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  1. Couldn't even win a Class B title. Loser.
  2. A wise man once said: There is no hope. F**k everything. Go Big Red.
  3. If that happens, are there any legal experts who can tell me if I can change my birth certificate to remove Aurora as my place of birth?
  4. It is pretty odd that the first mentions of Baylor Scheierman on this board were in the Ed Chang thread.
  5. Maybe the last 20 years of Nebraska basketball has just been a psychological operation, meant to determine if the most completely optimistic person in a teams fan base can have his views on future success changed 180 degrees. Or maybe the last 20 years has just been a huge waste of time.
  6. There's been way too many in state guys who look like projects who's careers then go on to explode somewhere else. Maybe we should occasionally take one instead of doing whatever the hell we've been doing.
  7. If he had weighed 190 his senior year instead of 165, he would probably have been the starting quarterback for Nebraska last year. Offense Passing Year Grade Team GP C Att Yds C% Avg Y/G C/G TD TD/G Int Lng QB Rate Varsity Totals 28 480 771 6643 0.623 13.8 237.3 17.1 88 3.1 20 70 117.1 18-19 Senior Varsity 13 255 382 3924 0.668 15.4 301.8 19.6 59 4.5 7 70 132.5 17-18 Junior Varsity 10 197 335 2424 0.588 12.3 242.4 19.7 28 2.8 11 68 95.4 16-17 Soph Varsity 4 28 54 295 0.519 10.5 73.8 7 1 0.3 2 29 58.8 O
  8. Priority No. 1: Get Baylor Scheierman Priority No. 2: Get Baylor Scheierman Priority No. 3: Get Baylor Scheierman Priority No. 4: Get Baylor Scheierman Priority No. 5: Get Baylor Scheierman Priority No. 6: Get Baylor Scheierman Priority No. 7: Get Baylor Scheierman Priority No. 8: Get Baylor Scheierman Priority No. 9: Get Baylor Scheierman Priority No. 10: Get Baylor Scheierman Priority No. 11: Who cares, as long as they get Baylor Scheierman
  9. The alumni & local residents can rest assured that, given the integrity of the University of Minnesota and their exemplary history of ethically running their athletic department, the high academic scores that will result among their student athletes are totally legitimate and deserving of no scrutiny.
  10. There once was a player from Creighton Who thought he was on a plantation As he entered the portal, He said with a chortle At least my new school won't rhyme with Satan.
  11. Something tells me this one is going to Iowa...
  12. If we finish in second place in the Big Ten next year we should be a lock for a 6 seed in the NIT.
  13. In order to match the win total of the two Tennessee teams Derrick Walker was on, for the four years that he'll be at Nebraska, they'll need to win 33.
  14. I have looked and looked and this is the only Jack Moore video I've found. It's a damn shame.
  15. I declare his commitment to be Smooth Jimmy's Lock of the Week.
  16. You are correct - I forgot about that part.
  17. I'd say 2037, but I expect after we win the next 9 national titles they will quit sending us to Dayton; so, 2038.
  18. Every year in March, they become known as Purdont.
  19. The rule used to be, and may still be, that if the player was actively recruited before enrolling, yes it counts against the limit. But, if someone enrolls and then tries out for a team, then it does not. For example, Bronson Schliep attended UNL on academic scholarships but did not count against the limit.
  20. He's the second best player ever born in the state of Nebraska to a Danish family; that's got to count for something.
  21. Duke is getting away with fouls that would get flagged for 15 yards in a football game. Seems legit.
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