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  1. Tough one to lose. Good luck to her.
  2. Good guy. Would hate to lose him but wish him well at the same time.
  3. We really look unathletic compared to a Purdue, Rutgers. As stated many times, rebounding is all about effort and it was hard to find consistently. I worry about playing time for some. The split minutes used by Coach Williams might work fine at a lower level, but not sure how this will play out at the Power 5 level. I know you want to keep people fresh, but did it really pay off? Hard to keep some people happy with this concept.
  4. Playing way out of control. Throwing shots up, not actually shooting is a recipe for disaster.
  5. Hadn’t heard that anywhere. I think most people are expecting a battle with so many young players in their first tournament.
  6. Purdue might be hard to beat for the third time. Need to come out early and take charge.
  7. If she was in red, people would love her.
  8. Iowa moves very well without the ball. Us not so much. Stewart hurt us with her midrange game badly in the 2nd half. We had no answers when it counted.
  9. As Fastbreaker said, Mershon does a lot of things fundamentally well, defense and boxing out, which others could learn from. Brown is instant offense.
  10. Was there a comment about Coach Williams having dizzy spells?
  11. Probably frustrated that her team was out hustled tonight.
  12. Where has this team been?
  13. Ok. Thanks. I must have stepped away then.
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