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  1. TheKamdyMan

    In state kids?

    The original deal didn’t expect him to have a horrible injury and cause him to lose a year of growth. In fairness they were wanting him to get that year of time back.
  2. TheKamdyMan

    Redshirt rule

    I have a feeling the NCAA is feeling out how the first year goes in football to see how the fallout from it and then fix the gaps where there are errors and improve it for all sports.
  3. Texas tech is his landing spot.
  4. TheKamdyMan

    Charity Game?

    replace Harden with Morrow for that game.
  5. TheKamdyMan

    Jervay Green is N

    Juco recruiting can be very different in college basketball. A lot of times "big programs" are recruiting and taking commits years in advance. So those spots are usually taken for each class and the only time those spots open are later in the year with transfers and/or departures for the NBA. My guess is if he were to wait things out, expound upon his freshman season, he would have quite a few suitors with "name" recognition once they have more clarity. We have the advantage of not recruiting at the same level of those and can get in on a guy like Green a little earlier because we have the spots available now.
  6. TheKamdyMan

    Roby (is Good)

    He also included Dachon Burke. Im assuming he means graduating with it but Im hoping Burke is still here in 20-21 unless he is going pro and not the Walt Pitchford kind of pro.
  7. TheKamdyMan

    2018 PF Antun Maricevic JUCO -> S Florida

    Through 11 games Maricevic is leading Casper in points 15.9 and rebounds at 7.4. @hhcdimes the other player from Casper they looked at from the original tweet you are referencing was Octavion Corley. He is getting 8.9 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 3.1 blocks per game.
  8. TheKamdyMan

    2018 SG Aguek Arop -> San Diego St

    Will Miles get an apology and thank you letter from Chubick for basically telling him and Arop the truth and giving him the best advice possible? No he will not. Same with all of the OWH people that lambasted him for pushing him to the best option.
  9. TheKamdyMan

    2018 F Ed Chang (Papillion-LaVista)

    Would suck for him considering he moved to Washington to be closer.
  10. Manu Ginobili at 40 is still one of the best scorers in the league and he has come off the bench for the majority of his career. Coming off the bench isnt exactly a bad thing and sometimes can be good for the team. Being the spark can really help a team, it also helps balance out the ball. Not everyone can score at every moment so having a good glue guy out there in Taylor than can score but helps in others ways with 4 starters really helps space the floor. You bring in Allen for him with a few other bench guys who may not be volume scorers like a Roby gives you the ability to make him become the main option on the floor which could potentially give him more looks to score than if he started.
  11. The offseason surgery seems to have hampered him more than anyone really let on. I think it will take him some time to regain form and then go above and beyond to trust his body.
  12. Thankfully being a west coaster the advantage for me being here is games are on earlier than later. So to me the game ended just after 10:30 or so so I wasnt hurting nearly as much as the home state folk.
  13. TheKamdyMan

    Nana to Redshirt?

    I have a feeling they freshmen will get thrown out there during the secret scrimmage, possibly against ISU's bench and other freshmen to get reps, as well as the scrimmage on the 2nd. Let them get some legs under them and evaulate more at that time. No need to decide things this week yet.
  14. TheKamdyMan

    2018 C Florent Thamba -> Baylor

    He will be a spring signee. He had a lot of schools come in recently so he will have his pick and I'm sure with a strong season will garner even more interest.
  15. I think that will get cleaned up during the season. Like they said during the broadcast the new rules for moving screens is really going to be enforced strongly early in the season to acclimate everyone for what to expect going forward. I would expect to see the players and coaches adjust things going forward and to see refs be as touchy with the whistle by the time we get to conference season.