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  1. He definitely got hot and when he does, he can fill it up. I would respectfully disagree that he is the only one on the roster who can do so. By my count, the team took 14 shots from the floor in the first 10 minutes, Teddy took 7 of them. There are other players who could catch a hot streak and put up similar numbers with that volume of shots taken.
  2. Great sentiment - a very Merry Christmas to everyone. This is a great board with good discussions and open minds - I always enjoy reading.
  3. I am in no way giving up on them and I'm doing my best to keep a level head this year. Yes, they are still lacking in some key areas but they are way better than a year ago. One of the great things about college basketball is that it truly can go either way on any given night. There is enough talent to get hot and upset 1 or 2 big name teams and I do believe it will happen. I want to be sure I see it when it does.
  4. Thanks Norm. This statement clarifies a lot for me and you are absolutely right.
  5. Aside from the obvious issues with shooting the basketball by everyone on the team, I need some more educated minds here to help me understand Allen’s value to this team. I’ve been on the fence all season and to be honest, I just can’t see it. Not trying to hammer the kid at all but I see very little athleticism (especially on defense) & his lack of emotional control on the court leads to foul trouble constantly. Then, when he is on the court, he presses for shots & disrupts any offensive flow. I’m open to seeing this differently but I can’t get there without some
  6. Going to be a nail-biter for those with supplemental retirement account investments at +17. For entertainment purposes only, of course.
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