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  1. Have you looked? Jay Scrubb and Tyon Grant-Foster are no joke. Team USA can take their pick of college players for the U-19 team and they invited Scrubb to their training camp as a Juco player.
  2. Show #9 - With Armon Gates - Jan 8th Talking about that Iowa win
  3. Hello old friend. I can't believe that they had one of these on Dec 30th, but they did. Show #8 - With Matt A and Bobby Lutz. I'm just sort of listening here. Matt A up first talking about recruiting Cam Mack and then talking more recruiting in the next segment. A couple with Lutz who, as he's not an assistant, isn't allowed to coach players.
  4. Depends on the offense we're running. With Hoiberg here you can bank on whomever we roll out at PG for a year to top the 112 that Watson had.
  5. Notes *-Nebraska falls to 0-1 this season against ranked teams, as Ohio State was ranked No. 21 in the AP poll released Monday. *-Thorir Thorbjarnarson set a career high with five 3-pointers, topping his previous high of four at Creighton on Dec. 7. It is the fourth time this season he has hit at least three 3-pointers in a game. *-With five rebounds tonight, Yvan Ouedraogo has grabbed five-or-more rebounds in six of the last seven contests and 12 times this season. *-With six assists, Cam Mack upped his season assist total of 114, which eclipses the 112 that Glynn Watson Jr. had in 36 games a year ago. Mack now has at least five assists in eight straight games and 13 times this season.
  6. Nebraska gets up 4-0 and it's downhill from there as Andre Wesson goes on a 9-0 run in 49 seconds. Ohio St broke out of their slump as 6 guys had 10+ points and they shot 45% from 3 Nebraska couldn't hit a shot in the first half, hit a lot of them in the 2nd though the game was never in reach. Mack was off the court for 3 minutes and that was 3 minutes we had trouble scoring. Even when he struggles with his shot he brings so much to this offense. Thor was absolute fire in the 2nd half. At one point, the game out of reach, Holtmann laid into one of his guys for not staying close enough to Thor who was camped very much outside the line. Cross and Yvan struggled with the size tonight. Cross only played 10 due to foul trouble and struggling in general. Welcome back Jervay. Had 10 in 17 minutes.
  7. That entire section was wrong when I posted it!
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