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  1. I was completely underwhelmed when I read about the Woodson hire - then came the part about Matta being in the IU administration. Instantly turned to intrigued by how this might play out.
  2. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t care. I am unfortunately rather closely connected to a family full of Jayskers. It’s unavoidable for me.
  3. I am seriously having a physical reaction to that school wearing blue making the Sweet 16. Just makes me nauseated.
  4. I do find this one to be a very interesting topic. I can't speak for anyone else but for me, it's all about context. Year 1 was a disaster, largely because of the complete roster remake on short notice and Year 2 was the CoVid year. How does anyone truly make a judgment based on these 2 seasons? There is no question that we saw "some" improvement at the end of this season but it was mostly after the program shut down for nearly a month. I would hope that if any coach had been in similar circumstances, folks would take everything into account. I'm not happy at all with the results o
  5. I have said it before but it bears repeating - one of the most mentally weak teams I can recall. Came out of halftime and did exactly the opposite of what their head coach said they needed to do. Honestly, a pretty fitting end to the season. Let’s hope there’s as much (or more) mental growth in the offseason as physical improvement.
  6. No disrespect or argument because I am not interested in doing so on a message board. In my opinion, Luka Garza, Cade Cunningham or anyone else not wearing a Nebraska uniform right now has absolutely nothing to do with what happened during the 40 minutes in Evanston. The fact is that yes, officiating stands out more at the end because of the time constraint but it matters throughout the entire 40 minutes. The last possession stands out at the end because of the time constraint but in the end it matters no more than turning it over 4 times in the first 5 or 6 possessions of the game
  7. The final couple of minutes were an absolute joke but... Play with the effort you showed in the 2nd half during the the first 10 minutes of the game and you aren’t in that position at the end. Easy to beat people up & blame the refs about the final possessions but getting down 16 out of the gate is what cost the game.
  8. Effort until Iowa had not been a question. Appears to me that Rutgers was the season finale for this team. They are just going through the motions now.
  9. Yep, I think I’ve counted 3 TOs in the first 4 possessions? Just unfathomable.
  10. I won’t argue - but to be so good one night and so miserably bad the very next time out? That level of extreme is not understandable to me.
  11. How is it possible to follow up what was arguably the best overall performance of Hoiberg’s tenure with a complete failure in every aspect of the game the next time out? I’ll never understand it.
  12. Thor seems to be over-sharing the ball tonight. Trying to be a little too cute and force it where it shouldn’t go.
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