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  1. That's a 4-year starter at point guard taking that shot...he's had a great 2nd half but not running more clock in that situation is unacceptable.
  2. The past few games have made me a little nuts with JPJ - tonight is another example.
  3. This is the best take I've seen - and why I said after the MN game, "this one is gonna hurt". Bad nights happen in basketball occasionally and they should be expected. It's a strange thing but sometimes, the ball just simply will not go in the hole. But when you have an experienced, veteran team and you play well enough to win against MN & MD, you have to close those out. NU couldn't do it once, much less twice. Which in turn makes the "bad night" loss even worse. The hole has been dug and I find myself seriously doubting NU can accomplish the "undefeated at home & steal a couple on the road" task. I will be watching and will be rooting for it, but I wouldn't put money on it. I hope I'm very wrong.
  4. Huskers 70 Hawks 77 2
  5. Next day thoughts: Apology #1 to Tom Allen. Early this year, I wasn't impressed and said so on this forum. I was very wrong. He has become a key part of the success of this team and will be going forward. Tom, I'm sorry. Apology #2 to James Palmer. All through the offseason, I wondered if JPJ would be as effective this year as he was last year. I just wasn't sure he could match the previous year now that he had a lot more tape and other teams would try to game plan against him specifically. He did struggle early, but he is playing so well right now. It has been a lot of fun to watch. James, I'm sorry. Roby continues to completely flumox me - and as above, thank goodness for Allen because he has taken over the #4 spot on the floor in my opinion. I am starting to wonder if Mr. Roby will figure this thing out. (I figured since I criticized Allen on this forum and he has come around, why not try it with Roby? Plus, I have a track record of being "opposite guy" in HHCC and it has worked out for NU as well. Might as well stay with what is working.)
  6. Ah yes, welcome back to the Nebrasketball roller coaster. I’ve missed you, my old friend.
  7. NU 76 CU 85 6 Threes Just can’t pick ‘em until they prove it. So please...prove it.