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  1. "We all know in a few years it'll be higher demand." -- I agree. The basketball program looks be on a steep upward trajectory. Almost all the new recruits are Top 150 players or better. It appears that future recruits will be Top 150 players or better. It is NOT unreasonable to believe that this program will rise suddenly within the next 2-3 years and become the 'HOTTEST TICKET IN TOWN.' Any of us that have tickets will be glad that we have tickets and will be very satisfied to set where we're at. There will be MANY others without tickets that will be very envious of us with tickets to
  2. Don't forget that we also have a shot at highly rated recruit Gus Yelden -- a 6'8" power forward rated the #21 player in the same class as Simeon Wilcher and Omaha Biliew. Let's go for the trifecta and land three of the top 21 players in the 2023-24 class. Go Fred!!! Go Matt!!! Go Big Red!!! (Gus Yeldon's mom ooached at UNK and Gus spent a lot of years growing up in Kearney -- we have a shot)
  3. The last two years, our weaknesses have been: (in order) 1. too many turnovers; 2. not enough rebounds/giving up too many offensive rebounds; 3. poor free-throw shooting (especially one-and-ones); and 4. poor perimeter shooting. I am encouraged with the new players we are bringing in. We should be more athletic and more skilled -- improving our free-throw shooting and perimeter shooting. I still expect too many turnovers by the young players and I believe we are one year away from being a good rebounding team (Andre will be a year older and we add Blaise
  4. IF Florida State and Clemson go to the SEC, then that opens up the ACC for poaching (and should alter Notre Dame's plans for the future). I think the BIG should go for a 24 team super conference. My choices would be: WEST MIDWEST MIDEAST EAST UCLA Nebraska Indiana Ohio State USC Kansas Notre Dame P
  5. Rebounding will be our biggest weakness. We will rank in the bottom half of the conference in rebounding. We should show great improvement in free throw shooting. We should show improvement in our 3-point shooting. We should be much more athletic than in the last two years. We will have much better depth than ever before.
  6. I hope there are some uninformed ticket holders that don't realize the talent upgrade we have coming in and don't renew. I would be glad to buy their tickets.
  7. I look for the line-up to change as the season develops. I think Fred will give the older players more minutes in the early part of the season but I look for the younger players to get more and more minutes as the season goes on. Fred didn't recruit this young talent to sit on the bench. The older players will get their chance but if they don't deliver then the younger guys (our future) should play. (The younger players that I am referring to are Eduardo Andre, C.J. Wilcher, Keon Edwards, and Wilhelm Breidenbach. I don't expect Bryce to be with us for more than one or two years.)
  8. Years ago I saw a game in Denver with David Thompson vs. Dr. J.
  9. I want to say "great minds think alike" but I'm not sure I would hold up my end of the deal.
  10. I don't think he wants to come back to Nebraska. Competition for playing time at the guard position will increase this year (Koby Webster, Trey McGowen, Keisei Tominaga, Bryce McGowens, C.J. Wilcher, and Quaran McPherson). He knows that he could find himself sitting on the end of the bench is he doesn't improve his perimeter shooting and cut down on turnovers. Sitting on the bench will not improve his stock with the NBA. I look for him to take advantage on any opportunity to go the pro route this year. I could be wrong (and I hope I am) and he comes back this year 'new and impr
  11. You are forgetting that we added Quaran McPherson late to our roster. He is another possible 3-point shooter for us this year.
  12. Is Simeon's unofficial visit in June at the same time Isaac Traudt is having his official visit? Are we starting to form relationships?
  13. Can you imagine the practices we will have? Each player will need to 'bring it' everyday or get left behind. Will we need 'walk-ons' for our varsity players to practice against? It will be hard to keep 14 players happy with their practice time let alone game minutes.
  14. Our roster is over-flowing with talent -- and I mean over-flowing. With the addition of Quaran McPherson, we now have 14 players on our roster for the coming season. Two of those players do not count against our scholarship total (Koby Webster and Trever Lakes). That leaves 12 scholarship players that could return in 2022-23. We have one verbal commitment for 2022-23 (Blaise Keita) and we would like to add Isaac Traudt and Jason Green. If we do get Traudt and Green, we would be 2 scholarships over the limit for 2022-23. So again I ask -- who stays and who goes from the 2022-23 roster???
  15. Tonight, Nate Clouse will be in Holdrege and will host a "Big Red Update and Recruiting Analyst" on Husker football. Is there any chance Robin Washut (or someone knowledgeable) would do the same for Husker basketball? I know I would be willing to travel just for a chance to watch film and listen to information on our basketball recruits.
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