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  1. FWIW, the law you all are referring to is HIPAA (one P, two A's) or "Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996". - signed, someone who has previously worked in the HIT software field It's an insanely complex law designed protect individual rights and privacy, but mostly it's a tool used by public institutions to excuse themselves from divulging information or granting access to the general public about all sorts of stuff mostly, but not necessarily entirely healthcare related. -signed, someone who currently works at a public university
  2. No joke, whenever this guy gets mentioned I think about this song:
  3. According to the Purdue Rivals guy, the concern lies on our end: https://purdue.rivals.com/news/what-it-means-purdue-nebraska-postponement With that in mind, what do you suppose the odds are that we'll be playing the Indiana game this weekend...or any game for the forseeable future for that matter?
  4. I am NOT doing another countdown.
  5. I'll like him a lot more if he can go out and get 20 and 10 in a Big Ten game.
  6. By the way, our luck ranking so far this year is a miserable 331st 116 Nebraska B10 4-7 +4.01 102.0 152 98.0 106 73.0 36 -.142 331 +9.73 43 107.7 24 98.0 74 +0.57 181
  7. ...and in 2018-19 our Luck ranking was 288th, and KenPom finished 12th in HHCC that year.
  8. Just took a quick look, and for 2016-17, KenPom finished second (on the last week, no less). Our Luck ranking on KenPom.com? 164th. Damn near smack in the middle. https://kenpom.com/index.php?y=2017&s=RankLuck
  9. I haven't researched it, but I'd be willing to bet that on years that our Luck ranking on KenPom is at one of the extremes, KenPom does worse in HHCC than he does on years when we are kind of middle of the pack, luck wise.
  10. ...or what @Nebrasketball1979 just said more succinctly while I was typing up my long winded answer.
  11. its advantage is the lack of emotion and reliance on pure data. Us fans are almost universally susceptible to want to hit that jackpot (i.e. call the major upset) and more often than not it's what throws things off. If we hit it once, chances are then that we somehow think we've cracked the code or are somehow smarter than everyone, and we are generally inclined to think we can do it again. (but we can't, not consistently at least) If we miss on the first try, then we're going to keep chasing, looking for that one big hit that will get us back in the game. (again, almost always
  12. I am not sure, but if you drop the score from the Doane game (which KenPom didn't predict and I just had to make up a score myself) I would be willing to bet he'd be even closer to the top of the HHCC standings.
  13. KenPom says: 52 Michigan St. at 120 Nebraska Michigan St. 80-73 (72%) 8:00 pm Big Ten Network Lincoln, NE Pinnacle Bank Arena
  14. With apologies to @Norm Peterson. Only 4 more of these left.
  15. Just doing my part, @Norm Peterson Happy to help, and Happy New Year!
  16. I'm going to continue my countdown to Derrick Walker here in this thread to prevent @Norm Peterson from having a cardiac event. With that said, six days remain until he can finally join the team. I am anxious to see what he can do for us.
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