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  1. Some line up as game 1 except Samari Curtis is subbed in for Dachon Burke. Also, still only eligible players have started aka no start for Dalano Banton through three games.
  2. I was really excited to see Akol. I could definitely see this trip holding him back as I think he is lower on most peoples rotation and definitely could have used the experience.
  3. Some takeaways from Chris Heady via the Pick Six Podcast (last 10 min): - He gave the MVP to Shamiel Stevenson. Says he really likes his game, size, and physicality. He could see him starting at the 3, 4, or 5 (depending on the type of starting lineup Hoiberg goes with). Staff feels good about their chances to get him eligible for game one. - Jervay Green was a close second for MVP - Hoiberg substituted like line changes in hockey (Green, Burke, Cheatham, Thorbjarnarson, Kavas --> Curtis, Thorbjarnarson/Easley, Banton, Stevenson, Cross) - A lot of players on the team have that scoring mentality. Players getting the ball and immediately attacking the basket instead of moving it around finding open 3s - Hoiberg is apparently very honest when describing the team as they played exactly how he has said. Very confident and lots juice when things are going well but when they take a turn they tend to shut down *I was unable to catch the livestream so i didnt personally see the game
  4. Is Mack even a sure fire bet? He's missed crucial practice reps and the whole entire foreign tour plus the jump from JUCO to D1 is usually a bumpy one. Not saying he wont be but i wouldnt put him in the same category as Burke and Cheatham since they are getting these valuable practice and in game reps and have already played at varying levels of D1 basketball.
  5. I am insanely excited for this season to begin. QB: Adrian Martinez need i say more; looks to have great depth behind him also RB: Dedrick Mills and Maurice Washington would be quiet the 1-2 punch. But Mo has his off the field issues. Not sure how I feel about the options behind him quite yet WR: JD Speilman and a whole lotta unproven guys. As with RB theres alot of bodies but we need play makers to step up. It was no coincidence they went out and got a grad transfer receiver OL: Tackles seem set; still waiting for the interior linemen to starters to emerge DL: Lots of bodies and lots of talent. This could be a 7-8 man deep line we roll out this year LB: Solid starters inside and reasons to be optimistic outside. However, not a lot of depth and a lot of youth isnt usually a good recipe DB: A great mix of returning experience and young incoming talent. Should be a position of strength K/P: Kicking is gonna be a strength. If a drive stalls inside the 30 (hopefully not too many) Pickering will get us three points. Punting is TBD, Isaac Armstrong was solid in replacing Lightbourne midseason
  6. Heres what i got STARTERS Samari Curtis 8 points Haanif Cheatham 20 points Shamiel Stevenson 6 pts Matej Kavas 9 points, three 3pt FGs Kevin Cross 2 points BENCH Jervay Green 6 points Dachon Burke 20 points Thorir Thorbjarnarson 5 points Dalano Banton 4 points Charlie Easley 3 points - We played 12 players (im assuming same 12 as last game); 10 of which scored - Starters were sluggish with poor switching and communication on D to start; second unit (Green, Burke, Banton, and Thor mentioned specifically) helped ignite the team in the first quarter - Team hit a total of ten 3's
  7. Interesting note: all scholarship players that are eligible to play next year and participating in the trip have started a game. Dalano Banton, who is not eligible this upcoming year, is the only scholarship player who has played but has not started. Matej Kavas and Haanif Cheatham have started both games thus far.
  8. Just realized i left off James Palmer
  9. My guess is all scholarship players (9) will play plus maybe Easley (he entered the last game fairly early). Piatkowski and Porter will see action if it gets ugly either way.
  10. Well if were going with players we have only seen play here is my 12... PG: Glynn Watson, Tai Webster SG: Terran Petteway, Ray Gallegos, Evan Taylor SF: Shavon Shields, Andrew White PF: Isaac Copeland, Isaiah Roby C : Michael Jacobson, Brandon Ubel, Walt Pitchford
  11. Minnesota gets a fn box score????!!!!
  12. Anyone know if we are recruiting/ offered Nyayangah Gony out of Lincoln High? Shes a 6'3 wing/stretch four and is just outside of the top 75 for the 2020 class rankings (#1 player in Nebraska). Her sister plays at Purdue.
  13. Very glad to hear that Kavas looks bigger and more athletic than what we thought coming in. That could be huuuuuuuuuge! Front court (aside from sheer chemistry) is my biggest concern. If Kavas is closer to a real Big Ten stretch 4 than we thought that allows us much more leeway to mix and match at the 5 with Yvan Ouedraogo, Kevin Cross, and Shamiel Stevenson.
  14. Semi pro team that plays in Italy's third tier of professional basketball i believe. Whatever that means.
  15. Its so nice to have a little basketball to hold us over until football kicks off... which eventually leads into basketball tipping off lol. Probably nothing you can take away from this game that is really concrete. We are down three players (Ouedraogo, Mack, Arop) who will contribute next year. And played Dalano Banton who is ineligible. The important thing is we got game like reps against outside competition and no one got hurt. The next club we play is suppose to be pretty stiff competition. Also, s/o to Thor getting the start. He probably wont ever be the leading scorer but I keep hearing about how much better the ball moves when hes on the court and that hes always making the "smart play".
  16. Not looking for reading material but moreso stats. Dont believe any of the papers will provide a box score (maybe im wrong!) Shamus linked box scores via his Twitter account during our last foreign trip.
  17. If one becomes available, can someone please remember link a box score for the game.
  18. Kevin Cross looks shorter than Haanif Cheatham and Thorir looks to be towering over him (even though none of the three are perfectly lined up and Cross appears to be in slides). Pic is from a team photo of them in the airport if anyone cares to post it.
  19. I went with Banton as PG bc Mack wont be playing and Derrick Walker bc we need a big (maybe im thinking too conventional) and have heard he is physically imposing. I would actually prefer if Banton and Walker didn't play. Prep the kids that are gonna suit up and win us games this year.
  20. Wouldnt be surprised if the coaches dont have all 5 spots solidified for game 1. Likely doesnt matter as it will prob change from game to game and by the start of the season. But guessing is fun.
  21. I believe we will see a different starting lineup each game. I also think we will see minutes fluctuating between games. I dont think the goal is to solidify the rotation or winning. I think these four games are about mixing matching lineups and giving players extended opportunities without any significant consequences.
  22. Merge this with the Italy Trip thread if deemed necessary.
  23. Anyone wanna make predictions on the starting five of our first game overseas? We know Dalano Banton and Derrick Walker are in and Cam Mack and Yvan Ouedraogo are out. Gimme - Dalano Banton - Dachon Burke - Haanif Cheatham - Shamiel Stevenson - Derrick Walker
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