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  1. They hung in there. Indiana just has tons of experience and that’s hard to overcome.
  2. Unfortunately you’re right.
  3. Rebounding was the key. If they do that every night, they’re going to be a tough team to play for sure.
  4. Agree. The soft schedule we had will now rear it’s ugly head as we move further into the BIG unfortunately. Still hoping for a middle of the pack finish.
  5. Markowski is a force to deal with but I’m guessing she’ll be a foul machine in the BIG.
  6. Mendelson just committed to Nebraska.
  7. Kind of sounds like the men’s team…..
  8. Some older fans are still hesitant to get out with Covid, restrictions, etc. Also the flow of foot traffic in and out of the arena is a lot more difficult for them to manage. We actually sat much higher than normal to avoid the extra steps and slower exiting.
  9. Left after the 3rd quarter. They definitely have more depth this year but it’s really hard to tell a lot from these scrimmage games. Hopefully they’ll get a test or two before BIG play….
  10. Sit in the fifth row behind the bench. It works out pretty well!
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