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  1. After the debacle of a football game, I started wondering about our success on the hardwood versus the gridiron. Which of these do you honestly think will happen first based on what we are seeing from both programs right now?
  2. Anyone heard on this yet? We put in for an upgrade and are still waiting to hear anything.
  3. Very cool Dimes! I saw one of my pics on there from the Southern game. Here I thought I tweeted just for fun, glad to see it used!
  4. Ray continues to shoot well. Overall 48% from the field for the team isn't bad. Every game they are improving. That's all we can ask. Agree on Parker, he's better than I expected.
  5. Thanks Norm. I can see your points but I didn't think Sergei looked that bad. Only time will tell but good analysis on your part.
  6. Not sure I saw the same as you on Kye vs Sergei. I thought both looked capable but didn't think Kye stood out. I'm curious what you saw Norm, can you give some more details?
  7. Biggs played a good number of minutes throughout the game. He's going to be good the next couple years. Looks to be one of the better passing point guards we've had in some time. Agree on Sergei. Has nice touch on his shot. Give him some time and many steaks and he could be good. Liked his effort and hustle. Brandon looked much improved on offense in his limited duty. He has to stay out of foul trouble! Andre played more minutes than I expected. Looks to be in good shape for his size. Peltz looked better than expected. Definitely not a liability and joins Rivers on the "all hair" team... Rivers looked much improved. The extra 20 pounds helps him a lot. Parker was decent, more solid than I thought. Good build for a B1G point guard. Not sure what to make of Dylan or Ray yet. Was nice to see movement and freedom to shoot on offense. Long ways to go but liked what I saw. Overall, we aren't good but should see leaps and bounds improvement throughout the year. Miles is very entertaining. Loved when he plugged his ears at the mock boos at the end when the fans wanted another score for Runzas. A side note, I loved that Miles had the redshirts actively involved and dressed well instead of sitting in the student section in sweats. Very clear he is looking to build a team that includes everyone.
  8. Good points 49r. I'm probably wearing some scarlet colored glasses and hoping to see a basketball style that is fun to watch. As much as I like defense, I really don't enjoy watching games in the 40-50 point range. Here's to hoping I'm closer on the over/under than you because that means we are better than we are expecting this year!
  9. I'd be careful about projecting offensive production based on last years "offensive performances"... I'd expect us to score more points this year. I'd also guess we may be on the wrong end of games at times and have our starters plating against scrubs from some of the BIG schools. That might translate into some higher point totals. Add in the fact that last year at CSU they averaged 70/game and I'd put the over/under at 10.
  10. Your post made me look at the back of the tickets. I LOVE the fact that the Runza promotion is based on scoring over 70 points instead of defense. I love great defense but I'd rather watch a game where we are SCORING POINTS!!!
  11. Finally! They always wait until the last minute to send them out. I like what they did with the pictures and historic perspective on the tickets. Also like the phrase "be there from the beginning". Anyone else get theirs? What did you think of them?
  12. He left a message thanking me for my past support and urging me to buy season tickets (which I've done already and have for years). It was clearly pre-recorded but still thought it was cool. I excitedly replayed it for my wife who promptly called me a dork! Anyone else get a call today?
  13. I love it Norm! I wish he'd of told the rest of the fans the same thing!
  14. Great new look! As an IT guy myself, just want to say thank you to everyone that did the heavy lifting on the move to the new site! It's a ton of work and I appreciate it!
  15. Thanks for the info Kamdy! I'm excited to get this kid signed and see him in person. Hope I didn't just jinx us...
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