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  1. Sounds as if Kyrie to Brooklyn and Kemba to Boston are locks. KD and Kawhi to the Knicks or Clippers seems possible.
  2. NU and March Madness. Ill follow it but dont actually watch other college basketball games.
  3. I am also excited about White. I just didnt include him bc I dont watch college bball, aside from Nebraska, and obviously he hasnt played an NBA game yet. I believe there are only two current NBA players who do not have a longer wingspan than their height. TJ McConnell and someone else.
  4. Alot of Bulls fans would like to move on from that duo. Im hanging on bc there is a nice young core to build around. If they stay healthy (as healthy as you can ask for) and get some vet leadership it will be a fun year for us Bulls fans.
  5. Bc GarPax are cheap. 23 million in cap space and we arent really targeting anyone. Trade Dunn for a future second round pick and sign a vet PG (Beverly or Rubio) and sign a veteran 4/5 man (maybe Taj). Thats what i would like to see.
  6. It definitely looks as if they are looking to add a third star. I still prefer quality depth but I dont get paid the big bucks. The only "star" I would be interested in, if he were healthy, would be Klay Thompson. The way he moves without the ball/dribbling, shoots, and defends would be PERFECT for LAL.
  7. I think this years team is more talented from top to bottom. But last year's team was more talented at the top. Glynn Watson, Thomas Allen, James Palmer, Isaac Copeland, and Isaiah Roby. I dont see a player on the current roster that would rank any higher than 4th when compared to those 5 guys (this is what I believe that guy meant by lack of "star power"). But one could say all 13 current scholarship guys are better than Amir, Brady, Tanner, Nana, Karrington Davis, and (soph.) Thorir and I wouldnt argue you about it. This will be a good topic to discuss after Italy and our exhibition game.
  8. Last I heard on him was he was going the JUCO route. No clue as to where though.
  9. Not a big fan of that. Spread that money around --> JJ Redick, Nikola Mirotic, Danny Green, Bojan Bogdanovic. Shooters, size, and defense. Not sure what DLo brings to the Lakers. Hes a ball dominant PG who isnt a great shooter. But the same could be said about Kyrie and they got a ring together.
  10. Didnt know exactly where to put this but its interesting enough to atleast warrant a post. On a podcast I was listening too (I wanna say the second newest Pick Six Podcast) Chris Heady was talking about a story he was doing on Hoiberg and threw out the idea that we are getting a version of Hoiberg never seen before. That is, a Fred Hoiberg looking for redemption after his first ever stint of failure. He was successful as high school player, college player, NBA player, NBA executive, and college coach. His stint with the Chicago Bulls was the first time he was never really successful in a basketball related postion. Not only are we getting a great, innovative coach but we might also be getting one with a little extra to prove.
  11. Free agency begins on Sunday and its gonna be a wild one. Here is a list of the top 20 free agents and where I think they will land. NBA junkies enjoy! 1. Kawhi Leonard --> Toronto Raptors 2. Kevin Durant --> Brooklyn Nets 3. Kyrie Irving --> Brooklyn Nets 4. Kemba Walker --> Boston Celtics 5. Klay Thompson --> Golden State Warriors 6. Kristaps Porzingus --> Dallas Mavericks 7. Jimmy Butler --> Philladelphia 76ers sign and trade to Houston Rockets 8. Tobias Harris --> New York Knicks 9. Khris Middleton --> Milwaukee Bucks 10. Nikola Vucevic --> Orlando Magic 11. D'Angelo Russell --> New York Knicks 12. Malcom Brogdon --> Milwaukee Bucks 13. JJ Redick --> Los Angeles Lakers 14. DeMarcus Cousins --> Golden State Warriors 15. Al Horford --> Dallas Mavericks 16. Bojan Bogdanovic --> Los Angeles Clippers 17. Julius Randle --> Los Angeles Clippers 18. Brook Lopez --> Boston Celtics 19. Paul Millsap --> Denver Nuggets 20. Marc Gasol --> Toronto Raptors
  12. That sounds right now that you say it. Westsides shot ended up on SportsCenter Top 10 plays
  13. Chubick is a hell of a coach. And I believe Donovan Williams hit the game winner on Millard North's home court to make it to state and keep the Mustangs home (could be wrong tho).
  14. I cant think of the last time a high school team has had three P5 caliber players on the same team. All of which are current P5 talent. I think thats an important distinction to make. Not like a team that had two really good upperclassmen and a freshman that turned into something later. These are all three talented players who are going in to the season with high caliber offers. If they are healthy and dont win a title I guarantee there will be a coaching change (yes, high schools make performance based changes too). It happened at Benson High School when said coach failed to even make the state final with a future NBA draft pick and a mid major defensive/new comer of the year in addition to a couple D2 players.
  15. Kevin Cross being here for both summer sessions and the extra practices for the Italy trip will be huge for him beating out Yvan Ouedraogo for minutes. Also gives players like Samari Curtis, Thorir Thorbjarnarson, and Akol Arop a small head start over their competition.
  16. Looks as if Cam Mack, Shamiel Stevenson, Haanif Cheatham, and Matej Kavas will not be in Lincoln until the second session of summer workouts. As we already know, Yvan Ouedraogo will not arrive until August. All other players, scholarship and walk on, are here and participating in workouts.
  17. So i think I could coach Millard North to a state title next year...
  18. @Norm Peterson honestly couldnt remember who I saw post it I just remember reading it (my memory is usually pretty good, but it was during the time where so much was being posted and talked about). Now that I think about it, I probably remember it bc it was you who posted it. Generally, I think you provide a lot of good information and thought provoking posts. It was a fair post. With all the offers going out, you start to figure someones gotta go... and its not gonna be the 4* local kid and its more than likely not going to be the kids Hoiberg and Co purposefully brought in. I think De'Andre Davis' scholarship situation was similar to Thor's roster situation. Where if you had to pick one person on the roster that was gonna go most of us thought it was gonna be Thor. I think the same could be said about Dre Davis. At that moment, he was the least ballyhooed recruit in the 2019 and 2020 classes, as far as I could tell. As with Thor's situation, I just think its interesting how quickly things can change.
  19. With the way college basketball is nowadays you have to almost assume 1 or 2. Nobody, including the staff, has an accurate gauge on who it will be rn but it is almost a given. Also something discussed on this board (i think by Norm and myself specifically) is you have to consider how much this staff loves the redshirt transfer. By recruiting 2020 kids, who we currently dont have room for, we are getting are foot in the door for when 45% of them transfer in a year or two. The staff could be playing the long game in recruiting.
  20. De'Andre Davis went from a few on here speculating he would be cut loose bc of all the super awesome 2020 guys we were offering to possibly turning this thing into a family affair with the offering of his little bro.
  21. Four different conferences represented. I like
  22. But i mean what leads you to believe we have a chance to land a player of that caliber? Did Hoiberg ever bring in that level of recruit to Iowa State?
  23. Glad he was traded. Dallas is a good organization and has a bright future with Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingus.
  24. Will be teammates with Khyri Thomas
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