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    The above post is worth mentioning for those who arent super familiar with the NBA. James Palmer is basically auditioning for all thirty NBA clubs. Pheonix has no rights to him even though he is on their summer league team. Whereas since Roby's draft rights were traded to Dallas they have control of him for two years minimum. Roby has much more security with being drafted. But Palmer will have much more flexibility if the interest is there.
  2. I fully expect them to flip their record from last year. It would take 11 wins for me truly to be shocked.
  3. My way too early playoff predictions for next year, since everything seems settled (unless Russell Westbrook or Kevin Love get dealt by their respected teams). EAST 1. Philadelphia 76ers 2. Milwaukee Bucks 3. Boston Celtics 4. Brooklyn Nets 5. Indiana Pacers 6. Toronto Raptors 7. Miami Heat 8. Chicago Bulls WEST 1. LA Clippers 2. Utah Jazz 3. LA Lakers 4. Houston Rockets 5. Denver Nuggets 6. Golden State Warriors 7. Portland Trail Blazers 8. Sacramento Kings I went for a somewhat of a reach with both of the 8 seeds but feel very confident about everything else... for now.
  4. Then replace Jared Dudley with Iggy in my above post. Coming from a non-Laker fan thats a solid 10.
  5. Agreed. Yes Hoiberg isnt gonna get centers just to get centers. He's much more likely to play two forwards (or even just one). Thats not to say he wont go after centers, but he wont be adding centers just because we need to have centers on the roster.
  6. I would say their best line up is: LeBron James, Danny Green, Avery Bradley, Kyle Kuzma, and Anthony Davis. Thats a great defender in the post and two good defenders on the wing. Allows for LeBron to be more of a play making defender than anything. Kuz is also solid. That leaves Rondo, KCP, Jared Dudley, Boogie, and JaVale McGee off the bench which isn't a great fit as a second unit. But they dont necessarily have to play these 5 together.
  7. A lot different lineups to play with. So with what you mention, your second unit is Rondo, Danny Green, Avery Bradley, Jared Dudley, and JaVale McGee?? Good mix of shooting, defense, and vets. Id sub out Green or Bradley in place KCP to start. But a really good deep roster I think.
  8. Sounds as if Russell Westbrook could be on the move to Miami or Detriot. Or Kevin Love could be dealt to OKC. All dependent on if OKC wants to try and stay relevant or go full rebuild.
  9. And football news >>> bball news in this state.
  10. Lakers sign DeMarcus Cousins on a year deal.
  11. Im not certain on a win total. But if that team stays healthy (a big if at this point) thats a 7 or 8 seed in the East imo. Orlando, Miami, Detroit, Atlanta and Chicago should all be in the mix. All of which have nice pieces but some glaring holes.
  12. Well f**k! Kawhi signs with LAC under the stipulations they acquire Paul George. Thunder get 5 first round picks, Shai Gilleous-Alexander and Danilo Gallinari in return. Lakers rebound with Danny Green, Quinn Cook, JaVale McGee, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Not bad for being so late in free agency. The era of two stars and role players seems to be back baby!! No more super teams.
  13. I don't think so. Probably part of the NBAs plan to expand its brand globally.
  14. @basketballjones curious to see what you think of the Bulls free agency signings? No huge names, but I think they got versatile players who are available (healthy; able to play). I think were looking something like this: STARTERS Tomas Satoransky 6'7 G Zach LaVine 6'5 G Otto Porter 6'8 F Lauri Markkanen 7'0 F Wendell Carter 6'10 F/C ROTATION Coby White 6'5 G Denzel Valentine 6'6 G/F Chandler Hutchinson 6'7 F Thaddeus Young 6'8 F Luke Kornet 7'1 C BENCH Ryan Arcidiacono 6'3 G Antonio Blakeney 6'4 G Daniel Gafford 6'11 C
  15. Agree pretty much. In a perfect world (Roby, Allen, Burke, Green) we would have had a competitive roster. But it was very likely Roby and Allen still would have been gone even if Miles had stayed. Possible we could have lost Green too. Nana SHOULD be a P5 player but isnt (would more than likely be gone with Miles) and Amir has a high level defensive ability but cant shoot a lick. Miles had pieces to work with but would have needed to catch ALOT of breaks that he more than likely would not have gotten.
  16. Nice article in the LJS about Charlie Easley if anyone cares to link it. Apparently has impressed in drills and workouts so far. However, the team has not practiced any 5 on 5 yet.
  17. Seems legit from all reports I have heard from/seen. He was strictly doing pool work outs up to 5 days before he played bc they didnt think his lower leg was ready for the force created from on court workouts. And the one on court workout he had leading up to Game 5, per multiple reports, was not good. Sounds as if Golden State felt the pressure of being down 3-1 (and possibly losing KD to free agency) and rushed him back when he wasnt ready. Add in the very awkward and forced press conference by GM Bob Meyers after the game and the retiring of KD's jersey and it just makes it a very odd situation. Kawhi Leonard went through a similiar situation in San Antonio, where the SAS medical staff cleared him to play. Leonard didnt feel comfortable with their diagnosis and brought in his own people. Kawhi stuck to his gut and trusted his body. KD surrendered to all the talk/noise and pressure to play. Thats my take on it. Who knows if we will ever know the actual truth.
  18. PR move since theyre kinda responsible for his ruptured Achilles
  19. Kawhi is expected to announce later this week. His meeting with the Lakers went really well and is meeting with the Clippers today. Raptors will get the last meeting. Man Kawhi is really unpredictable and his camp is very tight lipped. I think Toronto still has the upperhand bc they really treated him well when it came to his health and coming back from his injury. Plus with KD being out, the Raptors will be the favorites if they run it back. Im gonna go out on a limb and say he signs a two year deal with Toronto with a player option in year 2 (similar to what Kevin Durant did with the Warriors). With that being said, that means the Lakers need to fill out the rest of the roster. A lot of middle tier free agents have already signed but there is enough out there to still put together a formidable team past Bron, AD, and Kuz. Lets say TJ McConnell, Danny Green, Marcus Morris with the rest of their cap space. Bring on JR Smith and Carmelo Anthony on vet minimum contracts. STARTERS TJ McConnell Danny Green Kyle Kuzma LeBron James Anthony Davis BENCH Talen Horton-Tucker JR Smith Carmelo Anthony Marcus Morris Johnathan Williams
  20. I thought Jimmy redeemed himself in Philly compared to his time in Minnesota. He was very lowkey and let Simmons and Embiid do their thing except for during crunch time.
  21. The east will be a solid 6-7 teams deep next year.
  22. All signs are pointing to Kawhi signing with LA. Not many second tier free agents left for LAL to cash in. Im assuming they have something in place but maybe AD was all they got. Ill present two scenarios: 1. Kawhi Leonard 2. Danny Green, Seth Curry, Marcus Morris, JR Smith, Carmelo Anthony Which is better LAL fans?
  23. Biggest question mark for me is Philly: - Resigned Tobias Harris (way over payed imo) - Sign and trade Jimmy Butler to Miami - Signed Al Horford (big contract, provides good shooting from that position, but overall not good shooting) Biggest winner (aside from Brooklyn, too obvious) for me is Utah: - Traded for Mike Conley - Signed Bojan Bogdanovic - They now have a volume scorer (Donovan Mitchell), a true PG (Conley), elite three point shooter (Bogdanovic), and a defensive menace (Rudy Gobert)
  24. Sounds as if they locked up Klay and landed D'Angelo Russell. They traded Andre Iguadala to Memphis.
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