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  1. Maybe Iowa will end up with the Bradley coach.
  2. Are we in any of those holiday tournaments? I thought we were, but I can't recall at the moment...
  3. Eh, maybe. But he's hearing from schools like Gonzaga, Kansas and Arizona this time around. It doesn't appear that was the case out of high school.
  4. He's like an Isaiah roby and Shia Labeouf love child.
  5. Roby and Trueblood are, too. And all the football coaches...
  6. Armon Gates is in the building.
  7. Averaged 20 and 45% from 3 for SDSU alongside Mike Daum. Got his scholarship release after TJ Otzerberger left for UNLV. Would fit in nicely here, I think. He'll be highly sought after. https://twitter.com/WorldStarDave/status/1112847773139861515?s=20
  8. Mike'l Severe and Chris Heady talked about Fran Fraschilla on his radio show.
  9. https://twitter.com/HuskerExtraCB/status/1112739173134405632?s=20
  10. Guessing we'll have to find a new Secret Scrimmage dance partner.
  11. I mean, talk radio has been a pretty big deal for about 30 years or so...
  12. Paying your way is different that being on something other than an athletic scholarship. I'm not sure what the rules are basketball vs. football in this case, but if you're paying your way, you don't count against scholarship numbers regardless of whether or not you see the field/court.
  13. Miles had no problem doing it 3 times.
  14. Probs something to do with the way the Aguek deal went down.
  15. Have zero issue with Fred waiting til his son's season is over. I'd want that if I were in his shoes, too. Also, if that what it takes to get him, then who am I to quibble about something like supporting family during a lifetime highlight?
  16. I wouldn't have said it on March 20. Or Feb 20. Or Jan 20. Or March 20, 2018.
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