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  1. The issue with Miles isn't the amount of transfers from this program. The issue is the players that transfer/leave early that are either starters, or major contributors. I can assure you that most of the players in your study that transfer either do so because they are at a higher profile school and transfer to a lower profile school for more playing time, or because they are at a low level school and have an opportunity to transfer up to a higher profile school. The amount of starters/major contributors that transfer from this program under Miles is not normal.
  2. In year 7, it's on Miles to have the team coached up better than this. When you have multiple players over the course of multiple seasons unable to execute some of the most fundamental aspects of basketball, that isn't just players. That's evidence of a systemic lack of quality coaching. It's evidence that players aren't completely bought in. A friend of mine has been friends with multiple players under Miles and he has said for years that players hate playing for Miles. It's easy to see that in performances like this, along with the rate that players transfer out of his program (especially players that start their careers at another school and then transfer to Nebraska, but then turn around and leave Nebraska again before exhausting their eligibility).
  3. -Gregg Marshall -Thad Matta -Fred Hoiberg -Kevin Willard -Dana Altman -Steve Wojciechowski -Mike Anderson
  4. Since we are about 2 years past when Miles should have been fired, I don't think it's too early revisit this topic...
  5. St John's is currently 9-10 (0-8). There is a good chance they finish the season 2-9, which would put them at 11-19 for the season. They beat Nebraska 79-56. As the season progresses, I believe that loss will continue to look worse. Realistically, Nebraska needs to finish the season 7-2 and show well at the Big Ten tournament to have a shot at the NCAA tournament.
  6. “I’ll be eager to talk to Tim about what is in his mind in building a solid foundation,” Moos said. “I’m really going to put a lot of effort into looking at what has occurred since he’s been here.”
  7. “You’d like to get a program that’s going to postseason three out of five years,” Moos said.
  8. If people are going to complain about crowd performance at PBA, then I think someone should also calculate where Nebraska ranks in terms of win total over the last 5 years and compare that to where Nebraska ranks in attendance over the last 5 years. My guess is that when compared to other teams that have had 4 losing records out of 5 seasons, Nebraska blows out those schools in terms of attendance. And if you look at the schools with comparable attendance to Nebraska, those teams likely have much more tangible on-court success and are likely consistent NCAA Tournament teams (compared to a Nebraska program that has never even won an NCAA Tournament game). According to anyone outside of the program that I have ever heard talk about this subject, the level of fan support for this Nebraska basketball program (that is so drastically lacking in terms of legitimate success on the court) is actually pretty impressive. That's my (apparently unpopular) opinion.
  9. And I actually think Tshimanga can/will be good next season, but right now he is so weak with the basketball, he is so weak when he needs to get into position to rebound both offensively and defensively, and he looks slow/unfocused on defense. Honestly, he looks like the kid in jr high that grew 6 inches over summer and is still waiting for their coordination to catch up.
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