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  1. Average, probably anywhere from 20-24 minutes per game, but that will fluctuate depending on the team they are playing. I could see a game with 30 minutes and then a game with 15. I think thats the point of Fred's scheme is the ability to throw out something different every game depending on your matchups.
  2. Walker is a big team leader. He will be the first big man off the bench.
  3. Georgia is actually considered a dark horse favorite along with us so a list without them is incomplete.
  4. I don’t see how Stevenson starts over a much improved Yvan.
  5. I’m sure, as with football, practice info will be very limited with info since there’s no press allowed on location and very few if any people outside of staff getting to watch practice.
  6. Moving up levels makes it really hard to present a case of anything other than trying to improve your status. Despite most appeals going through I feel like this one would be tough to win imo.
  7. While the odds are low, I wouldn't put it past them to have an open line of communication with the family through trey and the coaches. Trey could one it and want an opportunity to play one year with his little brother and then hand the reins over to him for the future. Eventually one of these decades I hope there will be a player that wants to be "the legend" instead of being the next in line. One can hope at least.
  8. It may be early so I didn't want to create a thread but his 5 star brother who was committed to Florida State just reopened his recruitment.
  9. ESPN has him as #53 on their rankings ESPN 100 senior Wilhelm Breidenbach just committed to Nebraska. No. 53-ranked player in 2021 -- first top-100 high school recruit of the Fred Hoiberg era in Lincoln. Good nugget from @ESPNStatsInfo : Wilhelm Breidenbach is the fourth ESPN 100 prospect to commit to Fred Hoiberg. The previous three -- Georges Niang, Monte Morris, Matt Thomas -- are all in the NBA.
  10. We just got a commitment from the highest rated HS recruit we have got to Nebraska since these recruiting sites have existed and people are damning the coaches because they aren't able to land players we want. I honestly can't believe people that follow this team as religiously as they do haven't seen how big of a dumpster fire things have been and how they are starting to slowly turn. We have sadly had late flips to guys we thought we were getting but they are 4 star top 100 guys that we are starting to get after. We are getting some stellar transfers now that were top 100 and 4 star guys.
  11. I was listening to Robins podcast for HOL the other day and they were saying with limited games in the non conference and some expected games that will be canceled due to COVID testing the committee won’t be relying on that data as much as they will rely on their eyes watching games.
  12. Except that if he comes in at semester, he would either have to walk on, or a scholarship player would have to leave before the semester starts like we had last year with Samari Curtis. Its not like football because they are playing at in both semesters whereas football they can roll them back due to players that graduate in December.
  13. Sounds as if things are heating up and he could potentially come in at semester. No clue on scholarship and how that would work but sounds like we are the front runners.
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