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  1. Nebraska missed out on her big time
  2. They will be eligible.
  3. And yet Brown commits on April 5..
  4. Going to be really rough now.
  5. Nice! Can she rebound too:)
  6. Need to find some more size somewhere as Bourne and Cain can’t do it all. Hopefully a couple freshmen can come in quickly.
  7. Merlin


    I’ll be shocked if they don’t cancel it.
  8. If she hasn’t signed, why not go after her? They could use her!
  9. I’d say Brown and Cain have improved. Not sure who else yet. Frustrating to me is when you have someone like Cain who improved her shooting touch immensely, why doesn’t she get more touches? That would open up the outside so much more.
  10. She needs to be given a chance for sure.
  11. She was there sitting with Kissinger not suited up.
  12. Terrible rebounding team. Poor ball handling.
  13. Women’s BB fans are pretty loyal but attendance has dropped off as the year has gone on.
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