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  1. Anyone wanna make predictions on the starting five of our first game overseas? We know Dalano Banton and Derrick Walker are in and Cam Mack and Yvan Ouedraogo are out. Gimme - Dalano Banton - Dachon Burke - Haanif Cheatham - Shamiel Stevenson - Derrick Walker
  2. I trust Hiobergs judgement. Are we going to hit on all of them?? Absolutely not, but one or two will be really good and two or three will be solid contributors and a handful will finish their college careers else where. Thats just the nature of the beast.
  3. Yes I wouldn't put too much stock into what happens in Italy. 1. Its a very new team that is still learning the systems and each other 2. Only about 10% of the system has been installed so far. So we still dont know who will take it and run and who will struggle when the implementation gets heavier 3. Right now its just basketball. Theres no added stress from classes and howework. Also, with a new system, new players/roles, and this being a foreign trip im sure our players arent gonna be very well scouted by the opposing teams 4. We will be down Cam Mack and Yvan Ouedraogo Im just hoping for a healthy trip and hopefully four box scores of stats to analyze and nerd out over until football kicks off.
  4. Hopefully we will get box scores
  5. So is it safe to say we should cool the breaks on Ouedraogo a little bit? Scoreless in three of four games so far. Maybe he starts just bc of his sheer size but i definitely dont see him playing more than 15-18 a game. Maybe still a little too early to tell.
  6. Well.... technically they did
  7. Im not sure how college basketball practices are ran, especially in season, but I really like the depth we have with 16 players on the roster. In past years we would go through a season with 2-3 less players to practice with (one less walkon and 1-2 less scholarship players) which I feel made us less competitive and dare I say a little soft. Hypothetically we can throw out a scout team of lets say... Dalano Banton, Charlie Easley, Thorir Thorbjarnarson, Akol Arop, and Derrick Walker. And we still have our two other walkons (Jace Piatkowski and Bret Porter) for practice plus the starting 5 and four rotational guys. Its gonna be ultra competitive for starting spots and bench roles. If youre not bringing it today we got plenty of other players to sub in for scrimmages and drills. It will only bring out the best in everyone.
  8. Also, I had heard that Jervay "looks like he belongs" but is definitely having an adjustment period to D1 basketball. He's not by far the superior player on the court anymore like he was in JUCO and has struggled at times with that so far, but still showing flashes.
  9. I dont remember seeing what happened with the Cam Mack situation. I believe he and the coaches were suppose to know within 48 hours (from a week ago). Anybody heard anything? Also, looking for opinions here, anybody think Charlie Easley might redshirt? I have heard a lot of good things about him (from this ppl on this board). Is he a guy you want to stick around for 5 years and see if he develops? I know walkons dont typically redshirt, but if the staff sees potential maybe its worth it since hes not occupying a scholarship.
  10. For some reason i thought De'Andre Davis was 6'7
  11. Here are the mentions of every player from what I have seen so far: - Haanif Cheatham: great leader - Matej Kavas: high basketball IQ - Jervay Green: N/A - Dachon Burke: scorers mentality; great effort - Derrick Walker: physical specimen - Shamiel Stevenson: most athletic looking player; best rebounder - Thorir Thorbjarnarson: fits nicely into new "read and react" system - Cam Mack: with team but not practicing at the moment - Dalano Banton: unique body type and skill set - Akol Arop: N/A - Samari Curtis: can shoot it from anywhere including close to 50% from three so far in practice - Kevin Cross: appears closer to 6'6 than 6'8; smooth with the ball Yvan Ouedraogo: not currently with the team - Charlie Easley, Brett Porter, Jace Piatkowski: N/A
  12. No. Someone (cant remember who) posted stats from the top 10-15 JUCO players the past couple years. And most of them put up very modest stats their first year of D1. Im sure its an adjustment for him.
  13. I see Thor as a fill in player for blow outs, injuries, and fouls. But my hope is that with all the competition in practice and the staffs coaching/development it wont be a "omg we have to play Thor for extended minutes we're screwed" type of deal.
  14. Well i guess its good its not an injury. I dont know the specifics, but hopefully academics wont be a reoccuring theme with Cam Mack or anyone else on the team.
  15. Im kinda in the boat where I would like to see us play the guys we are playing this year. Banton and Walker will have plenty of time to learn the system and their teammates. Everyone else has much less time. Even though i get winning this year might not be as important as setting the foundation for the upcoming seasons.
  16. Wild to think that, hypothetically, Nebraska could roll out a starting 5 of Hunter Sallis, Chucky Hepburn, Donovan Williams, Max Murrell, and Jasen Smith in 3 to 4 years. Obviously its highly unlikely that Nebraska lands all of them and that all 5 turn out being contributors, let alone starters, at the P5 level. But crazy to think about the level of talent in the high schools right now.
  17. Maybe he just wants to maximize his visits/recruiting. If im not mistaken, expenses are covered for official visits and unofficials come out of pocket? Other than that idk the difference, maybe someone can fill me in. An unofficial to Lincoln is VERY affordable obviously. Maybe he is considering using all five of his officials out of state to get the most of his recruitment and experience. Totally guessing here.
  18. Curious how much all of you think Dalano Banton and Derrick Walker play during the Italy trip? According to the OWH, both are eligible to participate and play in games during the trip. But every minute they play is one less minute someone who is actually eligible for this year gets. Obviously thats a short sighted statement bc Hioberg and Co. could very well be thinking long term.
  19. He will join the team in Italy during the trip but will not be eligible to play is what I have read in OWH and LJS.
  20. Maybe like a... RED: Cam Mack, Dachon Burke, Thorir Thorbjarnarson, Jace Piatkowski, Matej Kavas, Akol Arop, Derrick Walker, Yvan Ouedraogo WHITE: Jervay Green, Haanif Cheatham, Samari Curtis, Charlie Easley, Shamiel Stevenson, Brett Porter, Dalano Banton, Kevin Cross
  21. Curious as to if anyone is familiar with how he ran any of these events at Iowa State? I would like to see a Red v. White scrimmage structured like The Big 3 games. Where you play to 50 and win by 2. Halftime occurs once a team hits 25 points. Maybe a 3 pt contest and dunk contest.
  22. OWH article says Derrick Walker and Dalano Banton are both eligible to play for the Italy trip. FWIW, Derrick Walker gets a specific shoutout saying how he has impressed Hoiberg so far.
  23. Jazz are gonna be sneaky good. Donovan Mitchell is a take over scorer, Mike Conley is a good on ball defender and can you buckets, Rudy Gobert is a rim running defensive stopper, and Bogdanovic is one of the better 3 pt shooters in the game. Plus they added some really good depth. Both of LA's teams two stars are injury prone so i expect each pair to miss a defent amount of games. With that being said i like the rest of the pieces from the Clips (and Doc Rivers) better than the Lakers. Btw this is just my prediction of the regular season standings, not the playoffs. Im leaning towards a Lakers-76ers final but still on the fence.
  24. Its kinda funny that Donovan Williams and DeAndre Davis are replacing Haanif Cheatham and Matej Kavas. Not saying that their games or skill sets are similiar but Donovan Williams is a bigger gaurd that you can play on the wing (i.e. Cheatham) and DeAndre Davis is a wing that you could also play at the 4 if youre going small ball (i.e Matej Kavas). We will be replinishing the two position groups we are losing players from; albeit with different skill sets.
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