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  1. After last nights result Union Omaha is the regular season champs (supporters shield) and has #1 seed for the playoffs locked up. First home playoff game is at 4 on November 13. Tickets are incredibly reasonable, need two wins to lift the trophy!!!
  2. To be fair the lineup we saw tonight will be about 85-90% of what we’ll see for our first World Cup match I think. Substitute pulisic and Reyna and brooks and almost everyone else will stay the same. Goalie is a toss up though and unfortunately with these three games in short succession along with major travel you have to sometimes do some load management and play some guys less and some guys more. We saw that with Aaronson and weah playing lots of minutes the last two games due to the absence of pulisic and Reyna.
  3. Brain fart to start the game, but settled in amd played well enough to win. Golazo by Dest, great hustle goal by weah. HUGE 3 points and we’ll get back 2-3 of our best players for the next cycle. I mostly love how the young kids are going though the growing pains to qualify. Amazing experience for kids who are between 17-23 and some veterans. Will be huge going forward.
  4. For sure man but this team is so young and has more talent then we’ve ever had playing day in and day out in Europe’s top 5 leagues. It’s growing pains for now, it when it clicks and we find that true core who learns to win together. Watch out!!!
  5. Definitely, I just knew we needed 3 points from this game and that first half made me nervous. lol
  6. Goodness that first half was abysmal though. I was worried until we spotted one in. Pepi is definitely making a case for himself.
  7. Oh for sure, I’m just throwing out possibilities. When the money comes calling it’s hard to say no. I’ve noticed a bit of an influx in guys going home to play pro, doesn’t mean it will happen here just that it’s a possibility. Either way having the possibility of losing like 6-8 guys is crazy.
  8. Don’t forget the possibility of Tominaga going back home to go pro.
  9. seems to be a pretty good athlete, aggressive to the basket and active on defense. I truly think after traudt committed to Virginia it was we’ll get any forward we can. Kohler was a long shot from some of the stuff he’d said in interviews. To me personally I think this kid and green were pretty interchangeable when I watch both players films and most people seemed okay with a green commitment. Gotta think their is going to be attrition next year as well and they don’t want to leave open scholarships this year if they don’t have to. Either way this year we just wanted to get some pieces in place and then really start commuting our top 3-4 hard for 2023.
  10. Apparently The premier league isn’t allowing players to go to red countries (Panama) Reyna is also injured and not called in. Also puzzled by KDF and Scally not being called in. But we have a legit chance to get 6-9 points this cycle. BIG one to capitalize on.
  11. Hell…we’ve basically been Doink the Clown for decades, sometimes terrifying, mostly forgetful and sometimes easy to laugh at. Either way we’re getting buried by Jeff Jarrett
  12. And that may be the reason he is there. But if we really are 3 deep there with a guy who is a known shooter…I’m not complaining. :)
  13. hey, if he is shooting the rock like this and we he’s like our 7th guy we’ll be in good shape. :)
  14. If he still shows up for his scheduled visit in October I’d be surprised. After going 0/4 on our top PF recruits I feel we’ll be focusing on a grad transfer or the portal going forward.
  15. You’ll want to look at the schedule going forward but it’s going to be a mix of cbs sorts network, FS1, ESPN and Paramount. I believe paramount guarantees every game though. I’m waiting for the Honduras game to do my free monthly trial.
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