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  1. KNTK - Gaskins & Stephens: Huskers’ Shawshank Redemption http://www.theticketfm.com/podcasts/gaskinsstephens/2014_3_6_4.mp3 (19:48) How Tim Miles motivated another major Nebrasketball win
  2. KNTK - Gaskins & Stephens: Eric Collins, Big Ten Network http://www.theticketfm.com/podcasts/gaskinsstephens/2014_3_6_2.mp3 (15:41) Called the NU win over IU & win at Michigan State… and Northwestern “Westercatch.” Why he thinks Miles is Coach of the Year and Huskers are an NCAA shoe-in, without doubt.
  3. KNTK - Gaskins & Stephens: Nebrasketball Celebration http://www.theticketfm.com/podcasts/gaskinsstephens/2014_3_6_1.mp3 (22:50) How and why the Huskers pulled off the win at Indiana
  4. I thought nothing of just loading up and driving from KC on game day, knowing full well I would be able to walk up and get tickets (often very good seats in the B section) without even blinking. Glad I got my season tickets. Wish I had decided to be nicer to myself and get ones in a better section. Now I'm not sure I'll be able to upgrade anytime soon.
  5. Also, this thread is worth going back through: http://board.huskerhoopscentral.com/topic/3659-6-12-in-the-big-10
  6. Go back even further in that thread and it's interesting just what the thoughts were: http://board.huskerhoopscentral.com/topic/2937-2013-2014-kenpom-rankings-thread/?p=50569 Funny how, even the most optimistic of predictions are now not even a possibility. I really thought I was reaching with that "maybe even #7" stuff. It's impossible for us to drop that low now.
  7. Yeah, it was something I posted. Here ya go, Norm! http://board.huskerhoopscentral.com/topic/2937-2013-2014-kenpom-rankings-thread/page-10#entry54692
  8. Norm, it's okay to embrace them...but be careful, you'll probably want to draw the line at caressing them. You wouldn't want to get a restraining order...
  9. No no no no, Royal. We're delusional because our megalomaniacal AD put signs up on the stadium touting how great our fans are. Don't you know? We believe that crap and we think it informs our lives.
  10. No noise makers. And vuvuzelas are mentioned on the not allowed list per NCAA and B1G rules.
  11. 1620 - Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Mar 6 Seg 5: Shavon Shields of the Nebraska Cornhuskers http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/kozn/media/mp3/Mar_6_Seg_5__Shavon_Shields_of_the_Nebraska_Cornhuskers-1394142673.mp3 (15:51) John and Matt welcome Shavon Shields to the show to talk about Nebraska's big win over Indiana. Plus, another edition of "Whoa ya rootin' fer?"
  12. 1620 - Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Mar 6 Seg 4: Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/kozn/media/mp3/Mar_6_Seg_4__Mike_DeCourcy_of_the_Sporting_News-1394141420.mp3 (23:39) John and Matt are joined by Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News to talk about what Nebrasketball is doing, Creighton's recent struggles, and more from the world of college hoops.
  13. 1620 - Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Mar 6 Seg 1: John and Matt start the show http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/kozn/media/mp3/Mar_6_Seg_1__John_and_Matt_start_the_show-1394137913.mp3 (24:45) John and Matt start the show by looking back on Nebrasketball's win over Indiana, their scenarios to make the NCAA tourney, and more.
  14. Embedded: http://media62.podbean.com/pb/90aa90bf386f49c600c2b83da03f26c7/5318e1a6/data2/blogs32/613469/uploads/3-6Podcast.mp3 The episode is 1h 25m 59s
  15. RealTimeRPI.com has us winning sunday by 3. http://realtimerpi.com/cgi-bin/rpi/scouting?team1=148&team2=195&gender=1&home=&date=03-09
  16. The only alternates we might wear are the blacks. I hope we don't wear the blacks.
  17. 1620 - Game Time with Nick Bahe: 03/06/14 Seg 9: More on Nebraska hoops http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/kozn/media/mp3/03_06_14_Seg_9__More_on_Nebraska_hoops-1394135615.mp3 (11:58) Nick takes more of your calls on both Creighton and Nebraska
  18. Yep. But they could have made it a little less ambiguous...that could be "Huskers" just as easily as "Hoosiers".
  19. KNTK - Morning Take: Andy Katz, ESPN.com http://www.theticketfm.com/podcasts/morningtake/2014_03_06_3AndyKatz.mp3 (15:30) ESPN’s lead college basketball writer joins Morning Take with his impressions of NU Basketball after last night’s win over Indiana.
  20. KTNK - Morning Take: Nebrasketball gets huge road win at Indiana http://www.theticketfm.com/podcasts/morningtake/2014_03_06_1.mp3 (17:07) No bubbles were burst last night at Husker Hoops took down the Hoosiers in Bloomington.
  21. 1620 - Game Time With Nick Bahe: 03/06/14 Seg 7: Kalvin Kogler http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/kozn/media/mp3/03_06_14_Seg_7__Kalvin_Kogler-1394132435.mp3 (20:42) Nick is joined by Kevin Kugler to talk all things hoops in the state of Nebraska, the bubble and more
  22. 1620 - Game Time With Nick Bahe: 03/06/14 Seg 1: Recapping Nebraska http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/kozn/media/mp3/03_06_14_Seg_1__Recapping_Nebraska-1394126551.mp3 (15:30) Nick opens the show recapping last night's Indiana/Nebraska game
  23. 1620 - Sharp & Benning: March 6 Seg 10 Another Corn Tastic Call http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/kozn/media/mp3/March_6_Seg_10_Another_Corn_Tastic_Call-1394122080.mp3 (7:23)
  24. 1620 - Sharp & Benning: March 6 Seg 9 A Corn Tastic Call http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/kozn/media/mp3/March_6_Seg_9_A_Corn_Tastic_Call-1394122055.mp3 (3:01)
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