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  1. Begins and ends with shooting. These are teams designed to find and take shots quickly before the defense is set else to work for a high efficiency shot and take it. Saw several graphics last year that amounted to 'an average team taking these types of shots would have won this game'.
  2. At Pitt. The loser would have to claim Steve Pederson.
  3. If there is an intersection of Nebraska Basketball and politics, it is what it is as this is a Nebraska Basketball board. If a thread is off topic, please don't steer it more off more than it already is.
  4. Minnesota has officially Hoiberged their roster
  5. This is the VSOP edition of Remy Martin
  6. Brother of former NBA player Shareef Abdur-Rahim
  7. Bryce shooting at 2:48:30, 3:16. Following in the footsteps of Ryan Anderson, who once finished 2nd to Kevin Durant in a 3pt shooting competition. Also good lord Chet Holgrem is 7 foot of arms and legs.
  8. Jack was more of a big guard than a stretch 4. He was typically the 3 when he was playing his sophomore year. KenPom likes him more than Lat due to his low Turnover rate and foul rate
  9. It is, some of the best in town.
  10. In accordance with Robert's Rules of Order we have achieved a Quaran
  11. I'd say this was the part of the iceberg of one of these guys leaving the team that was over the surface of the water.
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