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  1. They couldn't hit a harder home run than that, honestly. What DeVries has accomplished at Drake is almost beyond comprehension. Not to mention he's got a 4* top-100 kid committed to the program who one would think would follow him to ISU...it would be like the MdDermott situation at Creighton all over again and that worked out pretty well for them. Finally, the DeVries' wouldn't even have to move if they didn't want to!
  2. Hard to say, they're all over the map over there. https://cyclonefanatic.com/forum/threads/anyone-else-hearing-that-jp-has-already-decided-prohm-is-coming-back.262030/post-7609755
  3. FWIW, the posters over on Cyclone Fanatic have pretty much convinced themselves that Steve Prohm is done at ISU and that negotiations are underway to bring Fred back to Ames. Some are also saying that regardless of what happens with ISU, Hoiberg will be leaving NU after this season.
  4. It actually is slightly closer in the corners now that they moved the college arc out. @HuskerFever posted an out of date image:
  5. With so many guys on the active roster next year, it's probably not a bad idea to have a sit out guy or two. But does he fill a need...that's the 64,000 dollar question.
  6. Also, check out the @KenPom top 20 sorted by strength of schedule. This is ridiculous, every Big Ten team is in the top 16: Data through games of Monday, March 1 (3768 games) Strength of Schedule NCSOS Rk Team Conf W-L AdjEM AdjO AdjD AdjT Luck AdjEM
  7. Another day, another quad 1 win for our Huskers. It's nice to see us back in the two digit club again. Hopefully we can stay there for good now. Not much has changed since last update except for Rutgers dropping 10 spots. Here is today's KenPom update: KenPom rankings as of 3-02-21 ======================= B1G (3-14): 2. Michigan - L 5. Iowa 6. Illinois - L, L 7. Ohio State - L 11. Wisconsin - L, L 13. Purdue - L 26. Maryland - L, L 32. Rutgers - W 37. Indiana - L 40. Penn State - W, L 57. Minnesota - L, W 63. Michigan State - L, L 73. Northwestern 92. Nebrask
  8. For what it's worth, I wasn't trying to single anyone out, so don't take my post personally.
  9. There's been a whole lot of posts around here over the past week or so that haven't aged too well.
  10. I'll probably do an update tomorrow because why not...but in the meantime...
  11. I wonder if it's just a little load management. Don't know if you've heard but I guess Iowa has a pretty decent big man, we may need as many fouls in the post as we can get against them.
  12. After watching the game on Saturday I think Thor wants to be Jason Williams.
  13. Shot 53% from 3 despite Teddy going 0-1 from deep on Saturday. Yes, team 3 point shooting has definitely been on the uptick over the past few games.
  14. I just hope that he really will be able to finish his degree. Regardless what happens with his basketball career, having that piece of paper will make a massive difference in his life. Wish for nothing but the best for Teddy.
  15. @KenPom is ruthless. In fact, ruthless efficiency is one of his chief weapons:
  16. don't want him anyway...can't even wear a mask properly.
  17. Probably not worth it. Dude is a total doofus, and doesn't really know what he's talking about, IMO.
  18. I love that Burger King is called Hungry Jack's in Australia
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