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  1. Some good nuggets from Steve Sipple’s article: https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-a-prediction-on-spielman-freds-new-players-to-watch-and-hot-take/article_7af7f3bc-4258-51ae-902a-170ba3f51589.html Transitioning to hoops: Keep an eye on Lat Mayen. That's the buzz I'm hearing as the Nebraska men's basketball team pushes through the early stages of its return to workouts. The 6-foot-9, 205-pound Mayen, a transfer from Chipola (Florida) College (by way of TCU), apparently has an effective jump shot and enough of an all-around game to crack Fred Hoiberg's starting lineup, if not become the team's best player this coming season. He'll have two seasons of eligibility at NU. I'm also intrigued by what I'm hearing about Kobe Webster, a 6-foot transfer from Western Illinois, and Teddy Allen, a 6-5 transfer from Western Nebraska Community College. Webster shows up on WIU film as a tough competitor and he's evidently shooting the ball well here. Meanwhile, Allen's game isn't all that pretty, but he's living up to his reputation as an effective scorer.
  2. Robin's starting 5 as of the May 15th Tunnel Talk (This is the only thing I'll share. Pay up to read the rest!) My starters right now would be, assuming the waivers are granted:Dalano BantonTrey McGowensKobe KingTeddy AllenLat Mayen
  3. If he does reclassify to 2020 I don’t see a kid who’s going to rush to college to play limited minutes or redshirt. I hope we get him but also hopefully we can strike a balance between Sanogo, Yvan, and Walker. It would be a good problem to have I guess!
  4. As much as I hate to say it, I think a great comp is Ethan Wragge. He played for the wrong team but that kid could shoot (also 47% from three his senior year)
  5. I think it’s officially safe to start predicting starting lineups now that the roster is (probably) final. My prediction: PG Mack 35 mpg SG Green or Burke 30 mpg SF Cheatham 30 mpg PF Kavas 25 mpg C Yvan or Cross 25 mpg 6 Green or Burke 20 mpg 7 Stevenson 15 mpg 8 Yvan or Cross 15 mpg 9 Curtis 5 mpg 10 Thor & walkons 0-1 mpg RS Arop RS Banton RS Walker 9 man rotation with plenty of depth, besides PG. I don’t think these grad transfers came here to come off the bench...
  6. Here is a link to his bio on the St John’s website: https://redstormsports.com/coaches.aspx?rc=260&path=mbball Analytics expert and originally from Italy
  7. 3 visits locked in for this weekend (and working on a 4th): Jayce Johnson - SR C Cam Mack - SO PG Yvan Ouedruago - FR SF/PF
  8. This list will be fun to follow over the next few months. Especially having 5+ scholarships open for next year. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26530279/college-basketball-transfer-rankings-2019-20-2020-21
  9. Does anybody know where I can find the infamous Herbie spinning a basketball hat? Or at least get on a waiting list to receive one?
  10. Based off this video, Miles and Cope basically listed off our current 9-man rotation: Watson Allen Palmer Copeland Roby Akentem Harris Heiman Chan No mention of anyone else.
  11. Is there a shot clock in AAU? Why would the other team even attempt that last shot and why wasn’t Omaha trying to foul? Either way it worked out for Omaha but what a strange end to the game.
  12. I guess this really should be top YouTube-era dunks
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