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  1. https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=Dredd#imgrc=NwHIPiz6VSSH4M
  2. Can we do a “Judge Fred” t-shirt? The comic book fan in me is do backflips. Haha
  3. We’ll see, but I’m not going to be convinced until it happens. Pigs can fly and dreamers can dream I suppose.
  4. You said 2 mill was chump change compared to what we pay now, I just looked it up and didn’t see him in the none chump change category. All I’m saying is I don’t foresee us paying s top 25 salary. Doesn’t mean you are wrong, I just don’t think Moos prioritizes it enough and miles isn’t even gone yet, so let’s finish the season and not up the cart before the horse.
  5. Not according to the top 25 paid coaches, I don’t see miles on the list. https://www.thestreet.com/lifestyle/sports/highest-paid-college-basketball-coaches-14774331
  6. We’ll see, I’ll be shocked if we pay more than 2 mill a season, the top 25 laid coaches starts at 2.5.
  7. Surely isn’t a bad guess, I just wish he’d show some some enthusiasm by actually talking about and attending basketball games.
  8. We’ll see man, I can only base stuff off of the information given. We’ll see and I hope he’ll really put some thought into it. But who knows?
  9. I disagree, not that we don’t have it, but that Moos won’t want to spend it on anything that isn’t football related. It’s been his MO everywhere else as far as I’ve been able to research. More then likely we get another up and comer from the Colgate Toothpaste academy or something so that we can up the football facilities. I could be wrong, but Moos has made it pretty clear that football is first and even their facilities come before other sports.
  10. I’ll say what I said in another thread, I don’t disagree that Miles is on the hot seat, especially if we keep losing games we should win. My concern comes from Bill Moos history of hiring what is cheap and rather what will give us a chance at winning when it comes to basketball. I wish I could give 1 example of a coach who I honestly think we can lure away from a more stable program or who would want to come here and fight such an uphill battle. I just don’t see Moos paying for anyone who isn’t a low tier Div 1 or Div 2 guy. He’s made it pretty clear that making the football facilities better is his #1 goal for his tenure here. (Sigh) I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t know right now if I have much confidence in either mikes staying or leaving at the end of the year. ?
  11. I wouldn’t hold my breath that he has a list, it’s Moos and we’re talking about basketball...I’m sure we’ll get John Jonson from NW Alabama Christian Tech at a bargain of less then a million a year so we can buy the football team a hover bus for away games.
  12. My buddy asked me this question yesterday night during the game, Glynn is going to be in the top of most of our stat lists, has won a ton of games, been a loyal 4 year leader and great on both sides of the ball. Here’s the kicker...is his a Jersey we retire?
  13. Agreed, he gets in that “I have score mode” which I can understand from a guy who is going to play in the NBA...However him, Tanner and NANA were those low key, not flashy guys tonight. Tanner especially was awesome for 9 and a few rebounds and some steals, can he get a toothache for every game? Lol
  14. I gotcha dude, I didn’t take into account turnovers, he does dribble into steals sometimes. I’m just talking about the fact that he doesn’t have to score 30 to be a game changer and I think this game showed it. REGARDLESS!!! Big W tonight and I think we all are loving it!!!
  15. Palmer has 11 points, yes okay for him. But his 9 RB, 7 assists and 3 steals were great. I’d still say he played really well even though it didn’t show in the points column. I’d prefer he got more assists, the team plays better and his individual drive and shoot game get better when the rest of the team is involved.
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