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  1. https://pittsburgh.forums.rivals.com/threads/xavier-johnson-transferring.186995/ Seems like Capel and Johnson weren't seeing eye to eye to the point where Johnson is unhappy enough to leave before the end of the season. This is exactly the sort of dude we recruit here.
  2. Assuming that going to an established winning program isn't what Xavier Johnson is looking for, he seems like exactly like the guy we're looking for and the type of guy we might target. Pitt wasn't exactly running a high speed offense so if that is what Johnson is looking for he actually might come here. Here is a writeup about from Pitt Rivals about this. https://pittsburgh.rivals.com/news/johnson-leaves-pitt-1
  3. He was there with Sham as well. You never know how guys get along.
  4. woah! The question is what does the PG position look like for Indiana as Kenya Hunter was the reason he almost went here. Otherwise the familiarity with Nebraska and the potential for playing time here have to be at least appealing.
  5. I don't disagree with you as it's a bit of the cornerstone of what Penn State does in order to add enough possessions in order to offset their lack of shooting. We can send more bodies at the boards but given how poorly we rebound on the defensive end I think that any benefit we'd add from extra possessions would be offset in the amount of transition baskets we give up. A caveat on that might be teams determined to play slowly....so when we playing Maryland and they were walking the ball up the court on most possessions I think we could have crashed the boards more than normal.
  6. Philosophically I think we value getting back and set on defense vs trying to crash the boards. Given our roster makeup this seems like the right course of action, no? To me the problem with Penn St out rebounding us on the offensive boards is their 16, not our 2. Harrar was getting rebounds last night that he had no business getting.
  7. This is some company for Teddy UNL Postgame Notes *-Teddy Allen finished with a career-high 41 points, the second-highest single-game total in school history and just the fifth 40-point game ever at Nebraska. His 41 points ties the school record for most points in a home game (41 by Aleks Maric) and breaks the PBA record (35 by three players). The top five single-game totals are below. No. Name, Opponent Date Points 1. Eric Piatkowski vs. Oklahoma (3/11/94) 42 2. Aleks Maric Kansas State (2/13/07)
  8. I think we're fine with the guys we have out there unless we think he need to bring one of our starters off the bench in order to get them going. Our problem has rarely been the start of the game.
  9. Penn State has been losing those games all year and didn't make a basket the last 2:29. Credit to them for making FTs down the stretch and not giving this one away.
  10. Hoiberg isn't afraid to feed the hot hand and isn't afraid to play the guys playing well. Banton is in a funk so until he figures it out, he's going to see his minutes decrease. That probably hurt us on the boards tonight because he's the guy on the team who seems to pull down the tougher rebounds.
  11. 16 second chance points and 25 points off of turnovers was just too much for our hot shooting night to overcome
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