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  1. We're only 25 months away from Dirk writing about firing the next guy.
  2. Fran needs to focus on playing offense and not make his players expend all their energy on defense...
  3. Wow, I wasn't aware of that - I lost a couple toes and fingers to frostbite so I couldn't tally it up...
  4. Because there's nothing better for your health when you're recovering from an illness than to restrict your breathing while engaging in strenuous activity. F**king Morons.
  5. Both statements could be true; it depends on your metrics.
  6. No, he was 77-78-79. As a third grader I saw Hampton in 78 - my uncle (dad's sister's husband) was a Hampton grad, so they came up for the game. My uncle was pretty mad when Hampton lost - it was the only time I had ever seen him upset - so I asked my dad what he was so mad about, after all, at least they had won the JV game. My dad looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "No one cares about a JV game."
  7. So if you sell your soul to the devil, are your odds with C-19 better, or worse?
  8. I saw Shelby in 1981 when I was in sixth grade - they were the only team to beat the Class D champions that year (and beat them twice). I saw the regular season contest, not the CRC tournament final; Shelby won by one on a 35 foot buzzer beater. Hell of a game, but not as good as the Class D final that year.
  9. For who? I suffered a bad injury playing football against Hampton in 1984. They absolutely killed us because we were just not any good. In garbage time in the fourth quarter I was badly injured blocking their third string 100 lb safety - I hit him, he went flying to the ground with his legs flying into the air, and when his feet were flying up he managed to accidentally kick me in a....sensitive area. Okay, it wasn't that serious, but it was bad enough that I still remember it.
  10. If the prize is wagyu ribeyes, might I suggest that the next contest winner be whoever has the best recollection of seeing Hampton High School play in the late 1970s?
  11. And after the Nebraska stint ruined that guy's career, the next little known guy will definitely think twice before taking the job.
  12. Was it really a surprise that he died in Memorial Stadium?
  13. I think if we just build a new arena, and hire a coach who has had success in the NCAA Tournament, and are fortunate enough to have some Top 75 talent in state, we will finally break through as a program. Or at least I thought that 10 years ago. Now...
  14. Nothing in particular is wrong with that tweet, but 15 years of someone pretending he's an Oracle of Delphi when he's nothing but Captain Obvious has worn pretty thin.
  15. The worst thing about this state is that the sports columnists suck just as much as the state university's men's sports teams.
  16. That's probably why the interview process no longer includes a night on the town with a whole bunch of drinking.
  17. You all need to go find your Special Purpose.
  18. It's a good thing Danny didn't offer him an assistant position to keep him from going to Kansas State. Because Mitch Richmond would have stuck out like a sore thumb in Lincoln.
  19. Mark Turgeon could save some money by living in his dad's basement.
  20. Ten short years ago a team seemingly destined to lose out instead made Illinois' starting center cry...
  21. Being the Japanese Steph Curry may be analogous to being the Inuit Wilt Chamberlain.
  22. TREV: How would you like to coach the Huskers this year? NORM: I don't know... TREV: What do ya mean you don't know? This is a chance to coach in the Big Ten. NORM: Lemme think it over, will ya, Trev. I got a guy on the other line about some whitewalls. I'll talk to ya later.
  23. Well, he's not redshirting this year. https://redravenathletics.com/sports/mbkb/2021-22/players/blaisekeitawg45
  24. Here's his stat line so far this year: In other words, apparently he hasn't played.
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