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  1. Unfortunately, I have the feeling that Creighton will be a top-10 team, make a run at a Big East Championship, and make a Sweet16 or Elite8 run in the NCAA Tournament.
  2. According to Washut, it sounds like Derrick Walker might come back next season (also sounds like Trey and Lat won’t be). If Walker does come back, I’d like to see him play the 4 spot with Blaise Keita at the 5 spot. I like a lot of what Walker provides, but he’s just undersized to play Center in the Big Ten. I think he could be really good at the 4 spot. And I also think that if Hoiberg were to restructure his system in such a away that Walker is at the 4 spot, rather than a jump shooter that plays on the perimeter at the 4, that could also be a system that is much better suited for the Big Ten conference.
  3. I think my current list would be: Top 4 (Current Salary): Dana Altman ($3.5 Million) Ed Cooley ($2.2 Million) Darian DeVries ($500,000) Mike Anderson ($2.5 Million) Then: Mark Turgeon Gregg Marshall
  4. He’s done well recruiting talented individual pieces. He has not done well recruiting pieces that fit a system and pieces that function as a cohesive unit.
  5. I also think there’s a style component in regards to Hoiberg’s offense and how it fits in the old Big 12 vs the current Big Ten. I’m not sure Hoiberg’s system is a great fit for the current Big Ten. Similar to Frost, I don’t think his Oregon/UCF offense is bad, but I think its not the best fit for the Big Ten. I also think that the inability to bring in a true distributor PG has crippled this offense. There are capable shooters in this team, but they are all spot up shooters. They aren’t going to shoot well from 3 PT if they need to shoot off the dribble. Also, Hoiberg needed to understand that you have to have some legit rim protectors in the Big Ten. And players need to give effort to rebound and when they can’t make shots, they need to give 200% effort on defense and rebounding, but unfortunately this team is doing those things as if they were scoring 90 points per game.
  6. And I’m not against the players doing those things. I think they should be able to do it, but it’s a really bad look when it looks like some people don’t care much on the court. It’s been pretty clear over the last year that a couple of players on this team are much more concerned with building their own personal brand than they are with building a winning basketball team/program.
  7. My guess is that when Hoiberg was building his teams via the transfer portal at ISU, every other program wasn’t doing it. But now, pretty much every program is recruiting transfers, so he has much more competition in that regard.
  8. I honestly don’t know how Hoiberg can survive this dumpster fire of a season, unless there is some sort of catching fire like the Tim Miles catching fire to close the season of their NCAA Tournament run. And that’s saying a lot, because we just saw Frost get another season after going 3-9 at a self-proclaimed football school with only 1 win vs a Power5 opponent.
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