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  1. Does this count as another year of Akoy passing on Nebraska basketball?
  2. I could have gotten behind Daum with the Illini guys
  3. Our world filled with anti and pseudo science also confounds me.
  4. There is already a laundry lists of dos and don'ts to enter any sporting event at Nebraska. Adding mask wearing seems like an easy call. Also, *this* is the year to three clap for an opposing team instead of yelling
  5. Yvan's birthday is March 22, 2002. Eduardo Andre was born some time in 2001. Depending on when Wood was born he still might be the youngest guy on the team
  6. Lat is here. It was Stevenson that was back home.
  7. Another big step towards american unexceptionalism
  8. Not sure you're going to like the alternative but you'll bank $154 minus taxes out of the deal
  9. Doesn't it actually seem like the NCAA penalized Okie State to show Kansas *what could happen*
  10. I did not realize that Clemmons Jr was 6'7" https://journalstar.com/sports/high-school/basketball/boys/inside-north-stars-clemmons-jr-s-basketball-restart-after-two-setbacks-in-nine-months/article_09054aa8-a70e-5776-8ac6-f648540bd1ba.html
  11. Please do not post off topic videos on this site, especially those of the conspiracy variety. We're already veering off into the weeds here so at the very least be able to do so using your own words.
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