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  1. hhcmatt

    2019 Recruiting

    Quade Green was a heavy lean to Syracuse before he went to Kentucky. Have to think that either they or former assistant Mike Hopkins in Washington have the inside track. Looks like Villanova's 5 star is pissed that he hasn't really played so might be a spot open there as well soon. That guy was a commit to Arizona before the whole FBI thing happened
  2. https://hailvarsity.com/s/5716/run-it-back-huskers-let-it-fly A nice breakdown of all our made 3s
  3. hhcmatt

    Scouting Oklahoma State

    I forgot about the worst part. Charlotte was down three and Okie St decided to foul them so they wouldn't get the three off. They were whistled for the flagrant so Charlotte got 2 fts (which they made) and the ball.
  4. hhcmatt

    Scouting Oklahoma State

    This is easily the best source for info on Okie St basketball on the net https://pistolsfiringblog.com/category/hoops/ Great tidbits like Tulsa throwing a matchup zone against this young team that threw them for a loop (doubtful they have seen 1-3-1) This thread in general vs Houston was helpful in noting their issue to exploit https://pistolsfiringblog.com/five-thoughts-on-osus-63-53-loss-to-houston/
  5. hhcmatt

    New NET Rankings

    Games against non-Div1 opponents with Ken Pom rating, team, NET rating for tonight. I wanted to know if beating a non-D1 opponent made a difference in NET and it looks like it does. There weren't many games and I don't know if Maine changes spots if they don't win vs Main Machias. The bump seems pretty insignificant. Pacific Home 168 NC Long Beach St (A) 216 -11 St Mary H 76 -2 Cal St Fulerton (A) 285 -12 Hofstra (A) 129 +7 Manhattan (H) 331 -4 Dartmouth (H) 251 + 17 Sacred Heart (A) 268 -17 Marshall (H) 116 NC Morehead St (A) 276 -4 Maine (H) 333 +2 Arkansas Pine Bluff (H) 275 +3
  6. hhcmatt

    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    I think we saw the potential which is why we offered him
  7. hhcmatt

    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    Seems more like general optimism about picking up where this successful year ends up
  8. hhcmatt

    The Top 25 thread

    Probably not. I meant the calendar year (2018)
  9. @uneblinstu I have to say that oddly my favorite radio moment thus far was Steve the self-proclaimed negative Nebraska fan calling into Bahe and saying that after Creighton cut the lead to nine he turned to his wife and told her we were going to lose that game and had Creighton cut the lead to 6 in the first half that Nebraska that they would have. Also mentioned his mother was a negative person. In the same way we generalize in this state we're going to beat Akron 85-7 we often think we're going to tragic lose every single basketball game. 2nd was probably the Kent men's shoes impersonator on Jack Mitchell's show because I told my wife about it and she said no way and then I did my Kent's men impersonation. Good times.
  10. hhcmatt

    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    Unless he appeals Tanner will have exhausted his eligibility
  11. hhcmatt

    The Top 25 thread

    Take care of business vs Okie St and we'll be rated for the rest of the year
  12. hhcmatt

    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    Would be a very pleasant surprise if he was more than the 10-15 a minute PG backup
  13. hhcmatt

    Scouting Oklahoma State

    Against Tulsa on the road young Jeriah put up 16 and 7 on them off the bench. The big loss was the Charlotte game. They had it put away and Charlotte came back at home after being down 14 with 14 to go. (it happens)
  14. hhcmatt

    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    Definitely. When you watch a game with him in it he just pops out at you. He rebounds well, has a lot of length and probably has handles. With a decent shot he's a 4 star and with good outside range he's a 5 star. Who knows if he ever gets there.