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    uneblinstu's Post Game Chatter: ed 7, vol 18 - Minnesota

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      Holy bricks! There's so much to say about this game...

      - I'll start here: There's a huge, huge, huge officiating problem in college basketball. This was as bad as I've seen and I've seen some doozies.

      - That T on Shavon was as absurd as I think I've ever seen. First off, it was a bad call on the initial foul, then when Shavon and Petteway reacted in frustration (and Shavon's not completely without fault, he let all the words fly, but he didn't direct them at the ref and by the time he turned around he appeared to be done), he stood, put his whistle back in his mouth and waited for Shavon to walk in his direction before he called the T. That's awful. Tom Eades, that's Karl Hess levels of ego. And then he apparently threw a "Boom" in there when he called it. I mean, how is that tolerated? I didn't see the on on Pitchford, but given how terrible the rest of the game was, I'm gonna assume it was sketchy, sketch.

    - Tai's time on the bench seems to have gotten his attention, he looked as good as he's looked in a long time. The points will come. I still believe he's going to be an important player in this program.

    - It's probably time to start Tarin Smith. Not a slight to Benny, but Smith's the best PG right now and I think Benny can be the spark off the bench again. I don't know if it happens for Saturday, but I think it happens sooner rather than later.

    - The team looks better when Leslee Smith. I hope he can carry more of the load as the season continues. He can actually do things occasionally offensively when he gets right.

    - Walter's a rabble rouser.

    - I thought Shields was too laid back in the first half. Would have liked to see him be more aggressive early.

    - Gotta get back to being a good free throw shooting team.

    - I was surprised how little of a post game Minnesota also has.

    - Congrats to Terran for getting 1,000 career points.

    That's all for now. Big, big, big game on Saturday.

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    The publicity surrounding Tai winning the GATA award following the Minnesota game caused me to realize I had been mispronouncing it all this time.  They all say it with a long "A". as in "Gait".  I had been saying it like "Gadda".    Quite the revelation.  Was I the only one?



    Nope, I still say it like Gadda


    Me too. 


    I pronounce the first "A" in "GATA" like I pronounce the "A" in "After."  As in "Get After Their Small Donkey."

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