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    Ron Mexico reacted to HB in 4 schollys left. Who you want?   
    I suppose we know this for sure if Mast is actually here, able to play.   But it's doubtful he'll play.  The knee is a big problem and wasn't fixed by the December procedure.   Props to him for persisting and finishing the season.  I doubt we make the dance if he would have ended it mid-season.   I think the plan is for surgery, and the type that has him out 10-12 months.   He has a great doc, through Fred's connections.   But barring a surprise, you won't see him on court next fall. 
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    Ron Mexico reacted to Huskerpapa in 4 schollys left. Who you want?   
    After those two, I am pretty flexible.  I would maybe flex towards youth/projects/specialists.
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    Ron Mexico reacted to hhcmatt in 4 schollys left. Who you want?   
    Helpful to reference who we have
    G Ahron Ulis - 6'3" - SR
    G Rollie Worster - 6'4" - SR
    G Brice Williams - 6'7" - SR
    G Sam Hoiberg - 6'0" - JR
    G Gavin Griffiths - 6'8" Soph
    G Nick Janowski - 6'3" FR
    F Juwan Gary - 6'6" - SR
    F Rienk Mast - 6'10" - SR
    F Andrew Morgan 6'10" - SR
    F Braden Frager 6'6" - FR

    Gary, Juwan Ahron Ulis Williams, Brice Mast, Rienk Worster, Rollie Morgan, Andrew Griffiths, Gavin Janowski, Nick Frager, Braden  
    Seems like prioritizing guys who might be here past next season should be highly considered.
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    Ron Mexico reacted to hhcdave in Rollie Worster is N   
    There’s already been a massive upgrade of talent and athleticism. That will continue tomorrow with Griffiths’ official announcement 
  5. Haha
    Ron Mexico reacted to jimmykc in 2024 Portal Watch   
    I don't see how we can go wrong with a Pope following us on Easter.
  6. Haha
    Ron Mexico got a reaction from HuscurAdam in 2024 Portal Watch   
    Someone said we need a replacement for KT…
  7. Haha
    Ron Mexico reacted to Silverbacked1 in The Official Media Thread   
    Well my wife doesn’t. And neither do any of the kids I work with so…🤷🤷
  8. Haha
    Ron Mexico reacted to hhcmatt in The Official Media Thread   
    Everyone goes by ticket sales unless Lee Barfneckt can shame them into releasing actual attendance.
  9. Haha
    Ron Mexico reacted to Norm Peterson in What type of player would we want if we only had one spot available   
    Looking back, this question almost seems comical.
    Like update the thread to say "if we only had five spots to fill ..."
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    Ron Mexico reacted to cipsucks in What Could Have Been for this guy   
    I'm too lazy to look up old threads.  This has been on my mind since Friday.  Baylor could have been a Nebraska legend.  No one west of 42nd Street in Omaha will recognize him.  He seems happy with his choice. He helped the evil east team reach another Sweet 16. Good job.  I wish him well, though If I ever see him, I won't know who he is.
    Baylor Scheierman says Creighton career 'a dream come true' after Sweet 16 loss (wowt.com)
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    Ron Mexico reacted to cipsucks in What Could Have Been for this guy   
    I never should have started this thread. People have the right to make decisions about their lives.  However, when you watch the video, Baylor is happy Mac gave him the chance to come to Creighton, back to Nebraska, Creighton.  He didn't come back to Nebraska and I think he knows it.
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    Ron Mexico reacted to cipsucks in 2024 Portal Watch   
    Think back a year ago to the 2023 portal.  There was a kid from Aurora who could have chosen to come back home.  Could have been a statewide hero.  Instead, he chose otherwise.  No one west of 42nd Street gives two squats about him.  It's so sad.  He could have been part of a celebration this state won't see until next year.  It will happen next year.  🙂
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    Ron Mexico reacted to Fullbacksympathy in 2024 Portal Watch   
    The mid major as new juco is very real.  There isn’t a huge adjustment to be made if you were the man on a mm team and move to p5.  
