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  1. I don’t think you redshirt anyone that’s not a walk-on or because of injury. Fred will want to improve the roster and recruit over guys. Redshirting them only keeps them around longer.
  2. I’m hoping he’s the next Boris Diaw stocking with the French big man theme.
  3. He is N per his Instagram. Did a video for it. Must have posted it early.
  4. I was honestly surprised he took him in the first place. Penny had been recruiting at a high level the second he hit campus. Of course he’s doing even better than people thought for his second class so he needs the scholarship for much better players.
  5. Givony is one of the most connected guys in the business, especially the euro players. The fact he’s even talking about him tells me he thinks highly of his potential. He doesn’t talk about everyone that’s for sure.
  6. I wish I could like this 1000 times. That’s a total Horatio one liner right before The Who start blaring the intro.
  7. Could be a tough pull as apparently the coach that recruited him to Cincy is now and Va Tech and they offered as well.
  8. Thats not entirely true. Even if you’re qualified out of high school if you attend a 4 year school and then transfer to a 2 year school you must graduate before transferring back to a 4 year school. So if he graduates after a year he could transfer but if he doesn’t graduate he’s there for a couple years.
  9. Hoiberg is doing what he feels best and that is his job. It’s not an easy one but that’s the nature of the beast now and Nebraska isn’t the only place this is happening. I am excited for the future and even if Fred holds onto a couple schollies for next year that’s totally fine imo as there’s no need to scramble for players if you can get some stud 2020 guys.
  10. Me too as a Spurs fan. He could do very well as a two way player going between the G league and NBA which Pops loves to do with his young protégés.
  11. He said he still felt confident in the names but that it wasn’t necessarily meant to be out there yet.
  12. They just had the first weekend of EYBL play. Davis' Spiece Heat team went 4-0 in pool play. He started each game and averaged: ppg: 14.2 (game high of 19) 3 pt Pct: 3-13 23% RPG: 5.8 AST: 2.2 STL: 0.5 BLK: 1.0 TO: 1.0 MIN: 26.8 Hes currently 64th in scoring in the league after the 4 games.
  13. Id guarantee it. Fred stays because he is recruiting all the guys. Doc because he doesn’t leave usually and has the familiarity with Cross. Matty A because of Mack and other guys. Gates has the Chicago connection. It makes too much sense the info there.
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