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  1. Don't you just love all the possible line-ups we can have with this 'new' team? I can't wait for the season to begin!!
  2. I would substitute Mayen for Yvan. I believe he is better skilled offensively and a match-up problem for most teams.
  3. I like to drink the Kool-Aid. I believe we have the talent, versatility, and depth to vault to the top half of the conference this year. This is my overview of the team. Point Guard/Primary Ball Handlers: Dalano Banton -- Primary ballhandler regardless of position Trey McGowens -- Combo Guard Kobe Webster -- Combo Guard Wings/Perimeter Players: Teddy Allen Kobe King Shamiel Stevenson Thor Thorbjarnarson Also capable of playing this position: Dalano Banton Trey McGowens Kobe Webster Stretch 4/Power Forward: Shamiel Stevenson -- Stretch 4 Derrick Walker -- Power Forward Lat Mayen -- Stretch 4 Also capable of playing this position: Dalano Banton Teddy Allen Thor Thorbjarnarson Center/Defend the Rim: Yvan Quedraogo Adama Sonoga (please) Also capable of playing this position: Derrick Walker Lat Mayen -- Stretch 5 ?? Dalano Banton -- Stretch 5 ?? We have a talented and versatile group of guards/wings; stretch 4's and power forwards; and big men in the paint. And they can shoot and MAKE free-throws. I look forward to the season.
  4. With Sonoga, we get to the NCAA tournament next year -- and the following year we win two games in the NCAA tournament. Sweet 16 Baby!!! Drink the Kool-Aid.
  5. Here is my best guess. I know Fred likes 'positionless' players, but my 2-deep (starter listed first) would be the following: Point Guard: Dalano Banton 6'8" Kobe Webster 6'0" Shooting Guard: Teddy Allen 6'5" Kobe King 6'4" (I am assuming he will be eligible) Small Forward: Shamiel Stevenson 6'6" Thorin Thorbjarnarson 6'6" Power Forward: Derrick Walker 6'6" Lat Mayen 6'9" (My Darkhorse pick also -- I expect him to remind me of Roby and Copeland) Center: Adama Sonoga 6'10" (I am assuming -- hoping -- we get him) Yvan Ouedraogo 6'7" I know I am putting players in only one spot and many of these players will play multiple positions. I can hardly wait. Go away coronavirus.
  6. I still think Mayen will be our starting 4 and Walker our starting 5.
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