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  1. Ive heard a lot of rumblings as well from either very impatient fans or people who are just very ignorant about the make up of this team and how it was put together. Teams who are replacing a few key pieces are given a month or so to gel and form team chemistry. Take that scenario and multiply by 100 and thats our team. Zero experience playing together. Zero experience playing in the offensive and defensive schemes. Roster full of freshmen and other players without P5 experience. Thin roster. Lacking size. Lacking shooting. I dont mean to be rude (yes, that means i am about to say something rude), but if you thought this was going to be a good team you are either blindlessly optimistic or an idiot. I think I predicted 12 or 13 wins and I feel like a moron.
  2. I just dont like to publicly talk about kids transferring until happens. I have no inside info, but like most of us, I have my own ideas on who will leave based on current roles, predicted future roles, and incoming talent. I could have said nothing at all, but admit I am human and get sucked into the talk from time to time.
  3. Without giving out names, I can tell you I think two of our four freshmen transfer (one of which may be a surprise) and I think we encounter attrition that doesnt have to do with a player transferring to another school. *NO INSIDE INFO HERE, JUST GOING WITH THE GUT*
  4. Scholarship may not. But i dont blame him if PT does. I could see him starting at a school like UNO and being a 25-30 MPG kinda guy. He will more than likely be riding the pine next year and if he does continue to stay in the rotation, or crack it again later in his career, he prob wont see more than 10-12 MPG. If he is okay with that, and his family can handle an on again off again scholarship situation, he is an absolute steal for NU. But he is definitely capable of filling a much larger role somewhere else.
  5. Maybe 13 is the longest losing streak overall (including between seasons) and 10 or 11 is the longest in a single season. Idk just a guess.
  6. I forgot Mayen played at TCU(?). Thanks
  7. Its probably not so much who but moreso common knowledge that 1-3 kids are gonna transfer every year from every single school.
  8. They are on the team until they arent.
  9. Cam Mack --> 1 Jervay Green --> 1&2 Dachon Burke --> 2 Charlie Easley --> 2 Teddy Allen --> 2,3,4 Thorir Thorbjarnarson --> 3 Shamiel Stevenson --> 3&4 Dalano Banton --> 1,2,3,4 Akol Arop --> 4 Kevin Cross --> 4 Lat Mayen --> 4&5 Yvan Ouedraogo --> 5 Derrick Walker --> 5 Here are the realistic spots i think each player can contribute. I know some players CAN play different positions but that doesnt mean we WANT to see them there (i.e. Thor at the four, Cross at the five, etc)
  10. I dont follow CBB closely (so i could be wrong) but from my understanding the Zags bring in a lot of highly coveted international players and have been good at developing underrated prospects from the states / finding over looked kids. They get those two types of kids to the NBA and do it very well. Do they have a track record of taking in top flight talent from the states and getting them to the league? Please correct me if im wrong. Like i said, aside from Nebrasketball, i dont follow the sport too closely.
  11. Skeptical of both our JUCO commits and the role they will play. I think Teddy Allen is being wildly over hyped (to be clear I think he will be a starter and good player but maybe not a world beater like some) and im not sold that Lat Mayen will crack the rotation. If he does that means he beat out most or all of the following players at the 4 or 5: Yvan Ouedraogo, Derrick Walker, Kevin Cross, and Akol Arop and possibly, depending on how they are used, Shamiel Stevenson and Dalano Banton. But im all for competition so bring it on!
  12. Yeah hire a damn near 70 year old for an organization that is rebuilding didnt make much sense to me either lol
  13. Best of luck to Mr. Kavas. Hopefully we get to see Arop platoon with Thor now
  14. Thought that was an awful hire when it happened.
  15. Any word on Dachon Burke? I know the flu can linger awhile.
  16. I will be completely honest I think baseball is entirely too boring to watch. Only baseball watching i do is in person when its 75+ and sunny out A beer in the hand helps too. But GBR nonetheless!!!
  17. I claim to have no vast knowledge about the Xs and Os of basketball but I have learned some things and had a lot of fun doing so!
  18. This is my first year coaching basketball. I coach a 5th grade boys basketball intramural team for our elementary school. It is an eight week season and every team gets to play 5 games. We won our first game of the season last night 14-10 and boy was it an awesome experience for those kids. Many of which are completely new to basketball or team sports in general. Anyway, I got home to watch the second half and my gf says youre going to ruin your good mood by watching Nebrasketball!!! But it was quite the opposite, they played lights out in the second half. Very pleased with the game overall. Play like that at home against Wisconsin and we will very much so have a chance to win. GBR
  19. Hes a good player. He will do well wherever he goes. Kudos to him for knowing what he is looking for; he wants to go some where and be the man from the start and play early/often. He realized Nebraska may not be that place. Hopefully he finds a school that is a good fit for him. The only thing that changes for me is now I wont be rooting for LNS to win the 'ship. Ill save it for Hunter Sallis and the Mustangs who we still have a chance with (however small it might be).
  20. He is listed at 220-225# for SDSU. Hopefully we can get Akol to pack on that much muscle.
  21. Swear i have seen about 5 of these same types of games. He is very hot and cold. Hopefully consistency will come as he grows and develops.
  22. Yep. Wouldnt surprise me. NBA is an "upside" and "potential" driven league when it comes to the draft.
  23. Imo, college basketball officiating is generally hot garbage. No consistency from league to league or game to game. Imagine being completely foreign to basketball and trying to learn about the game by watching college ball. It would be utterly confusing watching certain conferences, individuals, and entire crews call the games completely differently night in night out. That is why i strictly watch Nebrasketball and March Madness. No more no less. Rant over.
  24. Yep. Cant ask kids who rarely get to play to not play hard. I will say the same thing in the next couple years when we are waxing other teams regularly.
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