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  1. Just saw his team is playing in a tournament here next month in Portland. I will have to go check it out and of course wear the big N.
  2. As mentioned he will go back and forth a lot. He will spend time practicing with the Mavs while playing a lot for the Legends. You see more teams do that with young rookies and acclimate them without throwing them to the wolves. With unlimited abilities to jump between the teams and there being a short distance between them he will be a yo-yo.
  3. I would suspect he spends the majority of the season there, going back and forth a few times to gain experience in practice with the team. The G League season doesn’t start until November 8 so I’d expect him to go down right before to practice with the team. San Antonio has done a phenomenal job developing players through their team while keeping them close to the main team for the future so you see more teams doing that now.
  4. I think that height is a little “stuffed” if you ask me looking at his pics from his visit.
  5. With the stars sitting out game one it meant the deep bench would get a lot of minutes. The Detroit game is more indicative of the type of minutes he will get this preseason. He will spend a lot of time going back and forth between the Mavs and their G League team affiliate to get playing time.
  6. It’s too bad he got cut already. I wonder if he had stayed with Phoenix where he had a favorable summer League had he had a better shot. Here’s hoping he gets a shot through the G League to get back to the league soon.
  7. I don’t think it impacts it. SS leaves his first school because the new coach hired and him don’t gel so he transfers only to have his new schools coach leave. The guy has gotten a raw deal a couple times due to circumstances beyond his control.
  8. I have a feeling it will heat up every year under Fred. He won’t let a guy stick around that he doesn’t see fitting in long term.
  9. Dang it, just went straight down and didn’t pay much attention to realize the format is slightly off from header to column.
  10. How he can shoot that much better from 3 than he can from the line is mind bottling.
  11. Yes the Big 10 allows you to over sign recruits like football does.
  12. The only time I expect players to redshirt under Fred will be due to NCAA regulations on transfers and injuries. There’s no point otherwise anymore with the transfer market as strong as it can be and he’s someone that plans to utilize it often. Get players in here than can play or get them out quick for someone else.
  13. I don’t think you redshirt anyone that’s not a walk-on or because of injury. Fred will want to improve the roster and recruit over guys. Redshirting them only keeps them around longer.
  14. I’m hoping he’s the next Boris Diaw stocking with the French big man theme.
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