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  1. TyTy Washington wins 3-point shootout at Iverson Classic https://247sports.com/college/kentucky/Article/kentucky-basketball-recruiting-tyty-washington-iverson-classic-165167288/Amp/
  2. If teams were able to decline free throws in the final 2 minutes, that would be interesting to see how that would change the defensive strategy of extending the last couple minutes of the game. At least at first, I’m not totally against this, because the fouling at the end of games gets ridiculously annoying. I also wouldn’t mind bumping personal foul limits from 5 to 6.
  3. A key difference now is that Hoiberg is on another level than all of those other coaches with the ability of his offensive scheme to generate high quality shots. It's not even close in my opinion. Hoiberg isn't just assembling a talented roster, but he will be able to get those guys high percentage open shots. Also, to me, the top end talent on this team is higher than any of Miles/Collier/Sadler teams, as well as the depth of high quality talent on this team, compared to Miles/Collier/Sadler.
  4. I had to run 20 miles before my son’s flag football game this morning. I’m usually up by 4:00 am
  5. I could see Hall as a part of a starting lineup that looks like this: 1- Trey McGowens (6’4”)(Jr) 2- Bryce McGowens (6’6”)(Fr) 3- Keon Edwards (6’7”)(Fr) 4- Jordan Hall (6’7”)(Fr) 5- Derrick Walker (6’8”)(Jr) As a 215 lbs freshman, Hall already has 10 lbs on Lat. In 2020-2021, Hall averaged more points and more rebounds per game than Lat. Hall shoots slightly higher % from 3PT. This last season, Hall averaged 5.7 assists per game, while Lat averaged 0.6 assists per game. Hall is a better ball handler than Lat, which makes him much more effective gett
  6. Atlantic-10 all-rookie selection Jordan Hall entering transfer portal, leaving St. Joe’s Hall prepped at Neumann-Goretti, where he won a PCL title in 2020. Lange called Hall one of the 10 best passers he’s ever coached before the season. Hall finished first in the nation among freshmen in assists. Many people thought of Hall as the future of the Hawks’ program. https://www.inquirer.com/college-sports/st-joes/jordan-hall-transfer-portal-st-joes-20210428.html?outputType=amp
  7. So Traudt and Green will be playing together for Nebraska Supreme 17U. Hope they decide they want to play together for the Huskers too.
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