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  1. Awesome sneaker info that I didn't expect to get today. This is why I subscribe to this board! But really though this is good insight. Just be happy we aren't Under Armour. No players are rocking the Under Armours off the court.
  2. Of course we have the two transfer candidates - Quaran and Oleg. Late additions don’t seem to ever stick around more than a couple years. Examples of commits in May or later of that years recruiting class: Sergei Vucevic, Jordy, Thor (4 years!), Amir Harris, Samari Curtis, Kevin cross, Yvan, Elijah Wood, Eduardo, Quaran if Wilhelm is getting the majority minutes at center and with a JUCO all-American filling in for Walker next year, I hate to say it but Eduardo could be a transfer candidate as well.
  3. Poor Trevor Lakes probably wants to go back to being a star at Indianapolis
  4. Tominaga with 10 points in this game including a step back Harden-esque 2 pointer for the win! He had a nice lefty scoop layup right before that to put them up 19-16. Great game for Keisei when they needed it the most.
  5. I forgot about Kojenets. If he redshirts this year it is odd that we would go hard after a center like Kohler. Trust in Fred and Matt! They know how to build a team better than I do.
  6. This would fill a Walker / Keita role correct? Maybe Walker has indicated he might move on.
  7. Alonzo was offered a 2-way contract to play for the Hornets meaning we have a legit NBA point guard. We haven’t been able to say that since Ty Lue? I agree that he could easily be our best player. Trey would be a close second with how much he adds on the defensive end.
  8. Funny how quickly our narratives have changed. 5 years ago (pre-Glynn/Morrow era) this would have been massive news. Now I don't think any of us are surprised to make a 4 star's top 7 schools.
  9. This ^ I think you are crazy if you don't think Alonzo is a day 1 starter. We don't have the convenience of bringing him off the bench like he's Lou Williams. Maybe CJ/Keon sneaks into the rotation by the end of the year but you have to assume Alonzo doesn't get beat out by one of them for the first game. Alonzo Trey Bryce Lat Walker (who's our leading scorer? My money says Trey or Alonzo at 14 a piece) Kobe Andre CJ Wilhelm Keon Lakes Keisei Oleg Quaran
  10. True, a COVID junior. We’ll see if he’s back for his extra year…
  11. Having 3 senior point guards is probably the most underrated part of this pickup. Between Kobe, Trey, and Alonzo there will always be a reliable dude running point who can take care of the ball and get a bucket.
  12. Yep, he mentioned on the last podcast that we should be hearing news by the end of the week. A point guard with high major experience most likely.
  13. So any guesses as to who fills the last 2021 scholarship? I believe it will be a point guard transfer
  14. Good interview with Andy Katz to get to know Shannan: https://youtu.be/okPsv_HPiWk
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