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  1. The hard part of this is figuring out how many guys we will have coming back and thus how many scholarships we need to fill. Do we have 12 guys coming back? 10? 8? If I had to take a number I'd probably guess 10. If we have just 10 guys coming back, then we probably have a need for a SG. He's a shooting guard who is known for shooting/shooting from outside. This is the minimum requirements for us to successfully execute the type of offense we want to run. Otherwise I can't seem to find video of him playing in the last year so it's tough to know what to think other than his lack of power-5 offers would make one hope we got in on the ground floor. Just naturally harder to get invested in an unknown quantity like this. Seems like all the recruiters think he's coming here. We shall see.
  2. Doesn't seem like we'd need to recruit Lawrence to entice Simeon with CJ already here.
  3. Edwards get downplayed because of what happened at DePaul. Possible he would have been as highly regarded as Bryce had he stayed in high school another year. Really doubt we get him in that scenario. People sleeping on Edwards have been working for us so far.
  4. It seemed like the columnist version of putting Wichita St on NCAA probation to show Kansas they're not messing around. Hey, be hard on basketball I guess though it's hard to reconcile that vs the relative kid gloves being used on a football program that is doing less with more.
  5. Woodson seems to be doing ok recruiting. Indiana might finally have something here.
  6. Below are Trey McGowens numbers with Teddy on the court followed by his numbers without Teddy. These are numbers vs top 100 teams though they look similar when I run them from vs all competition. Statistically I can make an argument that McGowens played better when Teddy wasn't out there that I suspect someone could back up with game tape. I would assume that with Teddy out there, McGowens had more of a feeling that when he passed the ball it wasn't coming back to him and the assist% difference seems to indicate that. Seemed like that all came to a head when they couldn't get off a last second shot in part because Trey didn't want to pass Teddy the ball. On the flip side Banton's numbers were better with Teddy on the floor and I'd assume it was because Banton didn't feel pressure to be a scorer or find himself with the ball as much with time running down on the shot clock. I guess to summarize Teddy didn't seem to make most players better scorers as much as he masked poorer scoring players. It would seem we've replaced most of these poorer shooters with better ones. For the most part I think this group will share the ball more even accounting for Verge overshooting because Verge can also set up teammates with passes, something that Teddy didn't excel at.
  7. I cannot infer which one is more unlikable in this comparison
  8. To update this subtopic, Garza was drafted in the late 2nd round by the Pistons (52nd) and made their roster.
  9. Probably makes more sense at this point to compare our depth vs the depth to begin the season last year though it's not like it was much better with Walker suspended, Lakes not eligible. Coming in it was Teddy T McGowens Banton Mayan Yvan Backups Thor (ultimately got the nod over Yvan) Sham Andre (ended up getting knocked out by Covid in the opener) This year's team easily has more depth and hopefully we have minimal injuries/adversity so we don't have to test its limits.
  10. Seems noteworthy that Breidenbach and not Andre was running with the first team
  11. Hoiberg during his presser right now said that they're still figuring out rotations, that they had 12-13 guys who were capable of being in that rotation, and that obviously that was too many players. Just looking over 14 scholarship players I'll assume that Oleg is #14 and that #13 is either McPherson or Lakes.
  12. As a clarification, Wilhelm was in the starting lineup because Walker was out sick. HCFH said went into detail at his presser that he looked impressive.
  13. 2021: Dedoch Chan and the Peru St Bobcats will travel to Nebraska for an exhibition game on Oct 27th
  14. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Nebraska-Huskers-basketball-Alonzo-Verge-Jr-173387527/ Nice write-up on Verge. A lot of times guys like Banton will get feedback from the NBA about a skill they need to improve on and it will be something like 3pt shooting and you then have a guy working on a weakness while you're trying to win games. With Verge being told to work on his PG skills, it feels more like this is an ability he already possesses and this is a team that doesn't have someone like Remy Martin who is probably a superior version of Verge. To me it seems like we aligned vision for success and we'll see if that happens or if Verge ends up shooting too much for either of our benefits.
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