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  1. Well, that's an interesting turn. I think Nebraska may have cut him loose. That is the way I took it from listening to Gary and Damon talk about it. I am ok with it. I am not sure he was good enough to play in the Big Ten.
  2. I agree that Miles is playing with fire locking the players out of the Hendricks Center locker rooms. This could go either way. This team has a fragile psyche right now. I really think that Miles thinks that this is a last resort and has no other options to motivate these guys. I really wonder about team chemistry with these guys and if there is a cancer/cancers on this team. Something just doesn't seem right here. I have felt this way all season. Maybe with the losing comes more pressing by the guys and it makes it seem like a chemistry issue. I really don't know. I do think that Mil
  3. With this team in dire need of shooters, it seems like he is a pretty good shooter. If he would have decided to take our scholarship offer instead of walking on at CU, how big of a difference would he have made for this team?
  4. Here is an article on his transfer. He is a 45% three point shooter and averages over 19 ppg. http://www.midmajormadness.com/2015/1/17/7629541/marcus-marshall-leaves-missouri-state-will-seek-transfer
  5. User Actions Following Robin Washut‏@RobinWashut #Nebrasketball RT @jeffborzello: Missouri St transfer Marcus Marshall has interest from Tulsa, TexTech, Iowa, Minn., Nebraska, Northwestern View translation Reply Retweet Favorite More FAVORITE1 2:48 PM - 30 Jan 2015
  6. That is great to hear. This team desperately needs shooters. Probably just as bad(or more) than a big man.
  7. It has a couple major flaws. First, we have 6 guys on the court. I don't see how the refs could miss this(see game earlier this year ha ha). Next, if it is the game winning play, Benny just dunked it in the wrong basket. That means the other team wins. I just don't think this kid has what it takes to be a major college coach.
  8. Woah, that's a huge break for Nebrasketball facing the Illini without RayRay next Sunday night... who will step up for Illinois to take that 5-step non-travel lay-up that RayRay perfected?
  9. I had heard that they were going through the process of getting him eligible. If he gets cleared, he will be here for the 2nd semester.
  10. From what I have heard, the NU athletic dept is still working on his eligibility. I am not sure he has been cleared by the NCAA clearinghouse. If/when he does, then he can "officially" be on the roster/team. I have heard that if things get worked out, then he will be on the team 2nd semester. He won't be any more than a scout team player if he is cleared.
  11. Vucetic wanted to play and that would never happen at Nebraska. Moving on was the best decision for all involved. Vucetic would have been able to score a little(maybe), but would get destroyed on the defensive end and with rebounding. He didn't have the strength or footwork to get it done down low.
  12. Here is a video of when Arop committed to coach Miles Link
  13. I think it is probably just a shooting sleeve that you see some guys wear now. You see a lot of them wear padded sleeves on their legs now too. It has some padding on it, so maybe it is just a precautionary thing as I think his elbow is completely healed.
  14. I'm kind of excited for this kid. Hopefully he can provide some 3 point shooting for them as a freshman and then as his game develops, turns into a kid that can do a lot of different things(post up, mid range shooter, good passer, etc). From seeing some of his high school film, he looks like he can do quite a few different things. He seems like a kid that has good fundamentals and is pretty coachable. I see him as an Eric Piatkowski type player. Not so much that I see that his production would be the same, but the same type of skill set. When Pike was here, he could do a lot of things li
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