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  1. Kevin Cross can shoot. Its good to know he can make too.
  2. Wk 11 Picks: - LSU @ Alabama: No 9-6 final score in this one. Both teams have electric QBs and really good recievers. Tua's health is what makes me lean towards LSU. LSU wins 34-30. - Ohio State v. Maryland: Ohio State rolls even without Chase Young. - Penn State @ Minnesota: Minnesota's first real test. Should be an electric atmosphere in Minneapolis. Penn State has been unable to pull away from decent/good teams but they do in this one. - Clemson @ NC State: Expect the defending champs to make a statement after being left out of the initial top 4. Clemson rolls. - Baylor @ TCU: This will be another close one for Baylor but they stay undefeated and move another week closer towards a Game Day show down with Oklahoma. - Georgia v. Missouri: Pivotal SEC East matchup. Both teams both control their own destiny. Georgia wins relatively easily at home. - Oklahoma @ Iowa State: Sooners are coming into the resume building part of their schedule games against Iowa State, Baylor, and Oklahoma State. They get the first of three today. Oklahoma wins. - Wake Forest @ Virginia Tech: Who would have expected Wake Forest to be (hypothetical) playoff contention in November. Both teams have beencplaying very well as of late. A date with Clemson looms next week for the Demon Deacons. But it wont matter as their slim playoff hopes will be crushed today. Virginia Tech wins.
  3. Another issue i have is why put Penn State ahead of Clemson but not Bama? The argument for Penn State over Bama or Clemson is almost identical. Penn State: two victories over current ranked teams plus Pitt Bama & Clemson: 0 victories over currently ranked teams. Both with a solid win over TA&M
  4. To be fair this is a game thread. If you ask many of us, im sure we are still optimistic that we will improve drastically over the course of this season and that Hoiberg will do great things here. But this game, no matter how optimistic or pessimistic one tends to be, was pathetic.
  5. Actual rankings came out tonight. The committee gets a little bit of respect from me for including Penn State in the top 4 but it should have been Alabama on the outside looking in, not Clemson. I also agree with ranking Utah/Oregon over Oklahoma. Will they do it when the rankings actually matter? Probably not. One question I would ask them is why is Baylor ranked so low; especially behind Oklahoma. Baylor has two wins over ranked teams (Okie St and K-State) on the road not to mention one of those wins is over a team that absolutely spanked Oklahoma.
  6. Frostys wishing he never left UCF and Hoiberg is wishing he would have taken a better job right about now. Jkjk im sure they both will do great.
  7. We are getting blown out at home by UC-Riverside.
  8. Hoiberg was definitely right about this team being weak mentally. Getting punched in the mouth by UC RIVERSIDE and the response is pathetic. Cant wait to see what teams with great coaches and future NBA talent do to us...
  9. Sit back and enjoy the little things bc this will be a LONG season; especially if you are one who judges solely off of wins and losses. Those of you who picked 16-18 wins were extremely optimistic.
  10. PJ Fleck was in a similar situation last year as we are this year; which was also his second year. 4-6 needing two wins (including a big one over rival Wisconsin) to reach bowl eligibility. Minnesota fans werent entirely thrilled at the time. Now the boat is rowing. Not saying that will happen to us but hey its possible! *Sorry if i have some of the Minny details messed up.
  11. I told a buddy of mine that the Florida State job opening up was great for Oregon bc Taggart (he was the Ducks HC for one season) was going to ruin what they had built there. Florida State is gonna shoot for the big dogs (Urban Meyer, James Franklin, Bob Stoops) and strike out. I say they end up with a Mark Stoops, PJ Fleck, or Matt Campbell type coach.
  12. I think he is going to be a junior whether he plays now or at semester's end. The waiver is just for immediate eligibility. Thats atleast how I understand it.
  13. We open the season with four consecutive home games.
  14. Maybe Fr of the year? I thought he had another accolade
  15. He was a very good defender before he got here as well. Averaged over 2 steals a game and i wanna say he was DPOY from his previous conference or atleast all-defensive team.
  16. After Wk 10: 1. LSU 8-0 2. Ohio State 8-0 3. Penn State 8-0 4. Clemson 9-0 5. Baylor 8-0 6. Alabama 8-0 7. Georgia 7-1 8. Oregon 8-1 9. Utah 8-1 10. Minnesota 8-0 11. Oklahoma 7-1 12. Wake Forest 7-1 Appalachian State, Florida, and SMU all eliminated this week.
  17. An article from the LJS surveyed all 16 players about varying categories. Below are the results for the following categories: Best defender? Best rebounder? Best dunker? Hardest to guard? *Many players gave multiple players for each category (including themselves) and some gave no specific answer. BEST DEFENDER (PLAYER NAME/# OF MENTIONS): - Dachon Burke 13 - Haanif Cheatham 1 - Jervay Green 1 BEST REBOUNDER: - Yvan Ouedraogo 8 - Derrick Walker 5 - Shamiel Stevenson 2 - Dalano Banton 1 - Kevin Cross 1 BEST DUNKER: - Shamiel Stevenson 12 - Akol Arop 5 - Jervay Green 3 - Dalano Banton 2 - Cam Mack 1 - Derrick Walker 1 HARDEST TO GUARD: - Cam Mack 6 - Dachon Burke 6 - Jervay Green 3 - Samari Curtis 3 - Dalano Banton 2 - Derrick Walker 1 - Haanif Cheatham 1 - Shamiel Stevenson 1 - Yvan Ouedraogo 1
  18. Definitely the last two imo. Minnesota was flat out better. Nebraska had the talent to beat Indiana and Purdue but got outplayed and outcoached. And it likely cost them a bowl game unless they pull something out of their ass the last three games.
  19. Nebraska 85 UC Riverside 71 7 non conference wins 13 overall wins
  20. I just wonder how he will hold up against bigger more physical guards. Hopefully he has gained most of his weight/strength back from his medical absence earlier in the year. If he hasnt, the grind of a college bball season isnt a great time to do so.
  21. 175 is good. Thought Jake/Kent said something about him appearing really thin and skinny during the radio broadcast. And mentioned him looking closer to 150 or 160. Could have misheard them. And obviously wasnt as the game to see for myself.
  22. I wonder what the staff thinks Cam Mack's ideal playing weight is. Kent and Jake said his 160# listing might be generous. Im sure his medical issue in the summer has a lot to do with it tho.
  23. What was the biggest lineup we played? Off the top of my head I believe it was: Jervay Green 6'3, Haanif Cheatham 6'6, Thorir Thorbjarnarson 6'6, Matej Kavas 6'8, and Yvan Ouedraogo 6'9. Did Cross and Ouedraogo get paired up on the court at all? I was out for a late night, chilly run while listening to the game. So I zoned out on more than a few occasions.
  24. Some box score takeaways: - Top 9 all played pretty similar minutes. When eligible, who does Stevenson take minutes from? - Mack will have multiple triple-doubles during his time here. - Are we a bad FT team or just rushing them bc we were juiced. FTs are gonna have to be made in order for this team to sniff a .500 record. Gotta get the freebies especially when considering the deficiencies we know we already have - Samari can shoot. However, he made a lot of freshmen mistakes throughout the game too. - Easley didnt enter the game until "walkon" time. I thought he would be in the mix a little more, atleast for an exhibition game. Guess not. - Three point shooting was not good. Couldnt tell by radio if they were good shots that didnt drop or poor shot selection
  25. Interesting. Walker is the one im least excited about of the four. He will give us a physical presence in the paint but is so far in his career has been pretty 1 dimensional and injury prone. Cant wait to see what the redshirt year does for him tho!
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