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  1. I really really hope that our returning players from this season bring the right attitude coming into next season. Im talking about looking at these incoming guys and saying why you think you get to come in here and play over me? I played through all the ass kickings last season and took my lumps. I was out here learning the playbook and learning the intricacies of B1G bball not you. Im not about to just be a stop gap until yall become eligible!!! Thats what im hoping to get out of our returning wings and front court players. Yes we have talented players coming in but I also think we have some dogs on the team that arent gonna relinquish their PT so easily.
  2. Lol he didn't say there couldn't be one JUCO player better than Teddy.
  3. Should have clarified. Imagine the assist numbers Mack would be putting up with that supporting staff AND Hoiberg.
  4. Loved Glynn so this isnt a knock on him but imagine the assist numbers Mack would have put up with a supporting cast of Roby, Palmer, Copeland, and Thomas Allen
  5. Had no doubt Jervay was gonna find his way back into the rotation. I was basing that off of his ability and his demeanor (let's say compared to Samari Curtis). The question is does he replace Easley or Kavas?
  6. PM's might be a good place for you two discuss this. And he probably is saying 1-3 will transfer bc thats about how many transfer every year... from almost every school. Its inevitable.
  7. Mike Leach AND Lane Kiffin Same conference Same division Same state I will definitely be tuning in to the Egg Bowl.
  8. To be fair, I dont know many current JR/SR in high school that would fair much better. And the ones that would, wont be coming to Nebraska any time soon and will also only be in college for a year. The lumps he is taking this year will do wonders for him the next three years.
  9. I havent heard that (but i also miss a lot of interviews and press conferences). Im just basing this off his rotations at Iowa State.
  10. Aside from a few posters, the board is holding up well! Im glad to see it. This is what this season is going to be!!! Get used to it and enjoy the bright spots (like shitting on Io_a)
  11. And home (North Dakota). Still learning how to bring it every damn game i suppose. No matter who the opponent.
  12. Charlie's saying damn I just got my scholarship coach, chill for a second
  13. So looks like we are still in on 6'8 F Tibet Gorener and 6'4 SG Kerwin Walton for 2020. Anyone know of any others?
  14. Next step for this team is to not lay an egg against a team they should beat. Indiana, Purdue, and Iowa are all proof that we can compete with the middle of the pack B1G teams. Northwestern will likely finish last. Lets see this team come out tomorrow and take care of business! Rutgers game doesnt bother me as much bc: 1. I heard on a podcast (half court press or pick six) that Rutgers was the biggest/heaviest team in the B1G and 2. I think they are pretty good. Like top 6 finish in the conference
  15. Thanks. Just curious on how that works bc i thought the B1G offered the "4-year commitable scholarship" deal. Which was why there was a big fuss about Hoiberg getting rid of Miles' players riggr away bc a coaching change is the only time you can pull schollies and force kids out. But im assuming there is some type of loop hole to allow you to temporarily award walkons with scholarships when you have extra. Anyway, good for Charlie!
  16. Now someine learn me something, is this a commitable like the rest of the scholarship players? As in, he is now on scholarship for the duration of his time here or until he decided to leave or just a semester thing?
  17. Could be a perfect player for us. Sometimes players need time to develop (i.e most recently, Thor). When you are allotted 13 scholarships and only play 8 or 9, a guy or two riding the bench more than likely wont hurt you. But yes, we will see how it plays out.
  18. I want to see Arop at about 210-215# before I make any decisions on him. I still think he can play at this level. But he is now looking at an older and, what seems to be, very talented group of front court players. Worst case scenario, we have an instate kid riding the pine for four years. Best case scenario, he bides his time and develops his game and body so that he can crack the rotation as a JR/SR.
  19. Ageee. Like if you feel that strongly about someone playing over someone, thats something you should take up with coach. Its not Jervay's fault HCFH chose to play him over Charlie, Samari, Thor or whoever.
  20. Just to get a better idea of what rotations will look like under HCFH, here is his five year sample size from his time at Iowa State. **DISCLAIMER** i only added info based off of what i could tell from the individual player logs of season stats. I did not dig deep enough to see how injuries, suspensions, or mid season transfers affected this. If you would like to dig deeper or know more info, feel free to build on this. 2010-11: Seven players that played in basically every game. He also had an additional player that played in 25 games at 9 MPG. So an 8 man rotation you could say. 2011-12: Eight players that played in all or almost all of the games. He also had an additional player that played in 21 games at 13.8 MPG. So (what i like to call) an 8+1 man rotation. 2012-13: Again, eight players that played in all or alkost every single game. However, this year he had two additional players that contributed on a semi-regular basis. One player at 17 games/12.5 MPG akd the other at 18 games/6.9 MPG. Dare I call this a 8+2 man rotation 2013-14: This year he was down to seven guys that played every/almost every game. Once again we see two semi regular contributors. One at 24 games/5.8 MPG and the other at 20 games/5.7 MPG. In this season one is guard the other is a forward, so maybe it was a matchup thing. 7+2 man rotation 2014-15: This year looked to be a solid 8 man rotation. There was an additional player that played in 16 games/9.3 MPG. This was player was a forward who seemed to get more clock bc another player, Jameel McKay (25 games/27.2 MPG), who must have been injured or suspended. 8 man rotation.
  21. Jervay Green and Dalano Banton would more than likely be your options at PG during the 5 to 8 minutes Cam Mack is not on the court. Also, no Shamiel Stevenson included in the rotation. Was that purposeful or accidental? I know we have a lot of pieces to work with at the moment!
  22. If I recall, HCFH made a pretty good amount of effort to keep Jervay committed, right? Cant imagine he gives up on him easily. Unless it really isnt there for Jervay on the court and/or in his head.
  23. And injuries. But agreed. Very rarely do guys willingly redshirt. Especially AFTER their freshman year.
  24. If anyone does these call in shows, and you can get this question pass the screener, you should ask what Matej Kavas brings to the rotation that Akol Arop and/or Jervay Green (depending on how his situation works out) cant/wont bring? Not even trying to obnoxiously hate on Kavas as I know their are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that we dont know about. Just really curious.
  25. Totally agree. If both players are at their best, Jervay Green is the better player. But at this very moment in the season Charlie Easley is a better option for us considering what the team needs and what both players are currently offering.
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