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  1. I have a soft spot for the Coliseum and the Mens PE building. Those were my hangouts in the 70's. Loved playing ball there. When the Devaney Center opened, I even got a chance to play some ball there before it was officially opened to the public. Hard to believe that was over 35 years ago.
  2. Can you get Husker FB & BB on Sirius?
  3. That is a possibility. If I could understand a word they were saying, it would help.
  4. take a closer look at the video. The block from the "high" camera, is not the same block that we see from the "court level" camera. Something fishy going on here?
  5. That's some impressive recall my man. That's back when Freddie Banks picked UNLV over the Big Red, and yes, welcome to the board! I remember the Freddie Banks story, but wasn't that just a few years ago? Wait... now that you got me thinking... it was over 35 years ago... OMG!!! I'm old :-( P.S. I have been a lurker since almost the beginning of this board. I can't believe this is the first time I've posted.
  6. A 4th Husker? Remember Ricky Marsh who played for the Huskers his freshman year in the late 70's? He transferred to college in NY, had a very good career, and was drafted and played for Golden State in 1977-78. Would have been nice to have him finish his career in Lincoln. Played alongside Jerry Fort I believe.
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