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  1. Still so many scenarios in play when just considering huge matchups; not even potential off the radar upsets. - Ohio State v. Penn State - Ohio State v. Michigan - Minnesota v. Wisconsin - Minnesota v. Penn State/Ohio State (potential) - Alabama v. Auburn - LSU v. Georgia (i think thats all but a lock) - Baylor v. Oklahoma (i think thats all but a lock but team's records could still take a hit) - Oregon v. Utah (potential)
  2. Two weeks left plus conference championship games. Things still very interesting! Heres my take on it: 1. LSU 10-0: Wins over Alabama, Florida, Auburn, and Texas. Cant argue with that. Even their gimme wins in non-con were over teams with winning records. 2. Ohio State 10-0: Wins over Wisconsin, Cincinnati, and Indiana plus (like LSU) their gimme non-cons were over teams with current winning records. Matchups with Penn State, Michigan, and Wisconsin/Minnesota could vault Ohio State to number 1. 3. Clemson 11-0: Undefeated and the defending national champions is all they have going for them. Wins over Texas A&M and Wake Forest are their best ones. Will not have any other chances for signature wins with South Carolina and a three/four loss ACC team all thats left on the schedule. 4. Penn State 9-1: Here is where things get controversial... Penn State has a great quartet of wins: Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, and Pitt. And their only loss is to a CFP contender. Great wins and a great loss. Thats my logic. 5. Georgia 9-1: The Bulldogs have great wins: Notre Dame, Florida, and Auburn. But own the worst loss of all CFP contenders (@ home versus South Carolina). That has to count for something. 6. Oregon 9-1: Good road wins over Washington and USC. And a tough opening season loss to Auburn, which they controlled and should have won. Pac-12 is hard to judge because they have a lot of solid teams and not a lot of bad ones. So we see a lot of 4-6 to 6-4 teams, which on paper makes it hard to build a good resume. 7. Minnesota 9-1: This weeks loss hurts bc their resume is severly lacking. They are clinging to their huge dub from last week. Good news is if they win out, with wins over a top ten Wisconsin and number 1/2 Ohio State they will have as good of a chance as anyone. 8. Oklahoma 9-1: Last nights game was a tale of two halfs for sure. Oklahoma was unstoppable on offense and their D was dominant during the second half. They now have victories over Baylor, Iowa State, and Texas. Not bad. A ranked bedlam showdown and probable rematch with the Bears loom. 9. Baylor 9-1: Oh BAYLOR! What did you do!? A win last night would have been huge to add in with current wins over Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and Iowa State. Now they must take care of business against Texas and Kansas and grab a revenge game against Oklahoma. 10. Alabama 9-1: Not a good stretch for Bama. Feel bad for Tua, but their only wins over teams with a winning record are Texas A&M and Southern Miss. With the injury to Tua and the Charmin soft schedule they shouldn't sniff the top four. Maybe next year. 11. Utah 9-1: Good looking road wins over BYU and Washington. But not much else. They have been dominate since their loss at USC. Will need to win out and hope Oregon does too, in order to give them a marquee showdown (and possible CFP play-in game).
  3. Never get too high, never get too low. We have seen improvement each game so far and thats all i want to see! The win makes it even better. Lets get another one next week. GBR
  4. I think most of us are on the same page. In short, this year will be rough but we will see vast improvements in years two and three.
  5. For whatever reason Samari Curtis has not seen the floor much through two games. I didnt see him playing much anyway and predicted him not to make the rotation once Hoiberg cuts it down to eight guys. He is in a tough spot having to battle Dachon Burke, Cam Mack, and Jervay Green for playing time. They may not be world beaters but they are no slouches.l either. All three have eligibility next year as well.
  6. First, thank you for adding information about the defensive assignments. I was unable to attend or listen so those things often go unnoticed when studying the box scores. But im thinking more towards when Shamiel is eligible (sorry if that wasnt clear). So I dont think Samari Curtis would be guarding the opposing teams 4. He would still be playing the role he is in now. And we would be replacing Cheatham/Kavas with Stevenson/Arop at the 4.
  7. He has really impressed me at LSU. But I disagree. I do not think he would have done at USC what he has done at LSU. Its hard to explain but I feel like its one of those perfect situations/chemistry.
