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  1. Is Simeon's unofficial visit in June at the same time Isaac Traudt is having his official visit? Are we starting to form relationships?
  2. Can you imagine the practices we will have? Each player will need to 'bring it' everyday or get left behind. Will we need 'walk-ons' for our varsity players to practice against? It will be hard to keep 14 players happy with their practice time let alone game minutes.
  3. Our roster is over-flowing with talent -- and I mean over-flowing. With the addition of Quaran McPherson, we now have 14 players on our roster for the coming season. Two of those players do not count against our scholarship total (Koby Webster and Trever Lakes). That leaves 12 scholarship players that could return in 2022-23. We have one verbal commitment for 2022-23 (Blaise Keita) and we would like to add Isaac Traudt and Jason Green. If we do get Traudt and Green, we would be 2 scholarships over the limit for 2022-23. So again I ask -- who stays and who goes from the 2022-23 roster???
  4. Tonight, Nate Clouse will be in Holdrege and will host a "Big Red Update and Recruiting Analyst" on Husker football. Is there any chance Robin Washut (or someone knowledgeable) would do the same for Husker basketball? I know I would be willing to travel just for a chance to watch film and listen to information on our basketball recruits.
  5. I agree that Tim Miles brought in talented players that could play at a high level in the Big 10. I said I was spoiled by seeing this kind of talent playing for Nebraska. But he never had ENOUGH of those players to go 8 or 9 deep. We were at a disadvantage when we substituted players into the game. Lack of depth was the downfall for Tim Mile's program. It appears that Fred (and Matt) are bringing in talented players that can compete well in the Big 10. It is exciting to think about the possibilities of this recruiting class as they develop over the next several years. And addin
  6. I enjoy thinking about possible future line-ups. Who would have thought that we might be able to chose a line-up from this kind of talented 2022-23 roster? Choose one center: Eduardo Andre -- 6'10" 225 lbs. Blaise Keita -- 6'10 240 lbs. Oleg Kojenets -- 7'0" 220 lbs. Choose two forwards: Wilhelm Breidenbach -- 6'9" 210 lbs. Keon Edwards -- 6'7" 190 lbs. Isaac Traudt -- 6'9" 210 lbs. To be determined -- not recruited yet Choose two guards: Delano Banton -- 6'
  7. It's a lot more fun being optimistic when thinking about what Fred and Matt are putting together. I like thinking about this coming year and beyond (I like thinking about Husker basketball better than football). To my eyes, the future looks brighter than it ever has. I think I'll chug another gallon of kool-aid and check out the transfer portal. I think I mentioned in another thread that I am 69 years old. For me, the future is now. Fred and Matt must get it done within the next few years or I might miss it.
  8. I can't help myself. I am chugging gallons of red kool-aid daily. Have you seen the list of our recruiting commitments for 2021-22? (chug, chug, chug) Have you seen what Blaise Keita did in the Juco championship game? (chug, chug, chug) Our chances with Isaac Trout seem to be improving each week. He is coming on an official visit early in June. (chug, chug, chug) I am already looking past our first NCAA tournament win to our first trip to the Sweet 16. More kool-aid. More kool-aid. I don't know if this addiction is a blessing or a curse. Did someone say FINAL FOUR!!!
  9. Will Lat Mayan, Trey McGowen, and/or Derrick Walker stay an extra year and play in 2022-23? They are considered juniors in terms on eligibility and could return in 2022-23 and play an additional year. Would their scholarship count against our total of 13 scholarships? I think it does but I am not sure on that point. Looking at the rest of the current players and signed commits, we have 8 other scholarship players: Delano Banton Keisei Tominaga Eduardo Andre Wilhelm Breidenbach Keon Edwards Oleg Kojenets
  10. Don't forget that Blaise Keita is part of this recruiting class.
  11. That problem should be solved when Blaise Keita arrives next year. In fact, with Keita, Andre, and a red-shirted Kojenets next year, our rebounding may go from a negative to a positive. Is that when the 30 point victories start coming???
  12. I am still on an emotional high as I consider all the new talent that is joining our team this year. I am 69 years old and have followed Husker basketball for most of my life. I enjoyed the Danny Nee years and didn't realize that it would be 40 years before we had the talent to challenge for a conference title. All I had was 'hope' that somehow, someway things would change. 'Thank You' Lincoln for building the Pinnacle and 'thank you' Moos for hiring Hoiberg and Matt. I think this incoming group of players can become the 'core' or 'nucleus' of a team capable of finishing in the top 1/3 of
  13. Thanks for all the work. This helps as we try to figure out where we stand in the BIG 10.
  14. Do we know if his high school was playing this season -- the coronavirus canceled a lot of games this year. If his high school didn't have a season, I could see why he would re-classify and join Depaul at the semester. I think this is why Witt considered joining us at the semester.
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