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  1. Yeah, I've pretty much hoped to see him starting since the day he committed to Nebraska. He was basically a 5 star before he reclassified to enter college early. He did that because of what his high school was doing in response to COVID. Then, he joined his college team at semester, which would always be hard to crack the lineup in any meaningful way under normal circumstances, but then his team and himself personally had COVID issues on top of that. I really like him. His film is super impressive. I'm honestly probably as excited to see him play as I am to see Bryce play. And seeing them both in the starting lineup together would be crazy. My ideal starting lineup would be: PG- Trey McGowens (6'4") Wing- Bryce McGowens (6'6") Wing- Keon Edwards (6'7") Wing- Lat Mayen (6'9") C- Derrick Walker (6'8") I like the athleticism of this lineup, especially on defense and it would allow them to switch virtually all screens. I also think the length would be tough for opposing teams to handle and I think this would be a good rebounding lineup. Then on offense, there are multiple players that can shoot from outside and multiple players that can get to the basket and finish dynamically above the rim. I like the idea of Verge coming off of the bench to take the place of McGowens, rather than playing next to him. And I think having a bench rotation that comes in that is some combination of Verge, Wilcher, Breidenbach, and Tominaga would also be a great lineup to give the starters a breather. But that's just what I prefer to see in a starting lineup. I prefer long and athletic lineups. From what it sounds like though, most people think the starting rotation will be Verge, McGowens, McGowens, Mayen, and Walker, so it doesn't look like my preferred lineup will happen.
  2. Looking forward to some highlight reel dunks when Edwards gets breakaway opportunities. His athleticism dunking the ball is next level.
  3. I don't know about specific record, but I think the Huskers will finish between 6th-8th in the Big Ten regular season standings.
  4. It would be pretty exciting to see these two in the starting lineup together:
  5. Yeah, I guess I just see Verge as being more valuable coming in for Trey, than starting next to him. Especially on the defensive end, I think it would be advantageous for Nebraska to have the length of 6’7” Keon Edwards in the starting lineup, rather than 6’2” Verge on the floor next to 6’4” Trey. To me you would have a pretty balanced 2-deep with this and this starting lineup would allow Nebraska to switch almost everything on the defensive end. Starting: Point Guard - Trey McGowens (6’4”) Wing - Bryce McGowens (6’6”) Wing - Keon Edwards (6’7”) Wing - Lat Mayen (6’9”) Center - Derrick Walker (6’8”) Off the Bench: Point Guard - Alonzo Verge Jr (6’2”) Wing - Kobe Webster (6’0”) / Keisei Tominaga (6’1”) Wing - CJ Wilcher (6’5”) Wing - Wilhelm Breidenbach (6’9”) Center - Eduardo Andre (6’10”)
  6. I still think Nebraska's best starting lineup would be: 1- Trey McGowens 2- Bryce McGowens 3- Keon Edwards 4- Lat Mayen 5- Derrick Walker In terms of length, shooting, getting to the rim, ball handling, overall defense, and ability to switch screens on defense. Trey and Derrick will also be very valuable in setting the tone for this team while the younger players develop.
  7. Nice seeing this from the article too: He added there's some strong company, naming off Lat Mayen, Kobe Webster, Bryce McGowens and Keon Edwards as others who can fill it up.
  8. Consensus 4-Star Top-100 player. ESPN has him ranked as high as the #39 overall prospect in the 2022 class. He's ranked the #65 overall prospect by 247 composite. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/241510/jaxon-kohler
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