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  1. Obviously his shooting from deep is great, but I feel like we may be underestimating him as a passer and slasher to the basket. Also, I want to call him the bowl-cut kaiju (big monster ex:Godzilla) but don’t want to be too forward.
  2. The only thing I worry about now is after such a good showing and ratings jump can we keep him committed till he signs? I have a feeling other teams will come calling now and I really hope his decision doesn’t sway.
  3. Yeah, I should have clarified I was just thinking about guys we could still get. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. A class of green, Ramel jr and traudt would be just fine by me. (If my math is correct we’ll have 3 scholarships if shamiel leaves) I suppose it all depends on how we feel about PG and if we can get someone like Hallomon on board
  5. Since this is all hypothetical I’m going with 5 Michael Jordan’s guaranteed to win.
  6. Haha, didn’t noticed I did that. Whoops
  7. Absolutely...it’s almost scary, like I’ll wake up tomorrow and it will be a dream in an episode of the twilight zone.
  8. Let this sink in, we have 2 to play 4 year top 150 transfers. A very promising top 200 7 ft center, a top 5 judo player a top 25 player and another top 100 player all in same class...pinch me I’m dreaming.
  9. I think the better analogy is a cock in the hand has to be found through the bush...or however that goes.
  10. Gotcha, thanks for the update.
  11. So even though we are in his top 4 last I checked, do you think we are out (or stop pursuing) pinson from Mizzou? I haven’t seen anything new on him but thought we were high on his list and him high on ours.
  12. I was just laughing to myself because over your last 5 posts I imagined you going from excited/critical whiskey sour norm to green tea with a pinch of lemon and honey norm over this kid. . For the record I agree with what you’ve said, just busting your balls a bit.
  13. I mean this could be a JPJ success story 2.0. Not getting many minutes or points due to guys in front of him, comes to a school and system that rewards his skill and playing time and we have a stud. I just looked it up and Palmer was also averaging like 3.5 points a game both years at Miami and then came here and averaged almost 20 a game. Even if he’s not a true “4” star, the kid looks like a shooter and a playmaker and sounds like he plays defense tough. And like I’ve said before he’s had a year to acclimate to the college lifestyle, training programs and speed of play. Can’t fault brin
  14. Hey, that movie is about a scrappy underdog that gets the girl. I can live with that.
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