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  1. I didnt catch the first half. But your right about Kavas and Green. Hoiberg was talking about player fatigue when he mentioned Mack had played all but 30 seconds. So it could've been a slight exaggeration.
  2. Hoiberg said on the post game that Mack played all but 30 seconds of the game.
  3. Gotta love his honesty. Jervay Green was in good spirits on the bench, so that was good to see.
  4. Right there with ya brotha. It was a great win. HCFH owns Iowa and crappy (on paper) Nebrasketball teams might be Iowa's kryptonite.
  5. Kent just had the post game with HCFH and didnt even ask about Jervay Green.
  6. Youre saying that until they go and lose to Northwestern next... Only halfway kidding
  7. Lol you keep saying this. But there is absolutely no evidence to support Green solely being used as a backup PG and nothing else. Actually there has been a game or two where Mack played the whole game AND Jervay still played like 20+ minutes. You just want that to be the case. But the game thread is not a good place for that when ppl who arent watching are trying to follow along and get legitimate info.
  8. Green just looked ecstatic after Thor hit that DEEP three. FWIW
  9. Not to much up this game thread, but my buddy is a Creighton fan. So we are watching the games on a dual tv set up and at one point both Iowa and Villanova were 1/17 from 3 pt range.
  10. I also owe Haanif Cheatham a long over due apology. I said after game 2 he and Kavas should be benched for Arop and Stevenson (before his eligibility was decided). He has been our most consistent player this season.
  11. Jervay has got to be suspended, under the weather, or injured imo. If anyone is getting benched, it should be Kavas.
  12. The good news for Arop is that if the Rutgers game is any indication of how the rest of the season will go, he will get PLENTY of clock
  13. Well we forsure know that Arop cannot redshirt lol. Since his situation has nothing to do with injury and we have already played over a third of the season.
  14. So maybe its if you have played less than a third of the season and then have a season ending injury, you are eligible for a medical redshirt. The women play two less regular season games than the men, correct? If that's so the nine games for women and ten for men seem about equal to a third of the season.
  15. I think its like the first third or first quarter of the season.
  16. Been doing some more thinking about next year (i swear i dont always have this much free time, but we just had our first child and i took an additional week off of work with the holidays to help out and find myself with not much to do when baby and baby mama are asleep ). With absolutely no inside information, I feel very comfortable about seven players being in the rotation next year. Whether they are starters or bench pieces, i do not know. Those seven are Cam Mack, Dachon Burke, Teddy Allen, Shamiel Stevenson, Dalano Banton, Yvan Ouedraogo, and Derrick Walker. I think the starting 5 will come from that group and the other two will play significant minutes off the bench. That leaves us with Jervay Green, Charlie Easley, Thorir Thorbjarnarson, Akol Arop, Lat Mayen, and Kevin Cross left. HCFH will either play a 7+1 or an 8+1 rotation (the +1 is a semi-regular piece that will appear in a lot of games but not all and will not play a high volume of minutes). In a second, I will add what the remaining players will bring to the table that will give them a chance to fill that last spot or two.
  17. I dont visit the womens section too often (though i do follow the team). But same could be said for the mens section of the board too. Hate when i see posters (not saying it happens a lot on this board; especially compared to others) completely crap on a player or insist on calling for certain players to transfer. These are all young men and women doing the best they can on the court for us as fans, themselves, the university, and their teammates and coaches; all while living a whole other life off of the court that we completely ignore most of the time. I know i am guilty of it too, so its a good reminder.
  18. Reasons to be optimistic: 1. We have size coming to help on the boards in the form of: wings 6'5 Teddy Allen, 6'6 Shamiel Stevenson, and 6'8 Dalano Banton, and post players 6'8 Derrick Walker and 6'9 Lat Mayen. Not even including whatever growth we get from 6'8 Kevin Cross and 6'9 Yvan Ouedraogo. 2. Hoiberg can teach shooting. Even though we undeniably do not have the caliber of shooting we need. The cupboard isnt completely bare and HCFH knows what hes doing when it comes to that. I'd say those are our biggest issues and i think they are getting addressed. Not saying we will be B1G champs or even close but we will most definitely take a sizable step forward. There are reasons for optimism.
  19. Completely agree with the entire post. The question is, would he have been able to land any bigs through the grad transfer or JUCO route? Didnt seem like he had much success doing that.
  20. Miles roster would have likely been lacking size and shooting as well, since its safe to say Isaiah Roby and Thomas Allen would not be Huskers rn.
  21. Your roster would have looked like this. Im including all returning players since we dont technically know what attrition would have looked like under Miles. But im assuming certain players (Roby, Thomas Allen, Nana Akenten) would have been gone even with Tim Miles being retained. SENIORS Isaiah Roby 6'8 F JUNIORS Dachon Burke 6'4 G Jervay Green 6'3 G Nana Akenten 6'6 GF Thomas Allen 6'1 G Thorir Thorbjarnarson 6'6 G SOPHOMORES Amir Harris 6'6 GF Brady Heiman 6'11 FC FRESHMEN Akol Arop 6'6 F Karrington Davis 6'6 F Mika Adams-Woods 6'2 G * Possibility of having Johnny Trueblood back for his SR season and/or Tanner Borchardt waiver for another season since he exhausted an entire season for 1 min of game action
  22. I agree with this. And was something I had brought up earlier in the season in a different thread. I think there is B1G talent on this team. But I think some of guys are playing larger roles than what they should be compared to their ability. For example, Player A could be a solid bench piece for an average to good team getting 10-15 MPG. However, Player A should not be starting for your team, averaging 30+ MPG, and be the second or third leading scorer on your team. My hope is with the addition of our three RS transfers and two JUCOs, current players will be shifted to more appropriate roles. Hopefully that makes sense.
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