    1. You’ve already played a ton of p5 schools, probably held your own, and now have a chip on your shoulder/confidence.  
    2.  You’ve developed way more skills on the court as you were getting tons of minutes at D1 speed as opposed to spot minutes at the P5.  
    3.  There’s a lot of good fundamentals taught at the mm level because they have to in order to stay competitive.  More team guys.  So when Bama imports them, they have culture and humility when they arrive.  
    JUCOs have easily suffered the most from transfers/NIL.  
    Lastly, we can complain all we want about the way things are now, but this system benefits Nebraska so much it’s hard to fathom.  I don’t want anything to change.  We can get dudes here now.  
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    Ron Mexico reacted to HuskerFever in 2024 Portal Watch   
    It may take a couple more years, but I'll be happy once all these extra COVID year eligibilities expire. That really plugged up roster spots for many teams over the years.
  15. Haha
    Ron Mexico reacted to 49r in 2024 Portal Watch   
    That would be very cool if he did eventually come to Nebraska...but I trust those predictions like I trust midwestern spring weather.
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    Ron Mexico reacted to tcp in 2024 Portal Watch   
    A's fans in baseball have had to deal with this for years, and you've had a split in their fandom as a result. One chunk of the old fan base has a saying: "you root for the laundry"--meaning the name on the uniform is your true object of allegiance. The other half, of course, begs to differ, pointing out that "laundry doesn't break base stealing records, or hit 40 plus homers in a season, or or or....".
    I think what you're seeing is essentialyl the same dynamic that began years ago in so-called "small market" professional sports franchises. Likelywith the same result. 
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    Ron Mexico reacted to Swan88 in 2024 Portal Watch   
    Everything changes.  That’s a constant—which is on steroids these days. 
    In sports, coaches and teams must adjust or fade away.  That’s why the long-standing blue bloods don’t like the new way and are at risk: their old way of prevailing no longer works.  
    And that’s one thing I love about what our new athletic director said at his introductory speech: “Today it’s NIL.  Tomorrow it will be something else.”
  18. Haha
    Ron Mexico reacted to hhcmatt in 2024 Portal Watch   
    Lack of lateral quickness 
  19. Haha
    Ron Mexico reacted to hhcmatt in 2024 Portal Watch   
    Hearing he might have left because the coach was sleeping with him mom
  20. Haha
    Ron Mexico reacted to millerhusker in 2024 Portal Watch   
    Some Creighton fans legitimately thought he was going to transfer to Creighton. Said it was his dream school...
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    Ron Mexico reacted to GhostOfJoeMcCray in 2024 Portal Watch   
    AJ Storr in the portal might change that... Maybe Chucky (finally) has had enough. You have to imagine the thought has at least crossed his mind that he could be the local hero to get Nebraska its first NCAA Tournament win. 
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    Ron Mexico reacted to Swan88 in 2024 Portal Watch   
    Word on the street is that two of them are staying-with or going-to Wisconsin.  I've heard no street word on the third.
    So . . . we had the same discussion a year ago about Chucky.  Who thinks there is even a remote chance of Chucky (or another Bellevue West grad) coming to Nebraska this second time around?
    As to the two in the portal, they are both excellent players, and we'd love to have them.  But if they don't want to come here (or if they aren't our highest priorities), there are other excellent players available.
    Further, it's amazing to me that a Nebraska player would go to another B1G school, instead of wanting to be the next Sam Griesel or Josiah Allick--with all the love and notoriety they have achieved across the entire state and its loyal fans. 
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    Ron Mexico reacted to 49r in 2024 Portal Watch   
    I think a lot of Wisconsin folks have lost faith in Gard's ability...apparently that is extending to the guys on the team as well. 
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    Ron Mexico reacted to HuskerBB in 2024 Portal Watch   
    Wow that is a surprise.   Not sure why he would have not liked Wisconsin although for whatever reason I could not figure out he spent alot of time on the bench during their NCAA tournament game debacle.    At times he seemed to look for his own shot a bit too much but this kid has tons of talent - without him WIsconsin would have had very little offense this season.
  25. Haha
    Ron Mexico reacted to HB in 2024 Portal Watch   
    Prolly tired of having to look at Caitlin when Connor brings her around....
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