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  1. I’ve been really impressed with Walker on both offense and defense. Once he gets a few games under his belt to get back used to game speed he should be a really solid player.
  2. Nebraska looks like a completely different team with Walker in the lineup now. He really makes the offense look so much different and Lat significantly benefits from having him on the floor as well. It will be interesting to see what this team looks like for the rest of the season, now that Thor, Yvan, and Stevenson can be bench players.
  3. This thread made me wonder what this year’s team would look like with Mack at the PG spot (assuming he was able to play in every game).
  4. With the current lineup for 20 games, or with Walker playing in all 20 games?
  5. I’ve actually been wondering what it would look like for Banton to play at the 4 spot too. Probably won’t happen this season. But it could be a way to shift the lineup to get Bryce McGowens into the starting lineup next season. It could be interesting to see a starting lineup next season of McGowens, McGowens, Allen, Banton, Walker.
  6. To me, the issue with Thor isn’t that there is someone on the bench right now that should be getting his minutes instead. To me, it seems clear that the issue is that as long as Nebraska’s talent level is such that players of the caliber of Thor, Stevenson, and Yvan are consistently getting minutes, Nebraska won’t be winning at a very high level vs Power5 competition, especially not in the Big Ten.
  7. It’s so frustrating being a Nebraska fan. Fans from every single team in the Big Ten, except for Nebraska, can reasonably expect their team to have chance to beat any other team in the league on any given night.
  8. McGowens does so many of the little things and makes so many of the crafty and hustle plays on both offense and defense. He is really fun to watch.
  9. The more I see Allen play, the more I think that while he has the offensive talent to create his own shot and the ability to get hot and go off sometimes, I’m not convinced that he is a very good team player. He seems to try to force way too much in isolation and spends way too much time dribbling without any real purpose and that seems to contribute to Nebraska’s offensive stagnation. I’m not convinced that his attitude and body language is great for for the team.
  10. I’m wondering when Nebraska will finally play well enough to even just keep a loss to single digits vs a Power5 team this season. This team is terrible right now. I’ve been counting down to when Walker will be eligible for Nebraska, but at this point, I’m not sure I think that will make enough of a difference to change much of anything this season. Just like every other season for Nebraska men’s athletics, it looks like “next year” will have to be the year.
  11. I’m seriously so disappointed in Hoiberg for not playing Andre at all yet.
  12. Seriously need to put Andre in to get him a few minutes of game experience. Nebraska’s clearly not going to win this one. Need to get him experience, so the Huskers have Walker, Yvan, Andre all up to game speed 3 games from now.
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