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  1. TheKamdyMan

    2018 G Xavier Johnson - Decommit to Pitt

    Pretty sure he meant he would be playing in Toronto.
  2. TheKamdyMan

    Roby will be back. Book it

    They said during the broadcast that he averaged 5 shots a game per season last year and that Miles' focus was to have him take more than that this season. Right after that they said Roby had taken 5 shots in the game.
  3. TheKamdyMan

    Is it time to start Brady?

    If he could provide the minutes and production Jordy had on the back end of his freshman season I would be happy with that from Brady.
  4. I think he left another 8-9 boards on the floor last night because of that lack of strength, court awareness, etc that Miles and Co see with an extra year of development.
  5. TheKamdyMan

    2019 SG Jervay Green (Juco) - VC

    Not sure what youre looking at but he was 2/5 in the first game and 4/12 in the second game from 3 pt. So hes 6/17 on the year after two games.
  6. TheKamdyMan

    2019 SG Jervay Green (Juco) - VC

    Western Nebraska started the year ranked #14. They have started off 2-0 with one of their wins against #3 College of Southern Idaho. Jervay is off to a very hot start. Game 1: 24 pts 9 ast 3 reb 3 stl Game 2: 29 pts 6 reb 5 ast 3 stl
  7. I expect Tanner to play more than Brady this season simply due to experience and role.
  8. Onviously reading comprehension wasn’t the strong suit for this thread. Auroran was half right though. Miles era only.
  9. I posted this elsewhere and like the discussion. with the season upon us and lots of optimism for the tournament I figured why not have a hypothetical. With the recent opening of a scholarship, if you could bring back any one player, from the Miles Era, for their “senior year” to fill the spot who would you bring back? I would go with Brandon Ubel. With the lack of depth in the post he would be an excellent center to allow Copeland and Roby to move out of the middle. As an early enrollee he didn’t really hit his stride until his senior year and he’s doing well overseas. My second choice would be Evan Taylor. A guy that can start or come off the bench and be a jack of all trades kind of guy.
  10. TheKamdyMan

    The rotation this year

    Well we can take out Chan.....
  11. TheKamdyMan

    In state kids?

    The original deal didn’t expect him to have a horrible injury and cause him to lose a year of growth. In fairness they were wanting him to get that year of time back.
  12. TheKamdyMan

    Redshirt rule

    I have a feeling the NCAA is feeling out how the first year goes in football to see how the fallout from it and then fix the gaps where there are errors and improve it for all sports.
  13. Texas tech is his landing spot.
  14. TheKamdyMan

    Charity Game?

    replace Harden with Morrow for that game.
  15. TheKamdyMan

    Jervay Green is N

    Juco recruiting can be very different in college basketball. A lot of times "big programs" are recruiting and taking commits years in advance. So those spots are usually taken for each class and the only time those spots open are later in the year with transfers and/or departures for the NBA. My guess is if he were to wait things out, expound upon his freshman season, he would have quite a few suitors with "name" recognition once they have more clarity. We have the advantage of not recruiting at the same level of those and can get in on a guy like Green a little earlier because we have the spots available now.