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  1. Mizzou was ranked around 35-40 in preseason polls. Very nice win for the Lady Huskers.
  2. Just watching the game, they had a 5 star freshman named Blackwell and a senior Smith that stood out.
  3. Missouri has 2 really nice players. Guessing they might be a middle pack SEC team this year.
  4. Brady is suited up but no Hudson anywhere.
  5. Merlin

    Win Poll

    They’ll win more than the men.
  6. Me too. Lots of hustle from her.
  7. Would be nice to keep the local talent but we are playing in the BIG and have to consider where we want to go. If these players really fit what’s needed, I’m sure they are being considered as Husker prospects.
  8. Hard to get excited about some of these matchups.
  9. I think they did this a couple years ago also.
  10. Tough one to lose. Good luck to her.
  11. Good guy. Would hate to lose him but wish him well at the same time.
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