefully. Glad we haven't laid down.
  6. You are dead on. We are limited as to what we can do defensively this year. When we have more size/athleticism on the floor (next year, hopefully), Doc will be able to develop more sophisticated defensive game plans. It did appear to me that we competed and played hard. Had Wisconsin merely shot 40% from 3, we would have given them a real scare. We were able to break them down pretty consistently, which is not something you see teams doing against Wisconsin very often.
  7. Have looked at that clip multiple times, and, not knowing for certain what our game plan was, this opinion may be misguided. My apologies if my assumptions are incorrect, because I don't like to call out our guys because I root for all of them and I know that to err is human. It appears Cross was also a culprit of Cam's lapse here, as he is sagging in the lane waiting for Cam to catch up to the cutter. Had Cross been able to slide out towards #15, he could have switched out on to Kopp and at least have challenged that shot. Just shows the systemic nature of playing defense and what happens when one guy doesn't do his job. Mental lapses are one thing and everybody that has played has had them. Loafing and not busting your butt to correct the error is another thing. With our razor-thin margin for error, this cannot happen if we want to be competitive. When we don't lock in on defense, we simply don't have a chance to win. Once again, it could be that Cross was not to leave the lane and wouldn't have been switching, and maybe Cheatham was not supposed to be sagging so much, given that Kopp was one guy we did not want to leave open.
  8. Think you hit the nail on the head. Jervay is having to deal with not being "the man." My observation is that Jervay sometimes predetermines that he is going to "get his" when he hasn't touched the ball for a few possessions. Forcing it, rather than reacting to the situation before you, leads to bad shots, turnovers and wasted possessions. As the season progresses, we'll need him to step up at some point in time. With his athletic ability, he could be a good defender, but there have been a number of times when he plays D for 20 seconds and then goes matador. Thing is, if he changes his mindset and commits to playing tough defense and rebounding, he could see some extended playing time and his offensive struggles might work themselves out. Hope he resolves to committing to giving 100% to what the coaches are asking of him and that he becomes a productive member of the rotation.
  9. It will be very interesting to see which pieces from this roster are part of our plans next year. Still have a feeling that some guys who are major contributors in the current rotation won't be here next year. We need not only scorers/shooters, but competitive guys who are gonna sell out on both ends of the floor. This would be akin to Frost's desire to have football players who love the game and are winners. It's really about dudes with the right mentality who won't sulk or need to have their egos constantly stroked. We have too many guys right now who will defend for 15/20 seconds, but end up playing matador defense later in the shot clock. Also need guys who are athletically able to bang on the boards with Big 10 players. Allen can get buckets, but I'd like another shooter who will knock down open looks when Mack or Banton can get in the paint. When I watched Allen play, he was more of a scorer than a shooter, but I see his 3 point percentage In JUCO is very good. Walker and Stevenson (Allen as well) will hopefully be upgrades in the rebounding area. Hoping Mayen is a diamond in the rough. I'd still like another off guard or wing who can flat out hit 40% from 3 and not be a liability on the defensive end.
  10. I have a gut feeling there will be some roster attrition with guys who are now in the rotation. Donovan Williams' comments about his de-commitment strengthen my suspicions. Says the staff is looking at transfers/JUCOS who can play right away. It's a tough deal, but if there is somebody out there that Fred/Matt A. believes will be better than somebody on the current roster, it will definitely not surprise me to see somebody get nudged to the curb (even if they've done some productive things this year). These guys aren't playing around. As for Norm's question about star power, it's quite possible that some of our star power for next year isn't even on the roster right now, i.e. Allen or a grad transfer. I do think Mack has star power, especially with another year of experience. Perhaps Banton or Stevenson develop to that point eventually. I will say I really do like Cross' skill set, and while raw, Ouedrago has some significant upside.
  11. It was just so fun watching that game on Sunday. The most fun I've had at a game since the Iowa comeback last year, but even better than that because we played such a complete game against Purdue. The improvement offensively is obvious, but what I have noticed is a commitment to expending energy on the defensive end. That was something which most definitely was NOT present earlier in the year. They are paying more attention to detail and have stepped it up leaps and bounds from where we were a week earlier. While we gave up over 90 to Indiana, I felt that we played a very good game on D. We got enough stops - we simply didn't end enough of those possessions with a defensive rebound. Had we done that on 6-8 more possessions, we likely win the game. And while Purdue isn't an offensive juggernaut, they are a good Big Ten ball club which will win some games against the top half of the conference. While I know we'll still struggle at times, it will be enjoyable watching this team if they sell out and play hard. These games have gotten me more emotionally invested.
  12. Only saw the first half. I thought we got some quality looks at the basket. I didn't think we looked outclassed by Georgia Tech. Perhaps I'm too much of a glass half full guy, but I believe we are gonna get some surprise wins. This won't be a throw away year. Wins may be hard to come by, but the experience our guys will get paying in the Big Ten will pay dividends in the years to come.
  13. I'll take the W. Couple of thoughts: Ouedrago's defense and physical presence was huge in OT. For everything Cross gives us on offense, he gave it up on defense tonight. We've got to be better on-ball defenders. Cam was pretty porous tonight. Burke would play a few seconds of tough D, but he'd break down if he had to move too much. They killed us with dribble penetration and second chance points. Jervay has grown a bunch since game 1. He stepped up and played solid D on Bradford at the end of the game. His confidence is growing. Defense is, in large part, mentality. Many of our guys lack that toughness and persistence on D, and obviously, on hitting the glass. Hoping that Doc can get a bit of that ingrained as the season progresses. Ouedrago, I think, possesses that mindset. It was tough to see the beef sitting on the bench that won't be able to help us this year. Walker and Stevenson are big guys, and Banton is at least as tall as Walker and very long. I'm torn as to whether I want Stevenson for two full years, but just looking at him, he would help us immensely. Hoiberg is one composed dude. He is intense but never loses his cool. Glad we pulled this one out.
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