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  1. We need to keep playing Edwards. He has great natural ability. We need to remember that he did not have a senior season because of covid. He is making the jump to D1 after being 'forced' to miss his last year of high school. He is one of the players that we need to develop. In two years, we have Tominaga (sr), Wilcher (jr), Breidenbach (jr), Edwards (jr), Andre (jr), Blaise Keita (jr), and Ramel Lloyd (soph), This is a nucleus that can compete in the BIG. We need to keep bringing in two or three freshmen recruits each year. We build our team with freshmen recruits that stay 3 to 4 years. We can bring in one transfer to meet a specific need -- if he has the mental discipline to play within the system. We would also take a 'one-and-done' player occasionally if the opportunity came. But main point is we build our team with freshmen recruits.
  2. Verge needs to go to the bench. He wants to be our primary scorer (and dribbler). Bring him and Tominaga off the bench and give our second unit some 'instant offense.' We need to start developing our freshmen class more. Our upperclassmen aren't passing and cutting and playing 'Hoiberg Ball.' None of them have shown the ability to be 'THE MAN' and consistently lead the team when needed. I would start Kobe Webster at point, C.J. Wilcher at guard, Bryce McGowens at forward, Wilhelm Breidenbach at forward, and Walker at the post. My first subs would be Lat Mayan and Eduardo Andre for Breidenbach and Walker -- help protect the big guys from foul trouble. My next sub would be Keon Edwards for Kobe Webster -- I would move Bryce McGowens to 'point forward' and Edwards to the forward position (I want the ball in Bryce's hands more than what we saw in the last game). Tominaga would be my next player off the bench followed by Verge. If the upperclassmen don't start producing at a higher rate, I think we will see these freshmen (in eligibility) get more and more playing time: Bryce McGowens -- forward and 'point forward' C.J. Wilcher -- guard Keon Edwards -- forward Wilhelm Breidenbach -- forward Eduardo Andre -- post I don't know what other Husker basketball fans think. I, for one, have no problem restricting the upperclassmen to less and less playing time -- especially if they continue to play like they did the last three games. The future is with the freshmen class. I would rather lose games with a young team that shows improvement over a veteran team that doesn't seem to learn from its mistakes. As a season ticket holder, I would much rather attend games watching a talented group of young players learning to play in our system over veterans that don't want to pass the ball and play team ball.
  3. With our current line-up, we have an obvious rebounding problem. Opponents are getting too many extra possessions on offensive rebounds. I know that Lat didn't play last night and he would have helped, but our problem still exists. I hope Fred considers playing two 'bigs' at the same time. When we only have Walker or Breidenbach on the floor, we get killed on the boards. I don't know why Andre isn't playing. I would like to see him and Walker share the 'post' position and Mayan and Breidenbach share the power forward position. When Walker and Mayan come out of the game and Andre and Breidenbach go in for them, we become taller (with longer arms) and should continue to hold our own on the boards. When we aren't making our 3-point shots at a high percentage, we can't afford to give up this many rebounds. Fred may have to adjust his style until Breidenbach grows into his post player and we recruit a true power forward that can help on the boards.
  4. Looking forward to Tuesday night. We have a huge talent upgrade from the previous two seasons. A lot of young talent. Fred and Matt doing their job.
  5. If one of the McGowens was sick the day of the picture, would the staff take the picture anyway or would they re-schedule the picture? My guess -- they would re-schedule the picture. That is why it bothers me that they left Andre out. Something isn't right.
  6. Maybe Robin could provide more information concerning Andre's lack of playing time. Are the coaches telling him that he is the 3rd option at the post position behind Walker and Breidenbach? My thoughts coming into the season were that Walker and Andre would share the duties in the post and Mayen and Breidenbach would share the power forward position. This would give us two rim protectors/rebounders on the floor at the same time. Rebounding has been a major problem for us and we didn't rebound very well against Peru State. I know that we are a 'positionless' offense but we can't keep getting killed on the boards. We give up way toooo many second opportunities. I think we will need two 'bigs' on the floor for major minutes in the conference games. And when Keon Edwards is at the small forward position, we will have three legitimate rebounders in the game.
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