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  1. Sit in the fifth row behind the bench. It works out pretty well!
  2. Hopefully they’ll allow fans…
  3. Her mother is originally from south central Nebraska so let’s hope that helps us out.
  4. Just renewed volleyball so it won’t be long.
  5. Thought I heard that UTM had some players enter the transfer portal before the tournament?
  6. The girl from Weeping Water is awfully good too.
  7. She’s the real deal.
  8. I believe Michigan State had issues.
  9. Not sure if Brady will play again?
  10. Defense appears to have disappeared in the last couple games.
  11. Cayton brings some nice defense. She won’t be popular with other teams:)
  12. Does this year count in basketball or do they all get a free year of eligibility like football?
  13. Keep playing like a team and good things happen. Happy for coaches and players.
  14. Have to admit I thought I saw a big time train wreck coming. Women are playing together, and hard. That’s all you can ask. Hopefully it keeps translating into wins!
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