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  1. I have to admit that I find myself not nearly as focused this year. I’ll watch when I can, read up on stuff and generally pay attention. But...in the past I would schedule stuff around watching NU hoops. This year, if I have something else to do, NU hoops may take a back seat. Call me a bad fan or whatever, but I am a bit burned out on Men’s Cornhusker athletics at this point.
  2. As much as I despise the blue school, no one should be surprised by this result - I was following along on Twitter while on a flight to Omaha. Painful. The team wasn’t ready and I don’t think we as fans are ready for what this season is potentially presenting. No matter how much we tell ourselves how bad this could be, we simply cannot brace ourselves for how historically awful this could be in 2019-20.
  3. Leaning toward not winning another game, even if we don’t come back in this one. Let’s do our part to tank Creighton’s SOS & NET rankings. (Hey, if you can’t find something to cheer for, try to bring everyone else down with you...)
  4. The average fan has likely not even tuned in yet - too busy focused on FB recruiting and bitching about the FB season. By the time they think about it hoops, they won’t even bother to watch or judge Hoiberg based on performances like this one.
  5. We are venturing dangerously close to me tuning out for the remainder of this season.
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