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    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 3 - @ St. John's

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      First half:

      • St. John’s, from the opening tip, looked like they cared about this game. They came out aggressive and played with passion. NU looked surprised by that. SJU’s athleticism smothered NU’s guards. They were disruptive and pesky. The arena seemed to be fairly sleepy, not a ton of atmosphere. NU seemed to match that energy. St. John’s on the other hand, wasn’t gonna let that dictate their effort. They played with purpose and sensed opportunity. They punched NU in the nose and the Huskers recoiled.
      • It’s so annoying because it’s stretches of basketball like this that validates all the skepticism people have about this team and program. They are more talented than they showed in these first three games.
      • For as much was made about NU’s supposed advantage in the paint, it’s been St. John's that controlled it.
      • Watson’s foul trouble loomed large.



      Second half:

      • It turned into a street fight. The team from Queens won it. What kind of mental toughness does this team have?
      • After that technical foul on Palmer they called everything, that was NU’s opportunity. They couldn’t take advantage of it.
      • Copeland’s gonna make a 3 at some point, right?
      • Maybe it was St. John's athleticism, but NU didn’t look like much defensively, they really haven't in what I've been able to see from them all year. If they don’t figure that out soon, it’s gonna be a rough season. It might be anyway.
      • Maybe they're just a bad shooting team, but this was really bad tonight.


      I’m super annoyed by this game. I don’t have much else to say right now.

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