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  1. Hey we got Cope! But youre prob right. Kobe King, yes. Tre McGowens, no. Thats my guess.
  2. Certain admissions requirements could be waived for the 2020 and the 2021 academic school year since kids are currently no longer able to to test. That could help us.
  3. He isn't eligible til 21-20 so Kobe Webster will be gone.
  4. Glad Creighton got brought up for ppl to trash on. Now many of you can stop shitting on the character of an 18 year old young man for making his own decision that entirely impacts his life and has zero impact on yours. I will continue to praise Donovan Williams for knowing what is important to him and acting on it.
  5. Thats just a HUGE assumption and you know what they say about assuming lol.
  6. Bluebirds have been expecting this since about midseason, i believe. They return everyone and add in that Memphis transfer. Makes sense on both ends.
  7. McGowens and who??? Cant think of anyone were in on, unless Sanogo is moving to 2020.
  8. Listening to an interview with Matt A, they seem to be pretty content with the upgrade in size and skillset that they have coming in from the sit-out guys and the recruiting class. He even specifically mentioned how if you look at the bottom five or six rebounding teams in the B1G, those arent necessarily the bottom five or six teams in the conference standings (i didnt fact check this stat). He also added that, with what they have as of right now for next season, they feel confident they will be competitive on the boards and even win a few rebounding battles. Take it FWIW.
  9. I was listening to Matt A intervew from Rivals (lots a good stuff on attrition, recruiting, the staffs take on rebounding). It was the first media appearance by anyone from the basketball staff in idk how long. He made it a point to say that HCFH's goal is to always put the five most skilled players, in terms of their system, on the floor and he doesnt really base it off of your traditional basketball positions. Mentions how they played George Niang (who is 6'6-6'7) as their 5 a lot of the time. My point is, if Kevin Cross is one of the five most skilled players on the team, its very possible he could be used in that same role.
  10. Mack and Banton would have both started. It wouldnt have been one or the other. HCFH wants to have multiple ball handlers on the floor at all times. To build on that, if the staff is certain Mack is returning we prob dont go after or land Kobe Webster, right?
  11. If i recall correctly, it was a combination of Jordy and Roby ascending and the addition of Cope that led to what many thought would be a reduced role for one or both of them.
  12. If it wouldve worked out with Mack, I think we would have been sneaky good next year. Still think we will be much improved next year and am excited to work with the pieces we have moving forward.
  13. An expected attrition is finally official. Best of luck to Mack, he is extremely talented and with the right mindset/attitude can make a very lucrative career out of his skill set. Officially have two 'ships to work with.
  14. Did the extended dead period push back when Teddy Allen and Lat Mayen can sign?
  15. The below table is a collection of the players we are returning and the ones we are bringing in. Included is name, height, position, eligibility status, shooting splits, and per game averages. I just thought having it all together in one place, in this thread, would be helpful when discussing and debating next year.
  16. Indicator that Sanogo isnt picking us or is staying in 2021? Just spit ballin.
  17. So seniors are able to come back. Does anyone know if the rest of the players' eligibility remain the same? (I.e will our freshmen still be freshmen next year)
  18. At this point, Id be okay with moving forward with what we have right now. We have two 'ships left to grab a couple sit-out guys. Kobe Webster 6'0 Sr G Thorir Thorbjarnarson 6'6 Sr G Derrick Walker 6'8 Jr F Kobe King 6'4 Jr G* Lat Mayen 6'9 Jr F Shamiel Stevenson 6'6 Jr G/F Teddy Allen 6'5 Jr G/F Akol Arop 6'6 So F Charlie Easley 6'2 So G** Dalano Banton 6'8 So G Kevin Cross 6'8 So F Yvan Ouedraogo 6'9 F Empty Scholarship Empty Scholarship *Not yet ruled eligible **Walk-on
  19. Not getting the NCAA tourney experience this year will hurt them next year in my opinion.
  20. We made his official top 10 list. Still undecided between 2020 and 2021 recruit.
  21. Nebraska has reached out to 6'8 G Trey Murphey III (Rice). He is a sit one to play two. Posted really nice stats (leading scorer and second in minutes) and shooting percentages (43/37/84) across the board. Will be "for sure" giving Creighton and Connecticut a virtual visit.
  22. Wonder how much his first year at Iowa State skewed the average. If it was anything like his first year here, he probably had a double digit number of new players which would inflate the average since he was only there 4-5 years. Also, he was sending guys to the NBA (early departures? Idk) which is a positive type of attrition. My guess is if we discount the first year and account for any early NBA departures, it doesnt look/sound so bad. Every school has a graduating class and roster turnover that leads to four to five new players every season (another guess on my end).
  23. Saw they will probably be preseason top 5, assuming everyone returns.
  24. His younger brother is a 2021 commit for the Blue Devils
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