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  1. We don't and that was a Miles offer. I'd assume that Texas Tech got better commits after making the national championship
  2. You'd keep him because he's essentially a grad transfer to the new staff.
  3. They have Kentucky level talent now. I'd estimate the coaching chops are there. This looks like a 6 seed at minimum.
  4. Didn't these FBI trials prove that even if you're trying to pay guys they still don't end up at your school? In addition to all of these local talented kids you're talking about 3 NBA guys in Penny, Sam Mitchell, and Mike Miller. A combination of local talent and selling yourself as a road to the NBA is what most 5 stars are looking for
  5. https://www.daytondailynews.com/sports/xenia-senior-samari-curtis-named-ohio-basketball/vasX9A6W4cjKOBEBXzENZK/
  6. We signed 2-3 guys in the lag in took for the Jays to offer Coleman
  7. Thorir will be playing the in the Small State Games of Europe so he could be late. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Games_of_the_Small_States_of_Europe
  8. I'd like to think between Hoiberg, Doc, and Lutz that we will figure this out but just assuming we're going to be good because we got a brand new team doesn't mean everyone and everything is going to gel together. I can very easily make the argument that Indiana's roster last year was more talented than the one we are going to roll out and that thing was an absolute mess that pulled it together for an NIT bid. Those Hoiberg plays don't work so well if guys are injured or fighting over the same girl in January.
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