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  1. Saw that his yesterday and said “Put it towards the soccer specific stadium” :)
  2. We’ve easily been the better team tonight. Could easily be up 5-0 if not for a goal called back and a bad miss in front of Goal along with one off the post. Onward to the sweet 16!!!
  3. Thanks man, you did the leg work for me. I get it was something like that but hadn’t had the time to get to it. And I agree, I remember when the tourney started MLS teams sent their B teams to play and now it’s being taken more seriously. This cup is a good is a good way to help the image of MLS as a league on a global platform and hopefully help sell played abroad.
  4. Huh, I must have read something wrong then. Unless they meant first MLS side to win it during the club World Cup era which starting in 2002 I believe? Either way, the point I was trying to make is that it was a good showing for the league and gives the league some much needed attention as it has positively evolved the last decade.
  5. That’s what it was, I didn’t get a chance to watch the game but I saw the highlights.
  6. Yeah, it was nuts. 3 goals in under 5 minutes I think?
  7. Seattle Sounders win 5-2 on aggregate to be the first MLS team in history to win the CONCACAF champions league. Sold out 70,000+ in Seattle last night. Pretty cool game to watch.
  8. I think an argument could be made that rebounding is our biggest need. I’m not gonna disagree with the point guard take but both this guy and griesel seem to be pretty good scorers from inside the arc which should help open up outside shooting better…in theory.
  9. Guys, our first home league match is this Saturday at 6 if you haven’t been out the atmosphere is great, the tickets and beers in the stadium are cheap and the tailgates are free. Come watch in person!!!
  10. Another terrible penalty we beat ourselves tonight no question.
  11. Yeah, they aren’t playing, 3/4 of their big name signings to not lose this thing. We’ve played a really good second half, I just don’t want to give up something stupid like that first PK.
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