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  1. NU 77 Ill 63 13 conference wins
  2. 75unlgrad

    predict our win total and season outcome

    9-2 in non-conference games 9-1 at home in conference games 4-6 in away conference games 2 wins in the conference tournament 2 wins in NCAA tournament 26-10 for the season -- Go Big Red!!! It starts tonight!!!
  3. NU 83 MVS 62 10 non-conference wins 24 total wins
  4. I would take a healthy Leslie Smith (his junior year). We could use a 'blue collar' big man to protect the rim and grab some rebounds.
  5. 75unlgrad


    23-4 12th
  6. 75unlgrad

    Anybody heard ???

    How are Nana Akenton and Karrington Davis doing? Has anyone seen or heard how these two are progressing? We need some on the young players to step up.