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  1. Home town team for Banton. Great to hear.
  2. Can Andre have yours? He needs the calories.
  3. Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and Texas A&M have to be in their own quadrant called the Four Twelves
  4. Making shots is the number one focus but can our primary ballhandlers operating without turning the ball over a ton? Last year was brutal for both.
  5. The other part is that we don't tend to offer guys we haven't seen play. I assume that we were in Indy and saw him this weekend. You might be on something with waiting to offer him in person.
  6. I care. I watch every Olympics and root for us to win every gold medal. We just won our first ever women's taekwondo gold! We're going to watch nothing but swimming and gymnastics in this house for the next week. This NBA squad certainly isn't the most talented we've ever sent and some of it has to do with all the wear and tear of cramming in two NBA season plus us winning enough since Athens where it's not a pressing matter. If you win, you're supposed to and if you don't it's embarrassing. Couple that with how much better the rest of the world gets at basketball every year and we're
  7. l Poland would have to lose their last game, Japan would have to beat China. Then you'd have three 2 win teams, each of those teams having beat each other. Tiebreaker is point diff. Japan would need to beat China by 3 or more. If they win by 2 I think it's a coin flip. If they only win by 1, they'd be out.
  8. Found this one when looking for a place to post Ed's transfer tweet.
  9. I still think this matters. I think the conference's response to covid relative to the other Power 5 schools lays out the balance of athletics vs academics in the B1G.
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