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  1. Helluva run at it - you have to be proud of the fight. The next few days will be interesting, if nothing else.
  2. Just my opinion...I'm not a believer in coaches getting technicals in an effort to motivate the team...or for any other reason than an absolutely egregious blown call. Does it work? No way to know for sure. I think it shows a lack of discipline.
  3. Really bone-headed technical there. Sorry Coach, but you should probably apologize to your team for that one.
  4. Quite an ugly start - an uneducated and obvious statement but the legs look tired.
  5. I was happy to be wrong vs. MD and I would be glad to be wrong again: NU - 59 UW - 68
  6. Unfortunately I think the ride stops here: NU 60 MD 70
  7. Haha they have to show that again at some point - just caught a glimpse of Miles stumbling and falling while running up the tunnel!
  8. Hats off to the team - not sure where the turning point was or where this attitude has been all year, but the heart & grit shown these past 2 games has been what Nebraska basketball should always be about.
  9. Not sure why we bother anymore. We've all been screaming it all year - I'm in the camp that it will just never happen.
  10. Roby wouldn't have missed that dunk if he was wearing #14.
  11. I'm pretty excited to watch the Mavs tonight - great story for the Omaha community and I'm rooting them on!
  12. I have been as critical of all parties this season as anyone and I won't apologize for that. But, that was one helluva gutsy performance today, especially from the bench. Showed heart, never quit and played like a team. Great win.
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