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  1. KenPom says: 27 Rutgers at 109 Nebraska Rutgers 71-64 (74%) 7:00 pm Big Ten Network Lincoln, NE Pinnacle Bank Arena
  2. I'm kinda surprised no comments were made about Trey pulling an imaginary arrow out of an imaginary quiver and shooting it in the air with an imaginary bow. I thought we frowned upon such actions at Nebraska.
  3. Another win, so another KenPom update was in order I thought. It'll be a tall order, but if we can manage a win against Rutgers, we may see double digits by the end of the season. Other than us jumping 10 spots there hasn't be much if any change except Georgia Tech. They're really climbing the ranks after dropping as low as 90 to start off the season. Here is today's KenPom update: KenPom rankings as of 2-28-21 ========================= B1G (2-14): 2. Michigan - L 5. Iowa 6. Illinois - L, L 7. Ohio State - L 12. Wisconsin - L, L 14. Purdue - L 26. Rutgers 29.
  4. We're 138 in the NET, so postseason of any kind is not an option.
  5. No one was "to be fair" to us when Teddy hurts his hand and is essentially MIA for the last two games either.
  6. If New Mexico hired Miles, the press conferences before Utah State/New Mexico games would be must see TV!
  7. I'm gonna just drop these right here. I forgot to add Derrick above, but I guess that just a given that we need him back next year.
  8. Exactly. He's a high BBIQ guy that the coaches like, he has stuck with the program through highs and lows and a coaching change, so you know he is a loyal Husker, AND he doesn't count against our scholarship limit? I would argue that not only do we *want* Thor to return for an extra year...we almost *need* him to. Same goes for Kobe really.
  9. KenPom says: 53 Minnesota at 114 Nebraska Minnesota 74-70 (64%) 7:00 pm Big Ten Network Lincoln, NE Pinnacle Bank Arena
  10. I will never understand this type of thinking. There are few people anywhere as invested in the fortunes of the Husker hoops program as Thor. We need more guys on the team like him, not less, IMO.
  11. Dang, for some reason I thought he was like just a sophomore and we would have him for a couple more years at least. But, it is really great news anyway. Very happy for Derrick and his family! Sucks there won't be a full house of fans there to honor him.
  12. Minnesota is winless on the road this year. They lost by almost 30 to Illinois.
  13. Yes, it seems Indiana would be the Big Ten team of choice for his talents.
  14. "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."
  15. KenPom says: 114 Nebraska at 6 Illinois Illinois 81-64 (95%) 7:00 pm Big Ten Network Champaign, IL State Farm Center
  16. Heads up, JPJ and the Agua Caliente Clippers are back at again right now on ESPN+ https://www.espn.com/watch/espnplus/
  17. Social media is often disgraceful.
  18. Exactly...and that's a really strange way to treat the guys on a team that one allegedly supports.
  19. Yeah this stuff drives me nuts. When people are clearly mis-spelling our players' names wrong on purpose.
  20. You're right. Might be 6th most important. Football Volleyball Wrestling Hockey Lacrosse Men's hoops One could argue that their annual THON event is more important than Men's hoops.
  21. Not on the McDonald's All-American roster. Dang.
  22. KenPom says: 34 Penn St. at 117 Nebraska Penn St. 74-67 (72%) 8:00 pm Big Ten Network Lincoln, NE Pinnacle Bank Arena
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