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  1. Ones put out by the current staff that we are still actively recruiting (neither party has necessarily cooled on the other).
  2. Shows you how much team chemistry matters, which is basically a huge advantage to every national team not hailing from the states. Though USA was lacking their true stars they didnt role out a bunch of scrubs. There was an article on ESPN that said the current USA squad would have been projected to win like 56 NBA games aka 1st or 2nd overall record. Something like that. Anyway i prefer USA using their young players and second teir stars. Makes for a much more competitive and interesting tourney.
  3. Congrats to Max. Didnt think he was coming here. Not to take away from his thread, but do we have any other serious offers out to 2020 kids? He was the only one i can think of. Im assuming all the recruiting efforts will be used towards '21 and '22 kids. Whatever opens up in the spring we will probably hit the transfer market with.
  4. The whole entire staff went. Says alot about how important he is.
  5. Scott Frost is only in his fourth season as a head coach (2nd at the P5 level). Sobering that he isnt perfect nor does he have it all figured out. Relax and give him his due time to fill out a roster from top to bottom and learn from rookie mistakes.
  6. I wouldnt say we were out-coached. Martinez and the O-Line made WAAYYYYY too many mistakes. Believe it or not, Frost isnt suiting up for the Big Red anymore.
  7. Very ignorant to compare Bo Pelini to the Frost era and say that Frost and his staff makes Pelini look like Nick Saban. When in all actuality your are part of a group that, more than likely, drank the koolaid on a team that is destined for 7-8 wins. Remember you said this now during years 4 and 5 of the Frost Era.
  8. Previous three posts are prob a little over dramatic. Its Game 14 of a program that had hit its "rock bottom".
  9. Hoiberg and Co will be on the road recruiting this week or next. The 2020 commits, Millard North trio, and Chucky Hepburn are the only players mentioned by name. Im gonna go out on a limb and say the staff wont do much more, if any, 2020 recruiting. Whatever scholarships open up due to attrition will be used on transfers.
  10. I would include him, with the starting 5 I listed, as "firmly in" the rotation. With the last two spots being up for grabs still.
  11. Agreed. Im leaning towards a Mack, Burke, Cheatham, Kavas, and Stevenson starting lineup. Hopefully the open scrimmage leads us into an undefeated football show down with Ohio State and an October filled with news, clips, and rumors about Nebrasketball practices.
  12. Some think Yvan Ouedraogo will start simply bc he is 6'9 and 260. I was guilty of that (starting but only playing 15-20) but have since changed my mind bc of being away from the team for so long and only being 17. Also guilty of thinking more traditional starting lineups which might not be the case this year or ever under Hoiberg.
  13. Better simply in terms of record. All the non-con teams we play to start are, no offense, but trash (Troy is a quality football program that has a winning tradition over the past 10 years or so). And if we played a basketball team as talented as Michigan's football team early on we would undoubtedly receive an "ass whuppin". If the football team was able to play out the original schedule, I think the season would have played out a tad different but thats a rant for a different thread Also, South Dakota State could be comparable to the football teams Troy game. Thats a winning program that wont be intimidated by us and will be visiting while we are still figuring things out (3rd game).
  14. Im expecting a 14-17 to 16-15 type of record. So as most have said, right around .500 Theres no reason we shouldnt win 8 or 9 non-con games with how light our schedule is. We have the talent and depth at gaurd, but unfortunately we are a little undersized at the wing and undersized/thin in the front court. Thats gonna make it hard to win in the B1G games. I think Hoiberg's first year will be a lot like Frost's first year.
  15. Andre Hunt and Katarian LeGrone are suspended indefinitely. LeGrone was not a surprising omission from the depth chart; however, Hunt was. Atleast we have a little clarity as to why.
  16. Nope. He has yet to be with the team at all, whether it be overseas in Italy or here in the states.
  17. Im interested to see how many of the guys are 2020 and how many are 2021.
  18. I would assume its gonna have to be PG but then again you cant really have Rick Ross and be PG. Its an interesting choice.
  19. His rap persona is believed to be based off the actual drug king pin "Freeway" Ricky Ross.
  20. From what I have gathered, each group of 5 (starters and the next 5) played roughly 20 minutes every game. If thats true, all of their minutes should be pretty close.
  21. We'll be close. But I think the Cal transfer ruins it for us as he will start if healthy
  22. Cam Jurgens most be something real special or the other options are pretty low. Missed most of the summer and parts of fall camp just to come back and be #1 right away. Its not like he is some seasoned vet. But I guess if youre getting comparisons to Dave Rimmington, youre probably pretty good.
  23. My only concern, and its not a very big one, is the roster management. No matter how you shake it JUCOs struggle in D1 and if they become impactful its not usually until the second part of the season or year two. Also, on paper, our freshmen class isnt anything to write home about (Im trusting the staffs evaluating). Add in that every other player hasnt played P5 basketball (sorry Haanif, im busy taking shots at Creighton and the Big East) at all or in a meaningful role and it could concern some that so many scholarships are tied up for so long. But once again im trusting Hoiberg and his judgement so its not a huge concern of mine.
  24. Dont have the exact numbers but apparently Jervay Green and Haanif Cheatham led the gaurds in rebounding during the four games.
  25. My only real concern is the roster construction. And its a very small concern. But hopefully we dont have too many reaches/misses with all the players we brought in.
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