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  1. Have to admit I thought I saw a big time train wreck coming. Women are playing together, and hard. That’s all you can ask. Hopefully it keeps translating into wins!
  2. Ladies showed a lot of grit today and beat an excellent team. Hopefully we can get some bodies healthy and gained some confidence today. Hitting the boards was HUGE!!
  3. I’ve had season tickets since the Angela Beck days. Probably won’t be renewing season tickets next year if this is the product that continues to show up.
  4. Kind of a no brainer to move on. Find a power 5 coach who can recruit and coach rebounding.
  5. Indiana will throttle us. 2-3 wins in the conference sounds about right unfortunately.
  6. We are so outcoached. No blocking out on defense or perimeter defense. No offense. Indiana will destroy this team.
  7. Sounds like a long season coming..
  8. Merlin


    Any word on a schedule yet?
  9. Will Women’s basketball start the same time as Mens? Around November 25?
  10. Excellent get late in the process. Good job coaches!
  11. Nebraska missed out on her big time
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