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  1. I’d love a Boris Diaw for this offense but I just don’t see it from watching his style of play. This guy is more of a perimeter based player where Diaw did a lot of dirty work in the post and key.
  2. Same could be said for guys like Tyler Hansbrough. Being fundamentally sound can get you a spot on a NBA roster but teams are looking for the "freak" that can become a star or at least a decent starter. Im not saying its right but its how the league has been trending.
  3. As much as I love watching games I don’t think Fred wants to take any chance at a L that he doesn’t have to at this point. We all know the Big 10 is going to be tough and wins will be at a premium. Fred wants to show progress to the recruits and taking on potential losses is not exactly the best recipe for that.
  4. Believe he was a composite 5 star but not on their site until the most recent re-rank.
  5. I can honestly say for the first time in awhile that I believe that the future of a budding program is starting and I’m excited to see it finally happen. I truly believe we have the right people in place for once and the future of something special is on the horizon. I want to enjoy this crazy season the best I can because I know it’s going to be wild as we have already seen with scheduling nightmares but can only think of what the future holds with this team. Couple this year of experience with the weapons coming in I truly believe next years squad on paper is the best we will hav
  6. I’d say that the previous offer made was the start and after getting McGowens they are capitalizing on the 5 star recruiting wave. It’s a lot easier to sell the future when you can get a guy like him to buy in.
  7. Paul Velander? I might be off on the decade part but that's about the last one I can think off.
  8. Hopefully they can scramble and get some teams. We lose out on those two games if we aren’t unable to get a MTE played with the rules this season.
  9. It’s hard to predict anything without seeing the team first. On top of that with the fan access during the season I can’t imagine there will be any true home court advantages so it comes down to who wants it more in those games.
  10. He HAS to redshirt since he's transferring up. So we won't see him at all this year.
  11. With the news of Arop having season ending knee surgery his prospects for the future look bleak.
  12. Arop being out for the season doesn't help his status as he was the odd man out for the future and a knee injury isn't going to improve those odds.
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