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  1. Someone want to cross check this list? https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/nebraska-basketball-summer-offer-recap
  2. Seeing tweets from Chris Heady, Chris Basnett, Jacob Padilla and Mitch Sherman.
  3. They finished in a four way tie for fourth in 2011 finishing at 9-9. Highest B1G finish was in 1996 where they tied for second with Indiana.
  4. I expect those that are eligible to play will likely see roughly equal minutes.
  5. Maybe. I think this squad is gonna have more to work with than that ISU squad which was pretty bare bones. We won't (shouldn't) be that. I don't think we'll be 4-16 in B1G play come season's end. I think we'll be better than that. To what degree, I don't know. The range of possibilities with this team is pretty wide.
  6. A game in the coliseum would be incredible.
  7. I don't remember who had the list, Jeff Goodman, maybe? Here is who I saw was going to Italy: Baylor BYU Central Arkansas Clemson Colgate DePaul Houston Illinois Illinois State Iowa State Miami (FL) Minnesota Nebraska Northern Iowa Northwestern Pittsburgh Seton Hall Stanford UNC Wilmington Wright State
  8. I've seen a list of schools taking trips. I haven't found as much info about who those teams are playing.
  9. Someone out there in the twitterverse tracking what opponents all those CBB teams are playing?
  10. I don't think we can assume we'll be more talented or at the very least there will be some massive talent gap, especially that first game. Stella Azurra looks like it's one of Europe's biggest Basketball academies. Silute is a bunch of grown men including former college players from the States. I couldn't find much about the fourth game.
  11. Optical illusion. The way his knees are bent only makes it look like he's on the line. In reality he's several inches behind it.
  12. Xavier's had 6 4 stars over the past four years and had the #11 class two years ago. Cincinnati didn't fare as well, but Cronin was more recruiting to his program more than he was recruiting the stars. We'll see how he does at UCLA. Maybe being in the Big East vs. AAC played a factor there, too.
  13. It could mean something or it could mean nothing, but Coach A. was on TBL today and said they expect Yvan to contribute right away. They said Cross could contribute this year. Also, called Curtis an elite scorer who could contribute immediately, too.
  14. Samari Curtis is my sleeper for stud status. Maybe not for this year, but next year, he could be the dude.
  15. Not sure that's really fair. Teddy had a rough childhood but wasn't really perceived as a bad character guy, as far as I know. Didn't fit with what Miles was looking for, I probably wouldn't read much more into it than that.
  16. It's not, but I guess I wouldn't expect much different from anybody going into the season. There's unknown quantities and then there's this.
  17. They streamed them on twitter last time. They could do that again. On periscope, perhaps. And Shamus will almost certainly do some sort of post game wrapup. I don't exactly expect Italian news to be covering these.
  18. If they can win the first game, I think it's probably likely they get a good game in game two with a shot at a second, which is really all they can hope for.
  19. I'll be curious to see when the December B1G games are. In the past, we'd played the Sunday/Tuesday after the B1G title football game. With the CU game on Saturday, I wonder if that will be more like Tuesday/Thursday this year.
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