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  1. They can still finish over .500! (If they win the conference tournament and get sent to Dayton and win the national title....) Seriously, from what was at one point the worst Nebraska team I'd ever seen to winning back to back road games against rated teams - what the hell?
  2. Some one get Kent some blood pressure medication, stat!
  3. Unfortunately I can't say I've never seen anything like it, because I have. But maybe not this blatant.
  4. Good thing they dig Lamont Simpson out of his casket so he can fix what needs fixing
  5. In any other aspect of life the behavior of the Big Ten conference would be considered a criminal enterprise
  6. 1983-84. Won at Iowa State, Kansas State, Missouri, Oklahoma State. Home wins: Oklahoma State, Colorado, Kansas State. They were expected to be a tournament team going into that season, and ended up being pretty average.
  7. I'm not sure you can blame this officiating on incompetence...
  8. The good news is, if they get sent to Dayton for a play in game, they can still finish over .500...
  9. On a related note, the Jesuits had a very, let's say, controversial history, and that was before they performed the ultimate sin of creating Creighton University.
  10. You apparently haven't paid a lot of attention to Xavier Johnson, shown below applying a special hold from behind between the legs of EJ Liddell.
  11. Unfortunately he followed that up with 225 Big Macs the following summer, along with they type of salad that you don't eat.
  12. It didn't make the cut to be included on Rumors, but Oh Daddy and Songbird did...a complete travesty.
  13. I'm in general agreement. We didn't look to be in a position to land any coach with a big enough reputation to turn the needle with respect to creating any instant fan interest; it would be another complete March-April roster rebuild; it would be another 20 loss season in the new guy's first year. It would not be a great position for someone new to be in. Whether any of that will change by next year, well, who knows.
  14. Well, he was optimistic about the Barry Collier era 4 years into it; so it's not completely out of character. (One of the downsides of keeping the same screen name for 18 years is that some things like that are still remembered.)
  15. He was so ashamed of being in Iowa, that he could only reference it by being East of Omaha.
  16. The only reason I don't turn "Mmm mmm mmm mmm" instantly when it comes on the radio is to see, "Is this really the worst song ever recorded?"
  17. Keeping it in different threads might keep the hot seat thread from reaching the length of the Matthew Atewe thread - which, judging by history, would likely mean that nothing happens.
  18. Maybe we can grant Fred an annulment in return for reducing the buyout, so he can scrub this from his record? Retroactively name Doc the head coach for the last three years?
  19. Hey, it's not every year when your final conference record rhymes with the top one hit wonder song from 1982.
  20. This is the Number One team in the country when it comes to giving up and quitting as soon as something bad happens. So they got that going for them, which is nice.
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