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  1. Sounds like Bellevue West finished the game on a 16-0 run to grab a 64-62 win over Millard North. Idk much about the Mustangs HC but god damn he has to he pretty awful to screw the pooch like that two years in a row. Didnt even make it to state last year and then didnt win the ship this year. They are way too talented for that to be happening.
  2. I thought they were caught up in that whole FBI thing from this past summer and were expecting more penalties.
  3. Ouedraogo is Walkers senior by 250ish minutes in terms of actual playing time FWIW. In half the years of eligibility, albiet on a much worse team.
  4. NCAA is a joke. How can you let Petino coach at another school, free of discipline, while Louisville braces for penalties that stem from his tenure as HC...
  5. Assuming the same thing. HCFH wants 2-3 per year he said. Im still on board with RS'ing Akol Arop next year but im guessing thats highly unlikely, so a couple sit out guys is probably the move.
  6. *Based off earlier projections plus the addition of Kobe Webster* PG: D. Banton - K. Webster (or) J. Green Wing: K. King - T. Thorbjarnarson Wing: T. Allen - T. Thorbjarnarson Wing: S. Stevenson - L. Mayen Post: Y. Ouedraogo - D. Walker With the cancelation of everything sports related, some clarity of the Nebrasketball roster is all I have to look forward to next week.
  7. Im expecting a 15-16 win season. Obviously with the right to adjust based off attrition, schedule, and what we get to see out of the incoming players.
  8. Correct, my apologies. Fixed it
  9. Comparison to this years team: *trimmed it down to eligible players only* - Nine players with zero D1 experience - Four players with D1 experience - Two players with P5(6) experience; yes im counting Cheatham in the Big East - One player with B1G experience - Zero players with experience in HCFHs system and strength/conditioning
  10. Thor's end of the season post sure sounded like he plans on being back. If so, thats another player with D1, P5, B1G, and HCFH experience (sorry for all the ABRVs ).
  11. Also just to add some context to the tweet: - All players have D1 experience - Five of them have P5 experience - Three of them have one full season in HCFHs system and strength/conditioning programs - One of them has B1G experience This is not counting whatever pieces we have returning. Compare the experience of these 7 players to this years 16 player roster and its not hard to get a little excited!
  12. I know it is assumed Kobe King will be granted immediate eligibility but he hasnt yet, correct? Just making sure I didnt miss the announcement.
  13. I see him as more of a backup. I think that almost guarantees that atleast two of the three out of Mack, Burke, and Green are gone.
  14. And just to be clear, canceled implies they do not tend to make it up, correct?
  15. With the way his announcement is worded, it doesn't sound like he plans on coming back. Nvm. Just saw in a different thread the announcement with the Twitter caption about keeping his eligibility
  16. I was struggling with moderation so I made the personal decision to cut it out completely. Gotta do what works for you!
  17. I am one of the few 24 year olds i know who doesn't have Twitter, fb, instagram, etc. Found myself wasting WAY TOO MUCH time on social media and, as you mentioned, it can be very toxic on there. I use snapchat and this board (yes you should feel special ) thats it. Other than that I talk to and see my family and friends regularly.
  18. In short: SENIORS - Jervay Green 6'3 G - Thorir Thorbjarnarson 6'6 G JUNIORS - Derrick Walker 6'8 F - Kobe King 6'4 G* - Lat Mayen 6'9 F - Shamiel Stevenson 6'6 F - Teddy Allen 6'5 G/F SOPHOMORES - Akol Arop 6'6 F - Charlie Easley 6'2 G - Dalano Banton 6'8 G/F - Yvan Ouedraogo 6'9 F * Eligibility pending 2-3 schollies to work with
  19. Now that its all officially over, here is my way too early and way too wrong prediction on roster changes. Note that I have no inside information on the topic... Thorir Thorbjarnarson and Yvan Ouedraogo will be back. I think those two are the most sure fire bets to return. Everyone else is a coin flip. Cam Mack and Dachon Burke will not be back. Burke wil grad transfer for his final year of CBB and Mack will pursue professional basketball somewhere. The local boys (Easley and Arop) will be back for atleast one more go around. As mentioned by someone earlier, I think Easley knew what he was signing up for and PT more than likely came much quicker then he anticipated. I think the staff likes Arop a lot and you can see his potential. But he is still very raw and another year to mold the clay will tell us a lot. The last two players are going to be the hardest for me to decide: Kevin Cross and Jervay Green. A few weeks ago I thought Jervay was as good as gone. But with things looking bleak for Mack and Burke, it kinda makes since to stay right? Not sure he would want to transfer bc I do not think, as it currently stands, he would be able to gain immediate eligibility and he only has one year to play so he would be a sit one to play one. Plus another year in HCFHs system and second year in D1 would be good for him. We look a little thin on paper at the guard position, can we do better then Jervay? Is it worth taking the risk of parting ways only to strike out on the transfer market? Now to Kevin Cross!!! He ended the season on a high note but man did he play a lot of bad basketball for long stretches of time (but i mean so did the team as a whole). No doubt you can see the potential in him tho. Would love to see him at the 4 spot after another year in the weight room. The reason I lean towards him leaving is I see his playing time being significantly reduced next year as, in my opinion, he is still a couple years away. If a lesser role was in the plans for next year, would he be okay with that? I dont know Kevin Cross, but it seems most kids would transfer in that situation. Questions, comments, concerns... feel free.
  20. Another interesting tidbit from this story. Noah Vedral wanted to wear #2 so he will be wearing Dedoch Chan's never worn jersey with the name stitched out. Remember that guy?
  21. I also believe he has been injury prone in the past? I dont know if anyone can comment specifically on his time at Tennessee, but I remember hearing something along those lines. He also DNP during our trip overseas bc of injury.
  22. Sans FT shooting, I believe Jervay was close to those numbers in JUCO.
  23. I am a statistician, and 40 years from now when my memory starts going to shit this season is going to be really confusing
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