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  1. The documentary about this, "Man on Wire" is really great. Worthy of a watch for those who enjoy documentaries.
  2. Are Garza's defensive shortcomings due to physical deficiencies or is it a product of the system he plays in?
  3. KenPom says: 116 Nebraska at 16 Ohio St. Ohio St. 79-65 (89%) 6:30 pm Big Ten Network Columbus, OH Value City Arena and we're going with 8 threes.
  4. I thought about starting a "Countdown to Walker" thread, but decided against it. I hate message board clutter so I tend to prefer bumping threads instead of starting new ones. Maybe I can find the Walker is 'N' thread and put my countdown there?
  5. Was watching the Northern Iowa game yesterday and lo and behold look who got in the game for them. I remembered this name and he looked pretty active for UNI...but I looked at his stats and was less than whelmed. Seems to have regressed throughout his college career, not sure of the circumstances surrounding that, but it just goes to show you never know what you're gonna get with a kid: Goanar Mar14 · Minneapolis, MN · 12-1-98 Ht Wt Yr G %Min
  6. So, barring any delays due to covid, Walker only has two more games to sit out. As of now, that means he'll be back for the game @Purdue, 10 days from now.
  7. Another loss, another KenPom bump. We move up one to #116. The guys can play for long stretches of games and look like a top 25 team. The problem is, they spend too much time in games looking like the 116th ranked team. Here is today's KenPom update: KenPom rankings as of 12-26-20 ========================= B1G (0-2): 4. Wisconsin - L 5. Iowa 7. Illinois 16. Michigan - L 17. Ohio State 19. Rutgers 21. Indiana 32. Michigan State 34. Purdue 42. Minnesota 48. Maryland 52. Penn State 53. Northwestern 116. Nebraska Non-Conference (4-3): 328. McNeese State - W
  8. I did add the "in my opinion" qualifier at least. I encourage everyone else to post their favorite Christmas song, and I doubt anyone can bet mine!
  9. I forgot to use the semicolon on my previous post. Edited to fix.
  10. I say it every year; this song is, hands down, the best Christmas song ever in my opinion.
  11. That's great stuff. If we had 2012 ISU's SOS this year, we'd all probably be wondering how many games over .500 we'd be able to get to right now.
  12. Would you look at that! We moved up a spot overnight. #116 today! Heady stuff... (just imagine, two years ago at this time we were #14, on our way towards the top 10. Oh, how KenPom fortunes can change)
  13. No games today so KenPom's prediction for tomorrow should stay the same. And he says: 16 Michigan at 116 Nebraska Michigan 77-68 (80%) 6:00 pm Lincoln, NE Pinnacle Bank Arena
  14. Sure, but if we had played Mississippi Valley State instead of Doane (and I bet if those two played each other it would be a pretty close game), I bet you we'd have kept pace with those other teams that passed us up better. I'm just saying that non-D1 opponents can break KenPom some due to the fact that he doesn't keep data for those teams.
  15. @Norm Peterson, don't quote me on this, but I think the results from the past 4 years weigh in to Ken's rankings at least to some degree. You're right though that most of the noise from non-con play and roster changes typically work themselves out by about the beginning of January. Don't know if that will happen in this covid-altered season though. Might take longer.
  16. Yeah @Norm Peterson, MOV is important. Your ranking is dependent on a whole lot of factors, but in general, if you can beat the spread against a higher ranked team chances are good you will move up even after a loss. That's why we could beat the brakes off Doane last week and still fall in the rankings. Essentially, there was no MOV in a game against a team of that caliber that won't negatively effect our ranking. Last night Ken had us as a 17 point dog and since we beat that number we got a little bump in our ranking. No biggie though...we'll probably give those spo
  17. Loss bumps us up a couple spots, not a surprise really. Wisco and Iowa swap spots, and MSU keeps dropping. Here is today's KenPom update: KenPom rankings as of 12-23-20 ========================= B1G (0-1): 3. Wisconsin - L 5. Iowa 11. Illinois 16. Michigan 17. Indiana 18. Rutgers 20. Ohio State 27. Michigan State 33. Purdue 44. Penn State 49. Maryland 52. Minnesota 56. Northwestern 117. Nebraska Non-Conference (4-3): 327. McNeese State - W ---Golden Window Classic--- 130. Nevada - L 164. North Dakota State - W 217. South Dakota - W
  18. I think he should troll everybody when he narrows it down to four schools (Oregon, Illinois, Washington and Arizona) and have Tipton arrange those schools' logos in the following sequence: I-O-W-A See how many people freak out...
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