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  1. Sounds like she may be having knee surgery. Prayers for a strong recovery .
  2. One heck of a player. Nebraska needs to get her!!
  3. 3rd game vs. 2nd game has become a factor also.
  4. True. We can’t stop Clark driving to the basket.
  5. I’d be shocked if she didn’t come back.
  6. Merlin

    Coach Love

    Scoggins has been removed from the roster…
  7. Paper is reporting he has been suspended with pay. No further comment right now.
  8. They do need a blow once in awhile..
  9. 3 games in six days is difficult.
  10. And the fact they play no defense..
  11. Can’t stand Bluder but Clark, whether you like her or not, is an incredible player.
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