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  1. Based on trajectory HS—> D2 offer Prep School—> mid major Juco—> P5 offer P5–> NBA All-Star The math checks out.
  2. He spent this past season playing behind my favorite 2021 recruit Wilhelm Breidenbach. Yalden transferred this year but there was a connection to the staff watching him often this season.
  3. Hoiberg has said he doesn’t like the redshirt process unless it’s required due to transfer or injury. I don’t like it for basketball myself either. You only get so many roster spots you don’t want to waste them with a guy you don’t think could play for you today.
  4. I know he likes that but that's when he is getting guys he feels are very talented and are perfect fits for his system and that year will prep them to be potential major contributors. He also likes them because they can't play and are guys he doesn't have to worry about making them happy with getting minutes though either, which is not the case for Arop. Arop was not someone he personally pursued though and was essentially stuck with him as he's a local kid and you don't burn the bridges of the in state coaches out of the gate. Matt A has said once the one time transfer rule comes up he said they might consider carrying less than the 13 scholarships so they obviously aren't that worried about using one on him; for now.
  5. That’s just my thoughts on him. Because he has to transform his game and improve in several key areas I just don’t see him being anything more than a guy that gets in at the end of blowout games. He barely played last year until the season was lost and then struggled to show much in those chances. With the way Hoiberg is willing to turn over the roster I expect him to continue to recruit over him as well as others. I’d expect him to play less next year than he did this year on average and that average got there because of those last 3 games. I hope for his sake that’s not the case and he improved that much to get the chance but there’s already 11 guys on the roster I expect to play more than him and doubt we are playing that deep on a regular basis.
  6. He’s essentially a scholarship practice player going forward unless he makes an incredible transformation. With the one time transfer rules expected next year I doubt he sticks around much past the year.
  7. Im in the same boat. If he were a big time PF or Center that would be the missing piece, maybe you consider it but know there's a lot of pieces that would to be done and could hurt you long term with relationships and recruiting hurdles. With him being a guard i think our backcourt is solid enough to get by without him.
  8. He had insinuated after Sanogo that things in the local media didn’t help their standing with him. My guess is that if HOL, OWH, or the LJS Got stuff out about going after Andre that similar actions could have derailed that for them this time around.
  9. Robin said in his article that Fred and his staff deliberately didn’t let any info out about him until Monday night after he had already committed to them. You have to think they felt too much info got out with Sanogo that they wanted to protect this one.
  10. Balham pre-injuries but Jordy was full of layups and struggling to get over the rim.
  11. He dunked more in the highlights than those other two did in their careers.
  12. the same way we did this year getting 6 new guys when we only a couple seniors. Fred will push out guys to make room for someone better. Breidenbach would do well as a 4 or a 5 in his system so there’s time available.
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