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  1. I knew his "tutor", she was pretty nice. I wonder if any of the professors wondered why Carl's writing read like it was written by a Hispanic girl from a small Nebraska town.
  2. Carl Hayes focused way too much on academics, never took basketball seriously enough.
  3. Only $1500 to fill up the fuel tank each time. Cheap!
  4. This probably is not the complete list. Andre Woolridge - 2, Iowa Chad Johnson - 2, Pitt Alvin Mitchell - 1, Cincinnati Jeriah Horne - 1, Colorado Ross Feranini - 1, Creighton If not for the cancellation of the 2020 tournament, Jordy would probably have had 3 or 4 at Dayton.
  5. I saw Hoppen play against Creighton Prep when he was a Benson Bunny...
  6. So, in a Nebraska uniform we would expect that to be about 29%.
  7. Every time Creighton loses an angel gets its wings.
  8. If this year's team had played as hard on defense as Doc's 2009 team did, they would have won 22 instead of losing 22.
  9. They must be paying him more than we were, judging by the haircut. Hopefully they make the sweet 16.
  10. 29 years later and I can still hear Cliff Reed's primal screams after every rebound.
  11. Officiating vs NMSU is garbage. Aggies would be rolling in a fairly called game.
  12. His dad graduated from Hampton High but is actually from Marquette. He transferred because Marquette was running out of students by then. He played in the 1990 state championship game, where they lost to Falls City Sacred Heart. (I believe that was the game where the TV play by play guy, who I think was the 10/11 sports anchor, uttered the classic: "Here's Dick: he's a little short" when Mark Dick short rimmed a free throw.) The Shephard kid that he passed it to for the winning shot also had a dad that lost in the finals (for Elmwood, they lost in 1985 to McCool Junction), so that was a bit unique.
  13. FFS, NUStudent finally switched to proper punctuation by including a period after his final sentence; only for you to pick up that terrible habit.
  14. Well, we could have had four starters returning; one being a four year starting point guard, one being a former five-star recruit, one being a returning all-conference first team player, and the last being a guy who has started 48 games in the NBA so far; and gone 6-14.
  15. Thanks for coming! Now get the F out.
  16. Creighton rhymes with Satan. That's not a coincidence.
  17. I remember Mr. Cuervo playing. He liked to take a lot of shots, but things seemed to go off the rails if he took too many.
  18. Scheierman was very thin in high school; if anybody had known he'd be able to get to 210 he might have got an offer (and maybe for football as well(, He looked a bit better than Thor when they matched up head-to-head three years ago when he was a freshman, in what was his third or fourth game.
  19. If we would happen to get to Sunday, Kevin Warren would make sure to throw Pfeiffer, McJunkins and Simpson out there, with the directions to do whatever it takes.
  20. Since he entered the league the same year as the late Wayman Tisdale did...that answer would be no.
  21. Little known fact, that Son of a Bitch Van Owen was Brad Davison's uncle.
  22. Hey, if he wins 12 more games this year maybe they should reinstate his contract.
  23. Wisconsin was up by 9 and the refs felt safe enough to call a foul on them, to even things up and make it look not so bad. Big mistake...
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