  8. Absolutely no reason they should make it unless absolute chaos ensues the last three weeks. If they win out their best wins will be over 8-4 Auburn and Texas A&M. And those might be their only two wins over teams with winning records. Hopefully the committee has a back bone. Plus it looks like each conference should have a legitimate contender this year which, in theory, should keep Bama out. ACC: Clemson (13-0) Big 12: Baylor (13-0) or Oklahoma (12-1) Big Ten: Minnesota (13-0) or Ohio State (13-0/12-1) or Penn State (12-1) Pac-12: Oregon (12-1) or Utah (12-1) SEC: LSU (13-0/12-1) or Georgia (12-1)
  9. Once everyone is eligible PG: Cam Mack --> Jervay Green G: Jervay Green --> Samari Curtis G: Dachon Burke --> Thorir Thorbjarnarson F: Shamiel Stevenson --> Akol Arop F: Yvan Ouedraogo --> Kevin Cross Charlie Easley waiting in the wings. Thats my take on it. Yall enjoy your weekend! I will be back on Friday. GBR
  10. I will say this again in the post game thread. But why keep playing Cheatham and Kavas? 1. This season isnt going anywhere 2. They havent been effective so far 3. Akol, Samari, and Shamiel (when eligible) will be with the program much longer. Let them develop and get live reps in the system 3. This staff doesn't really like to recruit grad transfers anyway so who cares if you sour that pipeline Once again, i know its not fair to Cheatham and Kavas. But think about how beneficial 10-15 min a game for a whole season would be for Akol and Samari.
  11. How many of these guys would Hoiberg have recruited under normal circumstances?
  12. He or Ed Orgeron will be COY
  13. I think we will see significant improvement in year two.
  14. Are you saying that bc of the early signing period announcement or do you actually know that he might be looking else where?
  15. Didnt think we would be good. Didnt think we would be this bad either.
  16. I agree. Basketball is a quick turn around sport. On paper you replace Kavas with Banton, Cheatham with Donovan Williams, and add in Derrick Walker. Plus an offseason to learn the scheme and reshape bodies. I am very much optimistic about the future.
  17. I love how quickly we go from "Hoiberg did an amazing job pulling in such talented players in such a short amount of time" to "everyone sucks". This wouldnt be fair to Cheatham or Kavas. But i would only play players who will have eligibility next year. We are bad. Really, really bad. Lets atleast be bad with players who will be back next year.
  18. I agree. I think Hoiberg will be very successful here.
  19. I had a very interesting discussion after the first game with another fan. He told me he is concerned Hoiberg might turn out to be like Chip Kelly. One of the reasons Hoiberg (Iowa St bball) and Chip (Oregon fball) were so good bc they had barrier breaking, innovative offensive schemes. Both left for the pros in their respective sports and when they returned to college almost everyone is doing what they were doing. Not so innovative and cutting edge anymore. This isnt necessarily my opinion but I thought it was an interesting take, albeit WAY too early in Hoibergs tenure, and worth sharing.
  20. These missed FTs really are gonna drive me crazy. We are up to 20 combined misses from the charity stripe this season.
  21. Lots of work to do for Hoiberg and the guys. I guess you can say progress right? We were competitive against Southern Utah... And might pull out a win. God bless you Jervay.
  22. Kevin Cross can shoot. Its good to know he can make too.
  23. Wk 11 Picks: - LSU @ Alabama: No 9-6 final score in this one. Both teams have electric QBs and really good recievers. Tua's health is what makes me lean towards LSU. LSU wins 34-30. - Ohio State v. Maryland: Ohio State rolls even without Chase Young. - Penn State @ Minnesota: Minnesota's first real test. Should be an electric atmosphere in Minneapolis. Penn State has been unable to pull away from decent/good teams but they do in this one. - Clemson @ NC State: Expect the defending champs to make a statement after being left out of the initial top 4. Clemson rolls. - Baylor @ TCU: This will be another close one for Baylor but they stay undefeated and move another week closer towards a Game Day show down with Oklahoma. - Georgia v. Missouri: Pivotal SEC East matchup. Both teams both control their own destiny. Georgia wins relatively easily at home. - Oklahoma @ Iowa State: Sooners are coming into the resume building part of their schedule games against Iowa State, Baylor, and Oklahoma State. They get the first of three today. Oklahoma wins. - Wake Forest @ Virginia Tech: Who would have expected Wake Forest to be (hypothetical) playoff contention in November. Both teams have beencplaying very well as of late. A date with Clemson looms next week for the Demon Deacons. But it wont matter as their slim playoff hopes will be crushed today. Virginia Tech wins.
  24. Another issue i have is why put Penn State ahead of Clemson but not Bama? The argument for Penn State over Bama or Clemson is almost identical. Penn State: two victories over current ranked teams plus Pitt Bama & Clemson: 0 victories over currently ranked teams. Both with a solid win over TA&M
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