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  1. As things are trending in that direction I am happy with the take. While a difference making point guard would have been great, getting a guy that was supposed to be a dude with Loenser to develop get him in Fred’s system and hope it takes because you can never have enough guys with size and ability. Let’s just hope he can live up to that potential he had going for him.
  2. I expect the NBA to continue their G-League one year transition team like they had this year going forward instead of allowing guys to come out of HS. Despite a shortened season it seems to have been a success.
  3. That’s interesting because I’ve heard he’s strong defensively. https://twitter.com/transfertapes/status/1375174506696818692?s=21
  4. He's doing the same approach as Carr. Entering his name into the NBA Draft and then having a fall back school if he doesn't get the feedback he wants. He will be able to pick many schools so I don't expect him to be wearing a Husker jersey.
  5. If they give all players an extra year he could have 2 years left. If not, we'd be able to find another guy in the portal for next year or hopefully a good HS player.
  6. I know Im a Husker homer but I'd look at the style of offense and what they run and if I fit it, I'd go in a heartbeat. When its working its tough to stop and thats what I would need to do to get to the next level as that would be my goal. I know the struggle dealing with recruiting, getting recruited over, and the rigors of having to go at it everyday. Granted it was in college and pro baseball but its not too different at the end of the day for what we're talking about.
  7. I’m not sure if he would be willing to take on the role immediately but believe he would be a perfect 6th man. He brings energy and can score in bunches.
  8. You are reading it wrong. He’s not saying he is Roby like on the court, but more in the mold of the Stephen Bardo saying of Roby that he doesn’t know how good he is yet. We are starting to see what Roby can become in the NBA. Here’s hoping we can land Green and he realizes who he can become as a Husker.
  9. It is for this year right now but there's no possible way it doesn't become permanent. It was going to get there before Covid and now its even more prevalent. This is what college basketball is anymore. The average last year was over 3 transfers per school. Its the nature of the beast these days. Obviously you'd love to have guys that stick around but if they aren't playing they are leaving to find somewhere they can play.
  10. Marcus Carr supposedly is going to the NBA and is setting up a college backup plan so cross him off the list. You can add CJ Wilcher though as a real chance to get.
  11. What HS players are you getting that are worth it at this point? With the transfer market at crazy as it is now and the one time transfer rule expected to pass you sit on those for better players. We have Webster and Lakes back so it’s not like we are down on players. If you get too many guys they won’t all play and they won’t be happy. Sure places like Duke and Michigan State can get guys that will wait but we don’t have the luxury. Go hard after some 2022 recruits and the transfer portal next year for those spots hopefully after a NCAA trip.
  12. I'd expect at least 2 get saved unless they are able to convince a guy to sit out a year and redshirt. That being said with the open room this year and next there will be a lot of spots open to fill.
  13. It’s been mentioned elsewhere it’s Nate Loenser who has worked under Fred before and was at Iowa State this year.
  14. Washut seems to believe he is along the lines of Roby in that he doesn’t know how good he can be yet. He doesn’t take over games because he doesn’t have to with the players he has on his team. Once he becomes the man though the skills are there to be a dominant player he just needs to show it. I think he will, and I think it could potentially give us a steal of a deal if we can land him.
  15. As noted that’s football but I actually talked to him one time for work. Really nice kid and talked a little football. He was HS teammates of Rahmir Johnson so he was very respectful of Nebraska.
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