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  1. I don't know if this is clear or not but if he declares for the draft and is picked anywhere he is absolutely not coming back.
  2. If you can't believe someone with the twitter handle "sp0rtsgenius69", who can you believe?
  3. To be clear if we win today the basketball game would be Tuesday and the baseball game would be moved to Wednesday
  4. Brutal night for Jacobson vs Ohio St. His game is a lot more suited to the Big 12 so really a smart move for him to move there.
  5. Would playing at Creighton count as an emergency?
  6. Plus subscribers have access to whether or not Prohm made the "he's standing right here" face when making this statement.
  7. Watching Tacko Fall vs Zion will be just the pre-game pump up I need
  8. If posting for or against this team on a message board determined the outcome where are our national championship trophies?
  9. I'd agree. Attendance was 3000 for their last game so it probably won't be super intimidating there.
  10. They run a 2 PG system so losing starter Jaylen Fisher early in the season likely contributed to them making the NIT instead of the NCAA. They're more of an uptempo team, the type of team who hunts offensive rebounds and fast breaks as opposed to securing defensive rebounds. Who controls the pace will matter here. They don't put you on the FT line a ton though Sr post JD Miller could be trouble for Roby. Poor FT shooting team though Desmond Bane is elite there. Speaking of Bane, their tall SGs will be tough to defend. Team likes to run things into the paint so you'd think some 1-3-1 might help but they're such a good passing team that you'd think they'd be able to shred it. They beat Iowa St and Texas twice. They lost to Oklahoma and Kansas twice. I'm unsure if there is a pattern to the type of teams those are (obviously Kansas is good) No idea to the motivation of TCU. Beating Sam Houston didn't reveal much either way. I have watched zero TCU this year so anything would be helpful.
  11. People can check out Lue's stats here https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/tyronn-lue-1.html
  12. Proactively avoiding scandal isn't really a SEC thing
  13. Good luck trying to hire anyone worth hiring next
  14. Actually i'm genuinely floored upon seeing this released today because when I was trying to figure out whether or not we would play USC or Texas Tech at the beginning of the season I saw that Vanderbilt went in and beat USC on the road and wondered how the hell they did that and then I stumbled on to their recruiting. Drew landed TWO! McDonalds All-Americans Then go ahead and read this
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