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  1. I admit to being vocally frustrated with a couple of players and their lack of improvement, especially the mental part of the game and the decisions they continue to make. Oh..and the free throws. I don't care how bad a team it is, shooting this poorly from the line is inexcusable. Outside of those things, I have remained pretty unemotional about the results this season. Disappointed, yes. But, I had pretty much written off the wins/losses early on. As a side note, being "married" into a family of CU fans has made this season much more difficult to take than it should have been. It's a miracle I have not been institutionalized by this point.
  2. Tonight, yes. I would respectfully disagree that a rare hot streak makes it all ok.
  3. Don't think I'll ever come around on #11 - just don't like his decision making and it hasn't gotten better. In fact, the emergence of the step-back 20-footer has made it worse.
  4. Further proof that there is no panacea in coaching, be it college or pro. You have to cater to giant immature egos when recruiting or cater to giant immature egos who make more money than you in the pros. I like Beilein and thought he was an exceptional coach at Michigan. Will always hold that opinion of him.
  5. Apparently that week of running didn’t work the selfish out of them. Lots of hero ball so far today.
  6. With the talk this week from HCFH about keeping the team together during all the losing, this 2nd half is making me wonder if they aren’t starting to come apart.
  7. Perfectly stated - and it's time for me to stop the car and get out for a good bit while I stretch my legs and let my stomach settle.
  8. Young, not talented enough, etc. Still need to be able to hang with and beat a slightly above average team missing 2 of their best players. Sorry, but very disappointed in tonight’s showing.
  9. Might be a selective blind spot for me, but I am just not a fan of Burke. Would love to know his plus/minus for the season.
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