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  1. Onoz gif is gone for Happy Nebraska Moose
  2. Link says it will be updated as they get them: https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/recruits-react-to-nebraska-naming-hoiberg-new-head-coach
  3. Does he have any nephews with eligibility left?
  4. It says right there - development... bringing in the donations. I'm sure the rest of it matters very little...as long as it is functional.
  5. Hank's problem appears to be not going by an initial. L. Dennis you may remember best as an Obelmeyer cartoon robot. Trying to confirm this however lead me down this rabbit hole... http://nealo.com/2000/01/18/the-danny-nee-cartoon-jan-18-20
  6. Just fyi. Hank was not "president of UNL" closest to that would be Ronnie Green as chancellor. Hank was over the NU systems... all the campuses. I can't even name the guy before him... unless is was smith something or other.
  7. Ole Miss currently has an interim chancellor... he was on the IHL board that oversees it before. It would appear a step down but if it's closer to family funnier things have happened.
  8. Yeah so you probably have 20 teams that think they should win one every year. Then 50 that think they should win every three. You are saying we can't be a top 70 program out of what over 300?
  9. Ok. Riley is slightly better too right? So they are pretty good comparison is what you are saying?
  10. That's fair. I did ask the two questions in the initial response - my sandwich was burning on some of these. :) But Norms response was to say we are more successful over 30 years at football so we should have higher expectations for our football while implying basketball has not had that success so we should have lower expectations. To me this is being the oregon st of basketball so that is what I took him to say. Otherwise why would he ask me to compare the success across sports? If not what did you take being the oregon st of basketball to mean?
  11. I didn't bring up OUR football past but oregon st's football success or lack there of, and comparing the success of coaches across sports. Yes there could a discussion around the validity of such a comparison across sports but I think the two programs offer a good parallel. My main realization was Miles has a worse winning percentage than Riley at Oregon state and there are people that are fine with that for the fleeting moments of success and because they like his personality. The flip side is Oregon state was best at football when they found a different coach then re
  12. He brought up our football I did not... I also didn't mention our past successes or lack there of... I would say he was "reading what he want's to read". I was comparing riley's overall results mostly with Oregon st to Miles overall. How are they much different?
  13. So you are going with fine being oregon st of basketball... noted.
  14. Serious question: Did you also want Riley to stay on as football coach? At this point of their careers how are Riley and Miles much different in their respective sports? - Both seem to be likable guys - good with media - colleagues respect them - both get some hyped players - get some decent wins at times or get on some runs - fall short on results at end of season Riley has a slightly better winning percentage career win percent than Miles. I will say Miles seems to have more passion to win that comes through. Or are we just the Oregon S
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