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  1. Someone will need to step up and be “the guy” in order for this to be a tournament team. Terran Petteway willed his team to the tournament and we need someone with that type of attitude next year. I think the obvious choice is Trey. I hope he has a monster senior year and shows this stellar recruiting class what it takes to win in the Big Ten so we can keep it rolling into 2022-23.
  2. don’t also forget Brennon Clemmons Jr.!
  3. Xavier coach Travis Steele on CJ Wilcher (from goxavier.com): "C.J. is the best shooter that I saw in the class of 2020 in the entire country. C.J. can make shots from all over the floor, whether in the post, off the catch or off the dribble. He also really knows how to play and he knows how to use his body. He sees things on the floor and can make his teammates better. He is a great shooter, but he is a lot more than that. He's a scorer and he brings a different dimension on the offensive end."
  4. Keep your eye on this transfer, Aidan Igiehon "The Irish Hulk": https://247sports.com/college/louisville/Article/Aidan-Igiehon-transferring-from-Louisville-162451097/ Great offer list out of high school: https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2019/aidan-igiehon-180530#school-interests
  5. Robin mentioned as many as 5 players transferring this year, with only 1 of them earning significant minutes. The individual player meetings are March 15-16. #TransferportalSZN
  6. Safe to say Yvan gone as well? 0 minutes the last two games. 6 minutes in last 4 games.
  7. The plan before the year was to sit and work on his weaknesses so that he can be a reliable player for next year. He basically has done that, plus a few spot minutes here and there and that one game that he caught fire. I’m not sure why that plan would have changed. I really hope the McGowens brothers are not 50/50...
  8. Does anybody think Kobe or Thor comes back next year for their extra year of eligibility? Thor doesn't seem likely. We were pretty good his freshmen year, but since then he has been on some pretty bad teams. I'm not sure why he would want to stick around. Kobe is interesting. He's not going pro. Is he working on a masters? I could see him playing one more year and be another shooter off the bench. That leaves us possibly 1 over the scholarship limit and I could see any of the following leaving: Wood - last minute fill-in which rarely work out. Remembe
  9. Rivals lists him as a point guard. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2022/ramel-lloyd-jr-268353
  10. Nebraska Vs Creighton should be Dec 11th (according to Robin)
  11. I don’t want to spoil Tunnel Talk too much but sounds like Nebraska will make the top 5. I think everybody assumes this though.
  12. Just watched his highlight tape. He shoots righty but I swear finished every dunk and layup with his left hand.
  13. Some good nuggets from Steve Sipple’s article: https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-a-prediction-on-spielman-freds-new-players-to-watch-and-hot-take/article_7af7f3bc-4258-51ae-902a-170ba3f51589.html Transitioning to hoops: Keep an eye on Lat Mayen. That's the buzz I'm hearing as the Nebraska men's basketball team pushes through the early stages of its return to workouts. The 6-foot-9, 205-pound Mayen, a transfer from Chipola (Florida) College (by way of TCU), apparently has an effective jump shot and enough of an all-around game to crack Fred
  14. Robin's starting 5 as of the May 15th Tunnel Talk (This is the only thing I'll share. Pay up to read the rest!) My starters right now would be, assuming the waivers are granted:Dalano BantonTrey McGowensKobe KingTeddy AllenLat Mayen
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