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  1. It’s not often we would get interest from a guy that’s taken official visits to places like North Carolina before. It’s definitely a step in the right direction.
  2. In truth he’s right. His style fits in more with what Miles did offensively with an iso style game. He’d fit in with the Palmer and Petteway offense but not so much in the Hoiberg flow of the game. It’s amazing the difference in stats for guys like Burke and Cam with him in the lineup vs. when he’s doesn’t play.
  3. Its no different than when Miles had an open scholarship for the spring semester and gave it to walk ons like Borchardt. Come fall they are walk ons again.
  4. Id hold off on that for the long term. He’s getting it for one semester, because Curtis left the team, but will go back to being a walk on next year. Similar to what we saw under Miles with a walk on each spring semester when he had a spot open.
  5. I feel sorry for that PG and what he will be dealing with against Devin Askew tonight. as for Gorener I just don’t see him being a fit with what’s already coming in and what’s coming back. I see him end up being a guy that Chooses a WCC school come spring.
  6. His juco does a lot of giving guys minutes spread out. He has started 14 of 16 games and leads the team in minutes per game at 20.6. He is 6th in points at 9.6, 1st in rebounds 7.9, and getting 3 ast per game. He shares a lot of minutes with his 4 star teammate Marial Mading who plays a very similar position. He is the ultimate stretch 4 that provides length on the defensive end to guard the 4 or 5 but on offense gives us a big that can handle the ball and shoot from distance while also providing a post presence when needed. With Fred wanting "position less" basketball he provides us a guy that can do just that for the team with not needing to play just one position.
  7. not if he signs in the early signing period. Nebraska only played two games this season before the NLI date started for basketball this season.
  8. fred was regularly playing 9 guys at Iowa State with 9 or more minutes per game. I highly doubt he trims it down and gets more conservative than he has in the past.
  9. walker and cross are 5’s. Stevenson is an undersized 4 for matchup problems and Mayen will be a stretch 4 to create the opposite effect with his length. You need multiple type of guys to play. It’s how you build a lineup with a lot of depth and flexibility. You need to give guys a break and not fall off like we have in the past. We are seeing that come to fruition for the future.
  10. we don’t need long 4’s that can stretch the floor? We need lots of guys like this going forward.
  11. only guys you’ll see redshirt under Hoiberg will be because the NCAA makes them for transfers or injuries. He’s not going to waste a roster spot on a guy that can’t get minutes. I realize that’s the old conventional thought but that’s no longer something we need to consider.
  12. Breidenbach and his famed high school basketball program is currently in Portland playing in a holiday invitational tournament. His school easily has 5 high major prospects on the team including 5 star Kentucky PG commit Devin Askew. I would say he's roughly 6'9'' with shoes. He does not look like your typical basketball player but I definitely see why Hoiberg and company like him. While the team doing pre-game shoot around he spent the majority of his time shooting free throws and making probably 90%. He's got an extremely easy shot without many moving parts which is nice to see from a "big man". In the game he was a true hustler. He was running hard both on defense and offense, he was the guy calling out everything on defense, he was diving for loose balls on the floor, and battled in the paint. He only attempted one 3 in the game and missed it but made a decent amount in pre-game. He was skilled for a big man with his passing abilities and has good hands receiving the ball. He was extremely limited when he put the ball on the floor though but that can be expected. All in all he had 16 points and was 4/4 from the line with probably 7 rebounds and a couple blocked shots. For as deep as his team is he's very much the number two to their 5 star PG and is probably why those two were the captains. You could also see the respect his teammates have for him as they made sure in warmups he would get his "change" even when he didn't make a shot. He would definitely fit the mold of big that Fred employs and is very cerebral on the court, which one would expect from a guy that's considered Stanford and has Ivy League offers. I really hope he's N come next November.
  13. I dont know that it says much as the 3 forwards sitting out would pass him they second the become eligible, banishing him further down the bench.
  14. Would seem odd he has no interest in being in college longer than a year when he’s already in year 3 of college.
  15. I was stating a fact not an assumption. He is not eligible to transfer per NCAA guidelines and will have to graduate from juco hence why he will be there another year.
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