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  1. That's some impressive recall my man. That's back when Freddie Banks picked UNLV over the Big Red, and yes, welcome to the board! I remember the Freddie Banks story, but wasn't that just a few years ago? Wait... now that you got me thinking... it was over 35 years ago... OMG!!! I'm old :-( P.S. I have been a lurker since almost the beginning of this board. I can't believe this is the first time I've posted.
  2. A 4th Husker? Remember Ricky Marsh who played for the Huskers his freshman year in the late 70's? He transferred to college in NY, had a very good career, and was drafted and played for Golden State in 1977-78. Would have been nice to have him finish his career in Lincoln. Played alongside Jerry Fort I believe.
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