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  1. @spf8298 @stackhouse33 When u want NFL info u ask Adam Schefter n when u want info on Geneva pervs...

  2. @stackhouse33 Is "bad knee" code for something? Cuz he always told me that info as well #badkneeequalsuwantsomecandylittleboy

  3. RT @kwilli1046: Homeless Servicemen Should Come Before Any Refugee. Retweet if you agree! https://t.co/Dw9CuffNUj

  4. @DustinJHoarty @greg_heinrichs I concur https://t.co/jmELZX7Lw8

  5. @HuskerHC This have something to do with new assistant coach?

  6. @mr_ippensen @Shickley_Public Was hoping a Herb Alpert song would be heard

  7. RT @Super70sSports: I present hard evidence road blues are the best. And I rest my case. https://t.co/7O4XIICiwo

  8. RT @KWCHKatie: Dear people in the left lane, Move over. Sincerely, Everyone who knows how to use the U.S. highway system correctly. #Le…

  9. RT @Mens_Corner_: https://t.co/FuUaoLPnwd

  10. rr52


    I realize you can only play the teams that advance but Michigan also benefited from some upsets. They played the #'s 14, 6, 7, 9 & 11 on their way to the championship. And they just got blown out by a #1. I don't think the Big 10 was as bad as lots of people thought and when Villanova makes 3's they are unstoppable. So yes I'm still pissed Nebraska didn't make the tournament.
  11. @koby_head Free mini runzas at Fonner Park today

  12. Hmmm I wonder how many people have packed a cooler to enjoy after Good Friday mass #imweak

  13. @TheRealParde Ya never go broke making a profit

  14. RT @USMC: Today, 73 years ago, Marines secured the island of Iwo Jima after 36 days of combat. The battle may be over, but the memories li…

  15. @tyspur @mikejschaefer @michaelbruntz As soon as I'm granted that super power I will let you know