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  1. Not actually a transfer, but another player that committed to Nebraska, but ended up going somewhere else, Donovan Williams from Lincoln, NE ended up at Oklahoma St and played in their win over Marquette yesterday. He didn't score at all, but had a few rebounds.
  2. Teddy Allen has done some pretty impressive things through the first few games. I'm interested to see how some of the things he does will translate to the Big Ten, with increase of size/length that most of these conference teams will have, compared to the teams they have played so far this season. I'm hoping he can keep up the success through the conference portion of the schedule.
  3. CDC will decrease COVID quarantine time from 14 days to 7-10 days. If the Big Ten chooses to update their protocol, based on the new CDC guidelines, then it will have impact on the rest of the college basketball season. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/01/health/cdc-changing-quarantine-guidelines/index.html
  4. In regards to the conversation about Thor in the starting lineup. From everything I've heard from Hoiberg in his press conferences, Fred has mentioned a couple of times that they hadn't practiced much with this starting lineup that they have used in the first few games and that Lat had been practicing at the 4 spot, so he is a little out of position at the 5 right now. To me, it sounds like when Andre and/or Walker are available to play, one of them will start at the 5 and Lat will start at the 4 spot and Thor will come off of the bench. Also, Hoiberg has brought up Walker, unsolicited, in 3-4
  5. And watching Michigan, currently ranked 25, I think Nebraska looks just as talented as the Wolverines too.
  6. I’m watching Rutgers right now. They’re currently ranked 24. It could very well be my husker-goggles, but I feel like Nebraska is just as talented, as this Rutgers team that’s ranked just inside the top25 (maybe even more talented). (Assuming that Nebraska is shooting as well as they are capable of.)
  7. If BTN didn’t talk about Nebraska in a short halftime segment, then I would assume it was inadvertent or it was due to time constraints. To me, the notion that there is some conspiracy to suppress Nebraska basketball seems pretty ridiculous. It’s odd to me how people in Nebraska always think there is some conspiracy against Nebraska athletics, whether it’s ESPN, or the Big12 Conference, or refs in the Big12 or in the Big Ten, or conference commissioners, or conference schedule-makers, or now the BTN. It’s almost second nature for some Nebraska fans to think that everyone is out to get them or
  8. I was going to post this exact same thing based on Hoiberg press conferences, but you beat me to it.
  9. Yvan is seriously terrible on offense. Such a liability and when he’s in, the offense is so disjointed
  10. I’ve never seen a center that is as big as Yvan be so consistently weak with the ball under the basket.
  11. Pretty poor performance. Going to have nights like that if you live and die by the 3. Hoping Lat doesn’t have many shooting performances like that. One of the things that game showed us how valuable it is for Lat to be knocking down 3s, especially early in the game, in order to bring his defender out and open up the lane a little bit. Unfortunately, I think it also showed how much of a liability Yvan is on both offense and defense at this point in his development.
  12. Ok. Clearly must be a conspiracy against Nebraska basketball then.
  13. I didn’t watch, so I’m just guessing on this, because it seems a little ridiculous to me that there would be some conspiracy to suppress Nebraska basketball... Are you sure they weren’t just reviewing games of Top-25 Big Ten teams? It’s not uncommon for BTN or ESPN to sometimes focus highlights on teams that are ranked. So, since Nebraska isn’t currently ranked in the Top-25, is it possible thats why they didn’t spend time specifically highlighting Nebraska basketball yesterday? Again, I didn’t see the segments you were talking about, so I’m just guessing, but do you know if they showed highli
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