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  1. With a max budget of 20K for undrafted free agents you won't have too many guys jumping.
  2. Watched him play on Saturday at the Portland Pro-Am. He was basically the 5th option for a pretty decent roster that included a couple G League guys and some pros from overseas. They basically allowed him to be the benefactor of the other guys on the floor and get some easy dunks and lays ins. Really nice kid, he saw my Nebraska shirt and talked to him for a few minutes.
  3. He only has one year to play thanks to Covid. He would’ve exhausted his eligibility if they didn’t give guys another chance.
  4. Im baffled by this post. Did we travel back in time?
  5. Sweet 16 is where they are on my schedule.
  6. Though people at the time said it played no part in it but Oregon getting their 5 star guard apparently has him rethinking things as Oregon was the leader at the time.
  7. I don't think its quite there yet at all actually. A NBA two way contract is usually 300-500K per year. You're not getting that kind of money in college right now. Also with the G-League contracts kids can get out of HS now its more likely they will still make more money there with that and endorsements than they would in college. I think the NIL will be good for players but don't think the options in basketball will be nearly as good as they are for football players under the plan. I mean shoot the 2023 class #2 player just signed a $1 Million dollar deal to bypass college and play in th
  8. I like this scenario IF Verge would buy into the fact he could be Manu Ginobili. Combo guard coming off the bench that can score in waves, be a facilitator, and change the pace of a game. He will still get starters level minutes on average and be on the court to finish a game but gives us balance. Now will that be the case, who knows, but that's how I would think is the best option for the team as of today.
  9. My guess is some of the feedback he got was they want to see more from him as a distributor. A lot of his comments were team centric about coming to Nebraska. That leads me to believe that he wants to improve on the things they want to see from him in order to become a drafted player.
  10. It doesn’t hurt recruiting either to have a guy playing in the olympics.
  11. He went straight from his visit to play in the Pangos All American camp so he’s been pretty busy.
  12. June 15 following soph year to June 14 following year is the starting for the Junior campaign and then the same for the senior year of june 15 following the junior year.
  13. He's been a 3 star for them. Hes a 4 star composite guy for all sites combined though hence why he's regarded as a 4 star on here.
  14. Well 5 officials per year. Basketball allows for 15 total official visits. 5 as a junior, 5 as a senior, and 5 post grad visits.
  15. He was a former 4 star top 150 guy. The only problem is he kept dropping down from that initial ranking he got as a sophomore in HS.
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