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  1. It seems quadrants have been set up more to identify bad losses instead of good wins... And I want PSU to win out until we beat em!
  2. It is factoring them IN. Road games are harder to win. Q1 away goes all the way down to 75. Neutral is down to 50 and home stops at 30. So q4 is only 241+ road games it above each quadrant. What's crazy is smaller schools with high rpi... like Buffalo is 28. I don't know anything about them but can we pick them up for a road game quick?
  3. On quick glance I didn't see this on here already. The official team sheets are updated and available online. They are in one pdf file so I could attach the whole thing as it was over the size limit. Image of Nebraska is below. Paints a pretty stark picture. I would guess we want: UCF to stay Q2 so it doesn't become a lower level loss Michigan to move back up to Q1 Maybe root for Penn State to have a little run (they have OSU, MSU, Purdue on road and OSU at home still!) then we avenge our road loss at home... Need to keep wining no matter what happens! https://extra.ncaa.org/solutions/rpi/SitePages/Home.aspx
  4. "These match-ups won't always be geographic; we're going to do them based on competitive parity," Ackerman said. "We'll look at who are expected to be the strongest teams in each league and pair them against each other and sort of tier it, so we get the best match-ups." They sure are projecting a bounce back year for the Huskers!! http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/10882667/big-east-big-ten-hold-challenge-series
  5. Raidsker

    Are you going to the NCAA tourney?

    I'm hoping for Milwaukee!!
  6. Raidsker

    B1G Scoring Title Race Very Tight

    A little defense on the yogi wouldn't hurt either
  7. Looks ugly. Can't hear or see it thankfully.
  8. It's crazy to hear the coach was telling them to live at the rim and that was how they came out in the first half. It was bombs away with nothing falling. If they are going in it doesn't matter one way or another but if they are not get to the lane!
  9. Directv was in HD. Sounds like a provider issue.
  10. Raidsker

    Big 10/ACC Challenge

    Minnesota is up at half 33-27 will the streak continue!!
  11. Raidsker


    Imagine that a Nebrasketball parking thread!! (I'm just jealous I don't live in town for the games any more.)
  12. Raidsker

    Perpetuating a myth...

    And they lost money selling beer at the stadium last year!!
  13. Raidsker

    Husker Hoops Happy Hour

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  14. Raidsker

    Shatel's Column

    Any big school obviously would be cool to open the PBA (as long as there are no gutter balls)... I say try Gonzaga, SMU (coached by Larry Brown right?) or last resort maybe Colorado State comes over.