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  1. This squad is our C/B guys and new guys getting a look. Beating Jamaica’s B/B+ team in a hard fought game is good. We all know that we probably have 9-10 starters already penciled in. We then know probably who roster slots 11-19/20 are. This tournament is who might move the needle enough to come to qualifiers and maybe play their way into that 23. Personally I’m happy that such a young and inexperienced team has made it to the quarterfinals with a good shot at the finals. This is the type of tournament that we want our C+ team winning.
  2. I was super impressed with Hoppe, his motor and ability to create and attack kept us somewhat dangerous in that game and the goal was well deserved. Acosta had a good game after having a bad game against Canada and Busio is still young and learning but was more aggressive on duels. I still feel lleget is a black hole and offers very little on defense, plus his free kick service was bad today. I’m excited to play this Qatar team.
  3. But they are doing that off of a media deal that is worth about half as much. Will Ohio state be guaranteed 60+ mill a year like they are now in a 20 team SEC? With that number more than likely to go up with the Big 10’s expansion, that’s what gives me pause, but you can never say never I suppose. I guess is what I’m trying to say is Oklahoma and Texas definitely make money by doing this, going from a tv deal that pays them like 30 million a year and joining a conference where they’ll jump closer to 45-50. Ohio state is already making that and some, it might make more sense to stay put and
  4. Hmmm, does Ohio state want to go fro where they are the big fish in the pond to all of a sudden having to I try and coincide with 3-4 other alphas? I don’t know how good for business that would be.
  5. The hardest thing to stomach about that video was listening to Bill Walton spew about nothing while it sounds like he has a mouth full of cottage cheese, he makes watching games unbearable.
  6. My big thing with sands is that if Adam’s goes down we have 0 real replacements at the DM position. He’s a guy that I think can fill that void.
  7. Not going to argue to much with what you’ve said, I agree for the most part. I definitely think CB is a toss up other than brooks, I think you could see 5-6 guys make the trip. If Gregg decides to take 4 strikers I could see hoppe sneaking in especially if he has a good year in Bundesliga 2. Busio/tesserman I think? The kid from Dallas who went to Serie A and Clark are young midfielders who could be making waves soon, probably not for this World Cup but could mature enough to give us a chest if midfield riches for 2026. Dike I want to go to Europe permanently because I personally feel he
  8. Wilcher is 2023 unless he is reclassifying. I haven’t heard anything on that front.
  9. Now if our whole team could go full stone cold Steve Austin, multiple championships in our future.
  10. Makes sense, I didn’t think we were on the map for Westry anymore so I didn’t include him. I just assumed since we we already had a SG and a center this class if we were looking for a PF and a PG as well. But I wouldn’t be surprised with who we bring in, I would be surprised to maybe see green and brown become 4 stars after a senior season.
  11. Out of curiosity how many spots do we have left and what do you think our order is? traudt Brown hunter jr green? just my thoughts.
  12. I think so, the other contender was dempseys like 2 minute goal against Ghana.
  13. Sorry, I should clarify. This is a must win for this tournament with this group of guys. This tournament is about seeing who maybe roster members 19-23 could be for World Cup qualifying. If we win we go to the weaker side of the bracket and won’t have to see Mexico until maybe the final, maybe must win is a little bold but I think it would be a huge confidence booster against a decent Canada side and would give us a bit of an idea about some of t he guys that might be inching more towards the A team. (Dike, Zimmerman, Busio, Hoppe, Sands and moore ) would be the fellas I’d bring in for WCQ
  14. Don’t be surprised to see a similar lineup to what we had against Martinique. This game should be seen as a must win and the creativity we had up front the last game gives us the best chance to win. Maybe switch out Bello, but I hope we stick to a formula that is going to allow us to score some goals.
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