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  1. Maryland destroyed Michigan earlier at Michigan.
  2. On radio they said 2 of the officials have done Final Fours.
  3. Brady might give us a defensive spark as she continues to get into better playing condition, etc. She appears to have a no fear attitude.
  4. Will need someone to be a three threat without Kissinger this year. Schedule gets tougher here on out.
  5. Ok I thought there was a 20-25% rule if injured? Thanks
  6. Had a young man last year that suffered a concussion playing football. It was recommended that he not attend the games the rest of the year Plus was limited with classroom time to avoid excess noise.
  7. Leigha is instant offense but really needs to play some defense! Bourne is going to be a nice addition for sure.
  8. Mizzou was ranked around 35-40 in preseason polls. Very nice win for the Lady Huskers.
  9. Just watching the game, they had a 5 star freshman named Blackwell and a senior Smith that stood out.
  10. Missouri has 2 really nice players. Guessing they might be a middle pack SEC team this year.
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