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  1. Assuming he's built upon what I saw of him when he was at Central, he'll be the most talented player to come through these parts in a long time. Kid can play.
  2. They're not usually begging JUCO transfers to redshirt. They usually want those kids on the floor ASAP.
  3. Depends. If Biggs plays, he'll be the guy, it won't be close. If he plays, he could be a lot like that PG from Penn St last year. Potent scorer with not much else around him. If he doesn't, it could be any number of guys. I'll say a healthy Dylan Talley is a pretty good bet. I like the Gallegos pick, too. I think he'll have a big year.
  4. He's more than willing to say good things when there are good things to say.
  5. Illinois, Northwestern, Penn St. and the yearly upset. Maybe over someone like Iowa, too.
  6. It's still division 1 starting experience which is better than high school and JUCO. Every team every year has to answer questions like this and fill new roles. If his thigh is healthy, he'll be fine.
  7. I'll jump in and say they go 10-3 in non-con and 5-13 in B1G play, 0-1 in the tournament and finish 15-17.
  8. That's not actually true. Talley played starters minutes last year and had 14 starts at Binghampton. Andre will be looked to to score, as well.
  9. Not bad. We play 13 non-con and 18 conference games, though.
  10. I would agree that power forward probably isn't ideal for him. It seems like he's got the pedigree to make that jump. I'd love to see it happen because he's earned it that's always a good story and is easy to root for those guys. If he's on the floor because he's the only option, that might be a different story.
  11. Maybe. I'm not convinced of that. We'll find out soon enough. They're going to be a very good basketball team.
  12. Quick. Name me 15 teams better than Creighton.
  13. That's possible. Likely, even. I know there's been talk that they're going to bring him out to the perimeter more and Miles wants him to shoot more. I think he'll be incorporated into the offense quite a bit differently.
  14. Actually it might have been his freshman year... Either way, his percentages dropped way off after that first year, partly because he wasn't being asked to do what really his skill set dictated he should probably be doing and I think it took away from his total game, so his totals might have been higher, but I'm not sure that quality of play was, at least not consistently. Hopefully he'll be put in situations that better utilize his skills, because I do think he can be a pretty good player.
  15. I was on the other side of Friday's game. I haven't fully recovered yet.
  16. Occasionally, it does happen that a walk-on improves enough to be a significant contributor at this level. It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while. Maybe Jordan can be one of those guys. But there's also a reason that it doesn't happen often. If he sees an opportunity and takes advantage of it, good for him. Perhaps he can be a nice role player for us. Good teams need guys like that.
  17. Hope so. Sometimes a change like this gives guys like him a fresh opportunity. Hope he can take advantage of it.
  18. Also eagerly awaitng word on my reassignment request. Supposed to hear back on that in October, too.
  19. http://huskerhoopscentral.activeboard.com/m705594/profile/
  20. Woo! This rocks! Thanks for all your hard work on this! Looking forward to it.
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