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  1. Not Another Teen Movie A Few Good Men Hoosiers Crimson Tide Super Troopers Beerfest Field of Dreams Bull Durham Major League Mississippi Burning The Godfather I & II (combined) Tombstone The Running Man (one of several terrible movies that I find entertaining for some reason) Really hard to keep this list to only 13 - but a fun exercise nonetheless!
  2. The media in today’s society does not report news...they rush to judge any behavior that will generate clicks, they spout opinions regardless of fact, and has no objective other than to incite an emotional response from the lemmings who take their words to heart. No one bothers to understand that there was nothing that could have been done to stop or contain this virus . It’s sad that it will end in a worst case scenario for what I continue to hope is a limited number of people, but all we can do is be aware and do our best to live a hygienic life. The rest has been out of our hands since the beginning.
  3. Here’s what I expect: a little class and decorum from all involved and considering the history. As I said, I didn’t see or hear the question/context. But if he’s in studio, he absolutely knows what questions are coming. Be a professional.
  4. I respectfully disagree. I don’t know the context, the question or anything else. But in my opinion, the record would not be meaningfully better if he were still here. He would have had different issues, perhaps, but issues nonetheless. There are 350+ other teams he can spend his time commenting about, he should leave this one alone.
  5. True - but there would have been quite a few issues even if Tim was still the coach. He should probably refrain from commenting publicly about it.
  6. This is simply one of the worst D1 basketball teams I’ve ever seen. It is really unbelievable.
  7. I am with many who have already posted - very much done with the Cam Mack era. As Crash Davis said in Bull Durham, "You got a million dollar arm, but a 5 cent head." It's time to say goodbye and good luck to Mr. Mack.
  8. I admit to being vocally frustrated with a couple of players and their lack of improvement, especially the mental part of the game and the decisions they continue to make. Oh..and the free throws. I don't care how bad a team it is, shooting this poorly from the line is inexcusable. Outside of those things, I have remained pretty unemotional about the results this season. Disappointed, yes. But, I had pretty much written off the wins/losses early on. As a side note, being "married" into a family of CU fans has made this season much more difficult to take than it should have been. It's a miracle I have not been institutionalized by this point.
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