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  1. Minnesota is winless on the road this year. They lost by almost 30 to Illinois.
  2. Yes, it seems Indiana would be the Big Ten team of choice for his talents.
  3. "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."
  4. KenPom says: 114 Nebraska at 6 Illinois Illinois 81-64 (95%) 7:00 pm Big Ten Network Champaign, IL State Farm Center
  5. Heads up, JPJ and the Agua Caliente Clippers are back at again right now on ESPN+ https://www.espn.com/watch/espnplus/
  6. Social media is often disgraceful.
  7. Exactly...and that's a really strange way to treat the guys on a team that one allegedly supports.
  8. Yeah this stuff drives me nuts. When people are clearly mis-spelling our players' names wrong on purpose.
  9. You're right. Might be 6th most important. Football Volleyball Wrestling Hockey Lacrosse Men's hoops One could argue that their annual THON event is more important than Men's hoops.
  10. Not on the McDonald's All-American roster. Dang.
  11. KenPom says: 34 Penn St. at 117 Nebraska Penn St. 74-67 (72%) 8:00 pm Big Ten Network Lincoln, NE Pinnacle Bank Arena
  12. For those with ESPN+, James Palmer Jr is playing right now with the Agua Caliente Clippers doing JPJ things. It's fun to watch him play.
  13. KenPom says: 21 Purdue at 117 Nebraska Purdue 72-64 (77%) 5:30 pm Big Ten Network Lincoln, NE Pinnacle Bank Arena 13 assists
  14. Not to defend anyone's position here but let's look at a few facts: 1). There's no guarantee we'll be returning all of the starters, in fact, chances are good we won't be 2). Even if they all returned...that's a group of returning players who are currently 5-14 (1-11). Not exactly the '96 Bulls 3). 5* freshmen aren't always a stone cold lock guarantee to pan out But yeah, I think it should be reasonable to at least have hope that these guys can make it to a .500 or better finish next year.
  15. Just add a script Huskers logo to it.
  16. KenPom says: 119 Nebraska at 32 Maryland Maryland 71-61 (83%) 7:00 pm Big Ten Network College Park, MD Xfinity Center
  17. In watching leagues that are playing whole schedules of back to back games (MVC, Summit) I've noticed that usually game two outcomes are significantly different than the first. FWIW
  18. I'm pretty sure several babies were conceived by that dunk alone
  19. did someone say Caleb Walker???
  20. KenPom says: 118 Nebraska at 35 Maryland Maryland 72-62 (83%) 7:00 pm Big Ten Network College Park, MD Xfinity Center
  21. Attendance: 245 I see the halo effect from last season's better than expected record has really boosted attendance this year!
  22. Seems like someone is forgetting the lesson coach Dale taught us at Hinkle Fieldhouse.
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